Where My Loyalties Lie 12/16


Logic was doing his best to stay focused on just living. After the death of his brother, he made the decision to leave the streets alone. He couldn’t imagine his mother have to burry another son or visit him in jail, but the idea of letting his brothers killer go free was really weighing heavy on him. Especially considering the fact that his brother’s killer was the one person he used to trust the most.

Joy had been watching Logic for months and knew that she had to have him. This man was everything. There was a certain mystery about him that really had her wanting more. She could tell that there was a reason why he walked around her local café like he owned the world, and thanks to her best friend Karma, Joy would soon find out.

Once Logic and Joy meet things immediately take off and the two seem destined to be together, but Logic’s past has resurfaced causing him to make a decision that might force Joy to walk away. What’s more important revenge or love? Maybe they can handle both, only time with tell.


12 thoughts on “Where My Loyalties Lie 12/16

  1. Helene Young

    Thanks K C since your book is coming on my B-day I will definitely lookout to read. Love you guys for bring us fans good books to read especially when it on their special day(I know it is just a coincidence but I still love it that it fell on my day making me feel special) thanks again for letting me know it coming! RealtalkHelene!


  2. Dianne

    I just got through with Where My Loyalties Lie. All I can saw is wow! When is the next book going to be published?! I’m hooked and also sad because we have to wait.


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