Coming 12/1 and 12/9 *Correction*


Make sure you mark your calendars!

12/1 Forever The Plug’s Wife 2

12/9 Hard To Luv 3


6 thoughts on “Coming 12/1 and 12/9 *Correction*

  1. Mary

    Please don’t think I’m being mean…HUGE FAN, but I’m starting to get confused on the books. Their are too many to be continued books out right now.

    Also, what’s the deal with all of your books being removed from kindle unlimited. I was in the processed of re-reading all of your books. I just finished Luvin a Certified Thugs (FYI my favorite book) and realized I couldn’t finish my journey 😦

    With concerns… there’s always compliments. I LOVE your books, I could read them over and over again. Anytime a friend ask me to recommend them a book, you’re the first author I think of. Continue to write the way you do. ☺️


    1. thewriterkcmills

      Hello, no worries. The only open series that I have right now are Aint No Love, Like a Thugs love…Book 3 is all thats not released yet and it will be out Jan
      I am starting a new Series on Friday 12/23
      His Heart Aint Loyal
      I don’t have any others out right now that aren’t complete.
      With KU, there was an issue with my publisher and Amazon about some of my older series so they pulled them from KU…You can’t have books for sale electronically anywhere else if you have them on KU…they are working to resolve the issue, however i’m not sure if they will be back on KU again.
      I hope that addressed everything but if you’re missing a book on a series that you think is not complete let me know because as stated, the only open series (not complete) right now is Aint No Love Like A Thug’s Love and its only missing book 3 which is scheduled for Jan 20th ☺️


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