About The Author

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” 

-Estee Lauder

KC Mills is a native of Atlanta, Ga. As a wife and mother she spent most of her time working in corporate America while building family bonds. That was until she stumbled across the wonderful world of Urban Literature. KC has always been an avid reader but once she encountered her first Urban Literature novel, it sparked something in her and she began to think outside the box.

Having been a writer for most of her life KC never once envisioned the idea of sharing her hidden talent with others. With the encouragement of family and friends, KC decided that it was time to try something different and introduced her gift to the world. Needless to say it was a success, because she now has multiple novels under her belt, while building a name for herself as a talented and skillful Urban Literature author.

KC is a creative soul that is business minded and driven by her passion, as well as her desire to leave her mark on the world. She is committed to bringing exceptional literary works that offer a romantic twist, as well as subtlety veering away from the norm. She still however leaves you captivated by her stories and characters and always wanting more.

Her passion as an author and reader combined with her savvy business sense fueled her desire to want to mentor and introduce other authors to the world. Her goal is to give them the same hands on and nurturing experience that she was provided, when she began her literary journey. In doing so, these upcoming, talented and passionate authors will also share that same vision and drive that it takes to become successful, while building their own brand.

KC Mills has a commitment to greatness and therefore is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that she produces nothing but the best. This is for her own works, as well as those she takes under her wing. With a heart of gold and a commitment to quality, she will continue to shine and do amazing things.

Supreme Works Publications will definitely be a reflection of her hard work, deduction to quality and passion to exceed expectations. Supreme Works Publications

Happy Ready!

Live so freely that others question your sanity!!!
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54 thoughts on “About The Author

      1. thewriterkcmills

        Eventually, I just have to finish up some of the stuff I’m working on but it won’t necessarily be a book 4, more like a standalone that goes into more detail about Dre and Drew and life with the two families


  1. Rachel Cowans

    Today is January 8th and on your upcoming novels it says that a criminal love: lane & kay will be out on January 7th. I have yet to see it. Where is it, please?


  2. Shante

    First and for most I would like to say that I am in love with every single book that I have read of yours, which is mostly all of them still reading lol. However I’m stuck on criminal love will there be more books beside Lane and Kay?


      1. Shante

        I can’t wait so excited ! Your wonderful at what you do keep up the good work not one book has disappointment me I even have my bestfriend reading lol


  3. Shante

    I just got done reading his street & my heart 3, I was wondering is that it? Or is there more to come? Hopefully more I would love to hear how everything plays out after they get their ending and start thier new chapter.


  4. Nicole

    What’s going on with your website? I’ve been following you for a while and it’s been a minute since the site was updated. That’s usually how I know when a new book is coming out. The last two that were released were a surprise because I didn’t know they coming.


      1. Nicole

        Nice. Thank you. I’ve been checking just about everyday looking for the update. How much longer for the next installment of Egypt and Rome. That’s definitely a different type of story and probably one of my favorites.


  5. CLJordanAtlGradyBaby

    Love the new one When You Know Its Real. When are you going to go back to the Crinial Love Couples? Anywho keep them coming you tell a good story.


  6. Diana

    She fell for a boss 3 was amazing i loved it , I’m sad that the next one will be the final one for it any set date for that one?


  7. CLJordanAtlGradyBaby

    Just finished SFFAB 3. OMG!! sad cause we have to wait until end of May for the final book. Again u tell a good story keep them coming. I am a true fan and it is even better that you are an ATLien!!


  8. Nicole

    So what’s coming up next? Been watching the website for a few weeks to see if there is an update? I’m on the edge of my seat trying to find out what happens to Siah.


  9. LaVon Pigram

    Do you plan on finishing or making a part 3 to When you know it’s real. I’ve read she fell for a boss all 4 and where my loyalty lies all 3 so I know I won’t be left hanging just wanna know is it something that will be released sooner than later


  10. Nyisha Clough-Vaughn

    Hi KC!!! I am a HUGE-fan!

    Absolutely love all your work, I’ve read every book,(hope I didn’t miss anything!!) Your an amazing author, you truly have a gift for story telling…..I find myself “stalking” Amazon to see if you snuck something in!! Anything I’m reading at the moment stops!! LOL.

    That being said….I just finished Southern Gangsters, wow.. part 2 coming soon??

    Patiently waiting…..xxoo keep up the great work!!


  11. Nicole

    Can I just say I’ve read all of your books and I love your characters especially he male characters. Every time I read one of your books I think OMG this is the most cocky arrogant character she’s written yet and ever time you release a new book I’m wrong about the last male. I thought Theory was cocky then here comes Rome, Yosiah topped Rome, then came Yetti and now it’s Juno…..LOL I seriously look forward to your stories because I love these arrogant alpha dudes you keep bringing to life. I’m only 61% in and I’m loving it and already sad cause I’ll have to wait a few weeks for part 2. As long as you keep them coming I”m going to keep reading. Thanks for keeping us entertained.


      1. Eboni

        Whyyyyyyyy…I had my whole Friday evening planned out😒… I’ll be patiently waiting can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Masters Men.


  12. Arria

    is feelin some type of way 2 only coming out on that (LIT) app, or will you be posting so it can come out on the kindle app as well.


  13. Latisha Sessoms

    I use to read here and there. Your first book I read was a certified thug and then I became addicted to reading again. Your books are always great and entertaining. I find myself talking back to the book and go through a rang of emotions with reading. Keep that magic up.


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