Have you met, Kisha “K.C.” Mills, an International Best Selling Author who has published an ongoing list of outstanding series since July of 2015. She is making a name for herself being that with these series, totaling over 60 books, several of them have reached # 1 On Amazon’s Top 100 for African American Urban Romance and Fiction.

This is quite an accomplishment for this up and coming Author!

If you haven’t taken a minute to find out what she’ been up to then please take some time to check out her latest titles and up coming projects:

“A Criminal Love 1-3”

“A Criminal Love Couples 1-2”

“Luvin’ A Certified Thug 1-4”

“Hakeem & Tasia A BRICK CITY Love 1-3”

“Rain’s Theory 1-3”

“His Streets & My Heart 1-3”

“Where My Loyalties Lie 1-3”

“She Fell For A Boss 1-4”

“When You Know It’s Real 1-3”

“A Bad Boy’s Dream 1-2”

“Southern Kings 1-4”

“Street Legacy 1-3

“If It Aint Hood It Aint Real 1-3”

“Harlee and Kayo: The Street Legacy Continues 1-3 “

“Hard to Luv 1-2”

“Forever The Plug’s Wife 1-2”

“Aint No Love Like A Thug’s Love 1-3”

“His Heart Ain’t Loyal 1-3”

“That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love 1-3”

“Streets Stole His Heart & He Stole Mine 1-4”

“Hood Legacy 1-3”

“Ridin’ With The Realest 1-4”

”If His Heart Is Hood, His Love Is Forever 1-3”

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