Friday 10/14 Hard To Luv



New Release 10/14

Hard To Luv!

MyZell is a force to be reckoned with. He’s handsome, paid and mysterious. He’s also every woman dream even, though they don’t know much about him. That however, only makes them want him more. His only concern is making money and keeping his sister out of harms way. Myzell learned the hard lesson that the more people know about you the more power they have over you. 

Ryan fell in love with the wrong man, she gave him her all and all he gave her was four years of heart ache. He loved her but not in the way she needed or deserved to be loved. Polo blamed it on the fact that he was young and not ready but she knew it was simply because he was selfish. The only way to escape his deadly love was to run and not look back. She ends up in Miami where she crosses paths with MyZell who saves her from a bad situation and possibly her past, only he doesn’t know it yet.

Ryan and MyZell both have past that haunt them but when the find each other, will they be able to find a future with each other or will the get caught up trying to right their wrongs, which prevents them from letting go and moving on.



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