Hood Legacy: Rise Of the Young Royals (first four)

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Hood Legacy Rise Of The Young Royals


Cole Masters

“Yo, Kay, whose place is this?”

I surveyed the crowd as soon as we stepped in. The place was lit as fuck with people everywhere. We were a week into our fall classes and had just made our grand entrance at our first official party of the school year. It was off campus, but I recognized a lot of faces mixed in with some that I didn’t.

Most of the familiar ones were shorties that I had dicked down or ones who were on my list to dick down. Either way, it was a good combination of opportunity, and I damn sure planned to make the most of it.

I had already finished off damn near an entire bottle of Henny before me and my boy, Kaden Karsen, got there. I decided to pregame with shots, which led to me finishing the bottle, so I was feeling nice. Add in the two blunts of that fire ass shit that we picked up from Kaden’s uncle, Coop, that morning before class, and I had a lethal mix that had me mellowed the fuck out.

“The twins,” Kaden or Kay as I called him, responded and then nodded across the room with no expression.

His eyes were red as hell and low because he was just as high, even though he hadn’t been drinking like me. Tonight, his role was the designated driver, so he was on his best behavior. Whatever the fuck that counted for. I smirked thinking about it because neither of us were in a position to be responsible with the dope shit that we were currently on.

“Yo, you just said that shit like it means something to me. Who the fuck are the twins?”

I clearly could tell who they were because they were identical, but that was just a damn visual. I wanted to know what they were about, not what the fuck they looked like.

One was leaned against the wall with his forearm above some shorty’s head. She was smiling and giggling about whatever bullshit he was kicking to her. The other one was not far from his brother, shooting a plastic ball through a goal that was affixed above the entrance to what looked like the kitchen.

“Mekkah.” Kay pointed to the one who had the lil shorty penned up against the wall first. “and MJ.” He then pointed the one hooping. “They’re cool people. I mean, I don’t know them that well, but we’ve smoked a few times. This is their shit, though.”

Just that fast, his attention moved from me to some random ass chick that caught his eye.

“Aye, shorty, how you get in those tight ass jeans? You want to demonstrate that for me?” Kay said to the thick ass chocolate shorty who walked by.

She smiled big as hell, and her friend almost lost it.

“Girl, isn’t that Kaden Karsen?”

“You know me?” he questioned, stepping in her path.

“Yeah, everybody knows you. And Cole too.” She looked right at me before she focused on Kay again.

It was true, Kaden was well known because of his family, and I was just the got damn man, so how could you not know me?

Kay and I had been tight as hell since I transferred there last year because my sister got accepted to University of the Arts. His mom ran two of the most prestigious dance academies in Philly, and my baby sister also got hired to teach there.

She and Kaden’s sister, A’Zara, instantly clicked, and he and I became chill as fuck. Let’s just say we had the same vibe, money, women, and egos.

Not to mention we shared a similar family history since his family was deep in the dope game in Philly, while mine was deep in that shit down in the A.

We were also both very protective of our sisters, so we had a lot in common. Shit just worked with us.

Ky was the only reason I was even in Philly. She was daddy’s little girl, and he damn sure wasn’t on board with her going to school in Philly without someone there to keep an eye on her. Yetti Masters didn’t play about family, not even a little bit, but where Kyanne was concerned, there was no fucking compromise. That’s where I came in.

She damn near begged me to transfer so that she could move to Philly, knowing that if I was with her, our father would let her.

I loved my little sister, and as much as I didn’t want to leave the A, this shit was important to her, so I made that move.

She had better appreciate that shit. At the time, I had two years left, and then I was done. I had planned to graduate with honors from Clark, but here I am in Philly so my sister could go to her dream school.

She was only a sophomore, so I wasn’t sure how the rest was about to play out because after graduating this year, I planned to head back to the A to join the family business, which my pops and uncles wouldn’t let me touch until I graduated.

It pissed me the fuck off but they weren’t budging on that shit, so I took my ass to college and was earning a business degree that wasn’t gonna do shit for me when I was home pushing that good shit through the streets of Atlanta.

“Word, well how about this? Since you already know about Cole and me, I’ll check you later after I do my rounds, and maybe I’ll bless you with the opportunity to tell me a little more about yourself.”

Kay’s voice brought me back to him, shorty, and her home girl. I shook my head at Kay’s response because he was dead ass serious.

He basically told her that he was about to check out his options and then get back with her if he didn’t find something better. Her giddy ass was all smiles about that as she agreed and then bounced her happy ass through the crowd.

“Yo, you ain’t shit for that.” I shook my head at him, and he laughed.

“Nah, she ain’t shit for agreeing.”

I couldn’t really debate that, so I kept it moving and went back to our discussion about who was hosting his party.

“So, how the fuck you say they’re cool people and then follow it up with you don’t know them that well?” I quizzed Kay, going back to our conversation about who was hosting the party we were at. I checked them out again before I focused on Kaden.

“Why the fuck you so got damn paranoid, Cole?”

“’Cause I was raised that way. You should be too. The same way my family runs shit in the A, yours runs shits here. We aren’t just anybody, nigga. I’m careful about my moves. You better be too.”

Kaden chuckled and shook his head. “You’re right, and you already know that I am, but we’re good, so relax. In fact, you might know their family or at least know of them. From what I hear, they’re from Atlanta too, and their dad and Uncle are pretty relevant.”

I squinted in their direction again, trying to get a good look. There were only a few families who mattered in my hometown, so now I was curious as fuck. I also only knew of one family who had twins who would be around our age, and that was Miego Grant. My father and uncles were cool with him.

Not that they hung out or no shit like that because if it wasn’t my Uncle Keys or Hayes, my pops didn’t really fuck with you. However, from what I knew, Miego Grant and his operation was respected by my family.

They were relevant around Atlanta, just like my family was, and bringing in good money. Our families had a mutual understanding along with a few others who were making money in the South. They all handled their territories and never got in each other’s way. As long as that system stayed in place, everyone could make money and had respect.

“Their last name Grant?” I asked as I made eye contact with one of them.

He grilled me hard as fuck, likely because he was unsure why I was looking at him. I watched as he started moving our way, and I could tell from his body language that he thought he was about to check me.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kay said without looking at me because he had his eyes on a group of females who were heading our way.

“Yo, I know you?” the twin that Kay pointed out to be MJ asked as he neared us.

I looked him over and coolly answered. “Nah, but relax that shit a little, nigga.”

He rubbed his chin and smirked. “You’re in my shit, so how about you relax that shit, bruh? Ain’t gon’ be no disrespect up in my spot… at all.” he said firmly, looking me right in my eyes.

“No disrespect, but watch your fucking tone.” Again, I spoke calmly, and by now his twin was behind him.

“What’s up, MJ, do we have a problem?”

“Nah, no problem unless you make it one,” Kay spoke from beside me because he squared up after he realized what was going on. Kay had already admitted that he didn’t know them like that, and if a side had to be chosen, then he was on mine.

“Who’s your boy, Kay?” Mekkah asked.

“I haven’t been a boy since I gave up them water guns for gats, my nigga,” I said, looking him right in the eyes.

He let out a cocky laugh and stared me down. I took a step to him, but Kay held his hand up, attempting to diffuse the situation.

“Aye, there isn’t a problem here. In fact, y’all should be cool, being that you’re from the same city.”

The twins looked at Kay with questioning eyes.

“I don’t give a fuck where you’re from, bruh, respect is respect,” Mekkah stated, not backing down.

“I’m not for all that shit, my nigga, so you can bring that way down. This is Cole Masters.” Kay informed them who I was, and it took a minute for it to register.

“Oh shit, you’re Yetti’s son,” Mekkah stated with a grin.

“Yeah, and your father is Miego Grant?”

“Hell yeah. What the fuck is up? Damn, what the fuck are you doing here?” MJ rubbed his coarse hair and checked me out again.

“My sister got accepted to UArts and damn near begged me. My pops wasn’t trying to let her be in Philly alone, so here I am.”

“That’s what the fuck is up.” MJ dapped me, and then Mekkah followed.

They looked identical other than Mekkah had a low cut and MJ’s shit was edged up, but wild and wooly sitting on top of his head.

“Yo, my dad would cuss me the fuck out knowing that we were about to set shit off over some bullshit.” Mekkah chuckled.

“Yeah, mine too. They take that mutual respect thing serious,” I said with a nod.

“Hell yeah, but it’s cool, though. Why the fuck are y’all in Philly? I figured you’d be taking over for your dad.

“Man, my moms pulled that they gotta graduate shit. Our dad might run shit in the streets, but Yamiah Grant runs shit at home. Mekkah’s smart ass got a full ride here, and you know I was gonna be wherever my brother was. I’m barely got in this bitch, but I’m here,” MJ said with a grin.

“Damn, so we in the same situation. My father was on that same shit, but this is my last year.”

“Us too. Then we taking over.” MJ and Mekkah dapped.

“Mekkah, I’m leaving,” the lil shorty who he had against the wall before he joined us, yelled from across the room, causing all of us to look her way.

“Yo, let me go handle this damn girl. She’s acting like she’s about to jet, knowing good and damn well she sucking my dick first. Make yourself at home, and let me know if you need anything. We’re damn near family up in this bitch,” Mekkah said as he left us to go see about her.

“This muthafucker. He’s fucking one sister and about the shove his dick down the throat of another one. He ain’t shit.” MJ laughed, and I glanced her way.

She was fine as fuck, so if her sister looked anything like her, I could see why he was hitting them both.

“You see that ass, right? I would be too,” Kay said.

“True, that body is the truth, and her sister is that plus some extra,” MJ added. “Yo, but I’m glad y’all came. We need to get together soon and burn a few. Kaden be on that good shit. I’m about to go make my rounds so I can find something to slide up in tonight.”

MJ was speaking to us, but his eyes were already moving around the overcrowded room that we were in.

“Yeah, we’ll do that,” I said just before he left us to go make his rounds.

“Damn, we were straight up about to fight in this bitch.” Kay laughed and shook his head.

“Shit, you know me, I ain’t scared of shit.”

“Yeah, I do know you, and your ass was about to put them hands up for no reason.”

“Respect is reason enough.”

Kay laughed. “You’re right, but both of y’all squared up just because you didn’t know each other.”


“And that shit would have ruined my got damn night, but you know I would have been right there with you. Now that we’re all one big happy family, I’m about to go slide through and find me something or someone to get into. You straight?”

“Yeah, I’m just chilling. I’ll get up with you later.”

I dapped Kaden, who then left. I started in the direction of the kitchen, dodging bodies because it was so damn thick up in there. Regardless of my pregame, I was ready for another drink.

As soon as I made it to the entrance, I caught sight of a fine ass shorty with her face all balled up.

She had her phone pressed against the side of her face arguing with someone. She was too damn pretty to have all those stress lines across her forehead. Being the gentleman that I was raised to be, I walked right past the counter that held any drink that you could imagine, lifted two beers with one hand, and then headed her way.

When I reached her, I snatched her phone out her hand with my free one, using my thumb to press end on her call before I slipped her phone into my pocket and extended a beer to her.

“What in the entire hell? Uhh, excuse your rude ass, but can I have my phone please?”

Her pretty chocolate face balled up even more, but it made me smile because she was so damn cute. I let my eyes drift down her body, and smiled even harder.

She wore a ripped t-shirt that hung off her shoulder. It exposed her flat stomach and a rose that was tattooed on her collar bone. Her lower half was covered with a pair of jeans that were ripped from the pockets down the to her ankles where they stopped.

She was slim thick, so they hugged her body with expertise, and it made my dick jump just from looking at her.

“Hey, asshole, up here,” she yelled, snapping her fingers to get my attention.

I just smiled at her but didn’t say a word, so she continued.

“I know your ass isn’t deaf, so can you give me my damn phone? You don’t know me like that.”

“Nah, you don’t need it right now. Whoever the fuck had your face all balled up can wait. You’re busy anyway.”

She cocked her head to the side and then placed her hands on her hips, bringing my attention to them again. This time I went further, stopping at that fat ass pussy print that was on display. Damn, shorty’s jeans were tight.

“Nigga, I don’t know you, and don’t plan to know you, so give me my damn phone. Rude ass muthafuckers, I swear.”

She stepped forward and reached toward me like she was about to put her damn hand in my pocket. I just watched with a smirk before I spoke up.

“Aye, put your hand in there if you want to, but if you rub it against my dick and make that muthafucker grow any more than it already has, then you gonna have to handle that for me. You’re fine as fuck too, but them legs look kinda tight like they not ready to open wide enough to receive what I’m offering. I don’t know if you can handle what I’m working with.”

She snatched her hand back, and those pretty brown eyes of hers narrowed on me.

“Are you serious? I hope you’re not serious.”

I chuckled. “Oh, baby girl, I’m very serious… about all of it.”

I winked at her, and her frown deepened just before she walked toward me again. She grabbed my dick with one hand and slipped the other into my pocket to get her phone.

She shocked the hell out of me with that bold ass move and had me bricked up at the same time. I let her do it without saying a word, but when she had her hand wrapped around her phone and tried to pull it out my pocket, I grabbed her wrist.

“Let me go.”

“Nah, I can’t do that. Not just yet. First, I need you to let me put my number in there so you can call me later. I know as soon as you get your phone back you’re gonna be on the line auguring with whatever pussy ass nigga had your pretty face all balled up, which means that you’ll need me to talk to you later and fix that for you.”

She laughed really hard, but I noticed she still had her other hand on my dick, which by the way, was at its full potential because of the contact she made with it. That, combined with the fact that shorty had a banging ass body, and I was high as fuck and hella horny.

“You are very sure of yourself, Mr…” She paused and looked in my eyes.

I could tell that she was pleased from the smile that was threatening to escape. It was like she was just now seeing me for the first time.

“Masters,” I answered for her before my tongue glided across my lips.

“Well, Mr. Masters, I’m not interested, so can I have my phone, please?

“You’re not interested, but you’re still holding my dick.” I looked down to where her hand was placed.

She let it go and blushed.

“Sorry, now can I have my phone?”

“Can I have your number?”

“No, I have a boyfriend.”

I smirked. “Is that who had you so upset?”

“That’s none of your business,” she retorted.

“It is now because I want you to be my business. Anything or anyone who makes you frown like that is something that I need to be concerned about, so let me get your number.”

“No,” she said, standing her ground.

“Aight then, you can’t have your phone.”

I let go of her wrist and pulled back, causing her hand to slip out of my pocket without her phone. I placed one of the beers down and walked off as I opened the other, but she was right behind me. Her little ass hand grabbed my arm, and I stopped.

“Fine, I’ll give you my number, just give me my phone.” She exhaled and rolled her eyes.

“Aight, cool.”

I pulled my phone out, and unlocked the screen, and waited. She rolled her eyes again and rattled off a phone number, which I keyed in my phone and then dialed. When I felt hers vibrate in my pocket, I smiled.

“Aight, you can get your phone now.”

“Just give it to me,” she demanded.

“Be patient, shorty. I will, just not yet.”

I winked at her and turned up my beer. She sucked her teeth but stuck her hand in my pocket to get her phone. My dick was still harder than a muthafucker, so the contact had me thinking about a few things. I wanted her to feel that again, which she did when her hand rubbed against it while pulling her phone out.

She shook her head and was about to storm off, but I called out to her. “Aye, what’s your name, shorty?”

She didn’t bother to turn my way, and instead raised her arm in the air and shot me a bird. I laughed and tilted my head to the side, watching her fine ass walk away.

The view as perfect. Simply fucking perfect.

That right there was gonna be mine soon. She had better be ready.

Kaden “Kay” Karsen

“Fuck, hold up shorty, damn. I don’t even know your name.”

“Kira,” she slurred with a mouth full of my dick. I watched her head bob up and down for a brief moment before I closed my eyes and let her do her thing.

She was trying to take all of me down her throat, but that was no easy task. Either way, she had a nigga feeling right, for the moment anyway.

That was until my phone vibrated in my hand. Something told me not to answer that shit, but I made the mistake of looking at the screen.

I tried my best to block that shit out, but when I didn’t answer, and my phone went off again, I pushed Kira’s head away from me. She tumbled back, landing on her ass since she was squatting and not actually on her knees.

“What the fuck, Kay?” She looked at me mad as hell, but the look I returned canceled all that.

“Aye, don’t say shit, and I mean it.”

“What’s up, Ma?”

“Kaden, where are you?”

“Out, why?”

“Because I asked, now watch your damn tone, little boy. I’m trying to find your sister, and she’s not answering her phone. She’s supposed to be teaching a class for me today.”

“Ma, did you really call me looking for Azz? I don’t know where she is. I haven’t talked to her today.”

I hadn’t actually talked to her in a few days, but I damn sure wasn’t about to start that conversation with her.

“Kaden Karsen, do not make me drive out there and slap you upside your head. Call your sister and tell her I said that she better be at my studio by four.”

“Aight, Ma, I got you.”

I chuckled at her bossing up on me. Hell, she was the only woman besides my sister who had that right.

“Thanks, baby, I love you. Your father swears that child does no wrong.”

“You know how he is with Azz. I love you too, ma, but I have to go. This call was inconvenient as fuck.”

“Watch your mouth, Kaden, and you know I don’t care if it was inconvenient or not. If you call, you better answer.”

“My bad, Ma, but always, you know that.”

“Bye, baby, call your sister.”

Kira sat there the entire time grilling the fuck outta me like I gave a damn. The second I ended the call with my mother, she started running her damn mouth.

“So, I’m giving you bomb ass head, and you stopped me to answer a call from your mother? Who does that, Kaden?”

“I do. I barely even know your damn name. You sucking my dick is not going to stop me from answering a call from my mother, and that shit wasn’t bomb, shorty. It was decent, but far from bomb.”

I scrolled through my phone and dialed my rebellious ass sister, the reason for my mother’s call. Azz answered on the first ring because she knew better, which let me know that she was avoiding our mother.

“Yo, where the fuck you at, Azz?”

“Out to eat with Ky, why?”

“You know why. I was getting my dick sucked and had to press pause on that shit to answer a call from Ma, who was only hitting me ’cause you didn’t answer you damn phone. Keep fucking with her, and she’s gonna cut your shit off.”

“First of all, ewwww, I really don’t want to hear about some slutty bitch giving you head, and second of all, I didn’t answer because I know. I’m not a fucking kid. I’ll be there. I don’t need her clocking my every move.”

“Well, if you had answered your phone then you wouldn’t have to hear about some slutty bitch giving me head.”

I glanced at Kira, and she looked at me like she was offended, but shit what did she expect? I just met her today, offered her a ride to her dorm, and she invited me in and offered me head. I knew she was only doing it because of who I was, but even with all, that a nigga had standards. I would never be serious about a female like that, but I’d fuck her a few times if the pussy was right.

“Kaden, tell your mother that I’ll be there. I have to go, I’m busy.”

I heard male voices in the background, and one sounded close as fuck like he was actually near my sister. She knew I didn’t play that shit, which was why she was trying to rush me off the phone.

“I’m not telling her shit. Call her, Azz, and let me find out you with some fuck nigga and I’m putting your ass on lock down. After that, I’m finding him and beating that nigga ass, now try me if you want. Call Mom, Azz!” I yelled and then ended the call, not giving her a chance to debate me.

After dealing with my mother and my sister, I wasn’t in the mood for head anymore. How could I be? So, I shoved my dick back in my boxers and adjusted my sweats before I stood.

Kira glared at me. “So, that’s it? We can’t pick up where we left off?”

“Nah, not right now. I have shit to do, but I have your number, so I’ll hit you up.”

“Really, Kaden?”

“Yeah, really. I’ll hit you up.”

I headed to the door and left her standing in the center of her shared area looking mad as hell. I wasn’t sure what she expected me to do about that. If she wasn’t down for a different date, I wasn’t missing shit. I knew she would be, though.

Just as I hit the door, a sexy ass chocolate cutie came barreling through it, fussing about something. She wasn’t paying attention and ran right into me.

She looked up with her face all balled up like us colliding was my fault.

“Fuck you looking at me like that for? Your ass ran into me.” I frowned at her, and she removed her phone from her ear.

“So what! You could at least say excuse me, damn. I swear y’all rude ass niggas.”

“Aye, you don’t know me like that, so watch that fucking attitude, shorty.”

I walked up on her and pointed my finger in her face. As I checked her out, I noticed the rose tattoo on her collarbone. It was dope as fuck, but her attitude was all wrong.

I just stared her down. I wasn’t gonna do shit because I was raised better than that. April Karsen damn sure didn’t play that shit. She’d fuck me up and then hand me off to my father to finish me off if I ever put my hands on a woman.

“Don’t mind Hayven, she’s probably into it with her boyfriend again, like always,” Kira said sliding her body next to me and hooking her arm around mine.

I looked at her like she was crazy before focusing on Hayven again.

“You need to drop whoever the fuck you claiming. That nigga ain’t dicking you down right because if he were, you wouldn’t have that got damn attitude.”

I pulled away from Kira and headed to the door. Her girl just shot me a bird and placed her phone to her ear again.

“Kaden, wait. You’re gonna call me, right?” Kiara followed behind me.

“Yeah, I will. I just don’t know when. I’m always busy as fuck, ma. I’ll fit you in when I have some free time.”

Kira frowned at me, and her stock started going way down. I didn’t like desperate women. That shit was a huge turn-off.

“Damn, Kira, get up off that man’s dick.” Her roommate rolled her eyes and then continued her call as she moved through the door. I chuckled and left.

I had shit to do before I headed back to my apartment.

“I’ll holla,” was the last thing I said before I was out the door.

As I moved with confidence through the halls of her dorm, several females smiled, waved, and whispered about me. I loved that shit. They wanted to fuck, and I’d damn sure do it. Well, if they were worthy.

When I reached my car, I slid in the driver’s seat and dialed my uncle, Siin. I had to run by and pick up so that Cole and I could hit our people up. We employed about ten students who were hard up for money but proved to be trustworthy.

Cole and I were basically the plug on campus. All my pops would let me get my hands on was some bomb ass weed, but that shit was still lucrative as fuck. Neither of us needed the money because our families made sure we were straight, but I liked doing my own thing. Cole and I both did. My pops and his brothers were the same way coming up, so I learned that shit from them.

“What’s up, Kay? You heading this way?”

“Yeah, I’m leaving campus now. We good?”

“Yeah, I got you straight.”

“Aight, see you in twenty.”

I backed out of the spot I was in and floored it through the parking lot, driving faster than I needed to, but driving a Ferrari made you do that shit. My car was nice as fuck, and I loved it.

As I dodged traffic heading across town, I bobbed my head to the music that flowed through my speakers until it was cut off by my phone ringing through my Bluetooth. I glanced at the dash and noticed it was Cole, so I picketed up.

“Yo, what it do, Cole?”

“It ain’t doing shit until you get here. Everyone is almost out. You got our shit yet?”

‘On my way now, where you at?”

“On campus looking for shorty I met the other night.”

“Nigga, please tell me that you’re not trolling campus for a female.”

“Yeah, I am. She’s bad as fuck. I’ve been calling her, but she won’t answer, so I’m about to find her.”

“Cole, what the fuck?” I laughed at his ass.

Shorty must have been bad as fuck because Cole didn’t chase pussy. He didn’t have to, and neither did I. It never went down like that.

“Bruh, she’s bad. I just want to see what she’s about. Fine ass chocolate cutie with a rose tattoo on her collarbone. That should help me find her.”

“Rose on her collar bone?” I frowned.

“Yeah, why, you know her?”

“Nah, I don’t, but I was just with a shorty whose roommate that a tattoo on her collarbone. She was fine as fuck, but her attitude was all messed up.”

Cole laughed. “That sounds like her. She’s mean as fuck, but I plan on correcting all of that. What dorms you see her in?”

“Temple Towers, Don’t be out there stalking her ass, Cole. That’s not a good look, bruh.”

“Fuck you. I’m not gonna stalk her. If I see her, I see her. Just hurry up. We’re running low.”

“Aight, I’ll meet in an hour.”



“This all of it?” I asked, eyeing the bags of Kush my uncle had on the table in front of us.

“The fuck you asking me for? Look at it and tell me is that all of it?”

I eyed the product one more time and then nodded before speaking. I knew he was testing me, and I had better get that shit right.

“Yeah, we’re good.” I started grabbing the Ziploc bags and placing them in the backpack that was also on the table.

“How are you gonna run shit when you’re asking me stupid ass questions, Kay? You’ve been around this long enough to know what it is. If you can’t look at your product and know right off if its right then you don’t need to be doing this shit.” My uncle’s demeanor was calm, and his tone was even when he spoke. I knew him well enough to know that he was annoyed with me, though.

I really wanted to say something, but it wasn’t in my best interest. I felt my jaw tighten as I zipped the bag. He was watching me carefully and chuckled at my reaction.

“You’re a man, right?”

I looked him right in the eyes and spoke clearly. “Hell yeah. The fuck you asking me dumb shit for?”

“Aight then, don’t get mad when I’m calling you on your shit. Business is business, Kay. That right there is why your father doesn’t want you to be a part of this. At least not right now. You need to learn more and be prepared.”

My uncle walked over to the refrigerator, pulled the door open, and grabbed two beers.

When he was close enough, he handed me one. “I get that, Unc, but I’m ready. I know what I need to know, and what I don’t, I can only learn from experience,” I said after twisting the cap off my beer and then turning it up.

“You’re young, Kay, you have time. This shit isn’t going anywhere. We own Philly, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Get your degree, learn the business, and then we’ll talk.”

“But do you know how much money I could make on campus if you just work with me on what we discussed. I mean this shit right here is already selling like crazy. Let me at least get my hands on those pills. I’m telling you that shit will sell.”

My uncle turned up his beer but kept his eyes on me. He didn’t say anything for a minute.

“What kind of watch is that?” he asked, pointing to my wrist.

“A Patek.”

“Seventy grand, if I’m not mistaken. And what kind of car do you drive?”

I exhaled because I knew where he was going with this shit, but I played along.

“A Ferrari 812.”

“Brand new, right?”

I nodded, and he smirked.

“So, you aren’t hurting for shit. Who the fuck cares if that shit will sell on campus? Your father got you sitting nice, Kay. You don’t need shit. We let you sell that so you can learn the formalities of business, that’s your start. When it’s time, we’ll bring you in on the rest. Get your fucking degree. Your father isn’t bending on that shit, and neither are me and Coop.”

“It’s not about money, Unc. I know I have that shit. It’s about status and power. That’s what I want. I know you understand that. Shit, you had it at my age, why can’t I?”

“You’re right, but we started this shit on our own. Me, Fleet, and Coop. Your grandfather didn’t have anything to do with what we started, which is why we had that shit at your age. We’re gonna bring you in when its time. Just be a fucking kid, enjoy life. It’s coming, and as for power, you’re a Karsen. You had that shit the day you took your first breath. People know who you are, and they respect that, but as for all this, it isn’t time yet. Now, do you wanna keep rolling with that, or what?”

He pointed to the bag of weed on the table and then looked me in the eyes and waited.

“Yeah, I’m good with that.”

“Aight then.” He firmly gripped my shoulder and then walked off.

I knew that he was done with the conversation. I loved my family, but I was over this get your degree shit. I wanted it all, and now, but I knew my father and uncles weren’t moving on that.

One more fucking year. I couldn’t wait. If I could get Cole on board, then it wouldn’t even be that long because I had no problem starting from the ground up with our own shit. Right now, that was just a thought, but it was looking better and better by the second.


“Why is it that every time I see you, you have a damn frown on your face, and that got damn phone to your ear.”

I walked up behind shorty, and for the second time, snatched her damn phone from her.

“What the fuck is your problem?” she yelled and swung her arm wildly in the air, reaching for it as I held it over my head out of her reach.

I glanced at the screen and smirked before I ended the call, but peeped that it said Dante with heart emoji next to it.

Once I ended the call, like the first time we met, I slipped her phone in my pocket and smiled at her.

“You have got to be the rudest asshole that I have ever in my life met. I swear, you’re trying to get your ass beat,” she blurted out with her eyes narrowed on me.

“By who, Dante? Because your little ass damn sure can’t get with me. Hell, he can’t either, but I just want clarity on who the fuck you think is capable of beating my ass.”

With a snide grin and raised brows, I waited for her to respond and the scowl on her face deepened.

“Yeah, my boyfriend will beat your ass. This is the second time that you disrespected his girl.”

“His girl?” I let out a cocky laugh.

She cocked her head to the side. “Yeah, his girl, so give me my damn phone, and I’ll call him so that he can come make that clear to you.”

“Yo, you’re funny as shit. Your attitude is all fucked up, but you’re cute, so I’ll work around that.”

My eyes roamed her body while I bit down on my lip. She was indeed sexy, no doubt, but I’d have to calm her down a little. I wasn’t worried, though, because dick worked wonders for attitude adjustments. Well, mine did anyway.

“You’ll work around it?” Her head fell even more to the side as she peered at me. “Did you not just hear me say that I had a man?”

“Yeah, I heard you, and that don’t mean shit to me. He isn’t right for you, anyway.”

“You don’t know him or me, so how do you figure that?”

“Because, for the second time in a row, you had that nigga on your line, and your pretty face all balled up. If your man doesn’t always put a smile on your face, then he isn’t right for you. It’s that simple. This shit isn’t rocket science.”

I could see her eyes smiling as she kept her lips tight to hold in the smile that she wanted to release.

“He does put a smile on my face,” she finally said after she regained control of her emotions.

“Maybe, but not like he should. You have class right now?”

She stared at me for a minute hesitantly before she answered. “Yes, so can I have my phone?”

She then held her hand out and waited while I smiled.

“Lying ass, nah, come take a walk with me. Your ass don’t have class.”

“You don’t know that.” She messed up and let a slight smile escape.

Damn, her ass was pretty as fuck.

“I do know that. And that smile on your face just proved it. Now come on. Give me five minutes, and after that, if you want me to leave your pretty ass alone, I will.”

Again, she stared at me like she was thinking. “Is that your word?”

“Yeah, that’s my word.”

“Fine, five minutes.”

She released an exaggerated sigh, and I waved my hand, indicating for her to go first. We left the dorm and headed toward the main campus.

“Alright, time starts now,” she said as she moved next to me while we walked.

“Damn, Cole, you’re looking good today, baby. Can I see you later?” a chick named Rhonda who I had smashed a few times called out from a car window as she passed by with a few of her girls.

I glanced her way but didn’t respond.

“Sooooooo, you’re a hoe, I see, strike one,” shorty said in a dry ass tone, making me laugh.

“Nah, I’m not a hoe. I’m single, though, so I spend time with who I want. You can keep that damn strike.”

I slipped my hands into my pocket to get her phone, which was vibrating. Noticing it was Dante, I hit ignore and then turned her shit off.

“Why did you do that? I’m giving you your five minutes. Can I have my phone? He’s going to be worried about me.” She stopped and folded her arms.

“Fuck that nigga, let him worry. He might need to, and then he’ll regret the fuck up he just did.”

“How did he fuck up?”

I ignored her question and answered the one about giving her phone back.

“You can have it back when my time is up, and by the way, time starts over since we just got interrupted. We aren’t discussing your ex on my time.”

“He’s not my ex,” she stated with a frown.

“Yeah, aight.”

I draped my arm around her shoulders and started walking again. She fell in line and moved too.

“I don’t even know your damn name,” I admitted, looking down at her.

“Because your rude ass didn’t ask.”

“Why do you keep calling me rude?” I stopped at a half wall and leaned against it before pulling her to me.

She was now positioned between my legs but stopped her body from resting against mine, even though I could sense that she wanted to be close to me.

“Because the two times that I met you, you took my phone without permission. That’s rude.”

“That’s not rude, that’s just me taking what I want. I wanted your full attention, and in order for that to happen, I needed to confiscate your phone.”

I smiled and then bit down on my lip, waiting for her to respond. And again, her pretty ass smiled.

“Taking something that’s not being offered to you is rude, no matter how you word it or what your intentions are. You can’t flip that to make it work for you.”

I chuckled at how serious she was.

“Aight, I’ll give you that, so since taking is being rude, I’ll ask you for what I want this time. Can I kiss you?”

“Nigga, no. I have a man, and I don’t know you like that.” She balled up her face and looked my way like I had lost my mind.

“But you want to, though.”

“Want to what?”

“Know me like that.”

“You’re not only rude, but I see that your ass is crazy too. Did you skip your meds today?”

“Nah, neither of the two, but don’t act like I’m saying shit that isn’t true. You agreed to give me five minutes because you really wanted ten. Even if you don’t know why yet, you’re interested. You want to know more about me just like I want to know more about you. You can deny that shit all you want, but I can see it in your eyes, so can I kiss you?”

“Nigga, I said—”

I cut that shit short by cuffing her face with my hands and leaning in to connect with her lips. I dipped my tongue into her mouth, and she fought me at first, but then gave in and let things just flow.

Her lips felt perfect against mine, just like I knew they would, and she even leaned into my body to enjoy the connection a little more.

When I finally pulled away, she looked all dreamy eyed and shit for the first few seconds before she got her mind right.

“That right there just proved my point.” My eyes were on her, and she rolled her eyes before she quickly stepped back.

I made an adjustment because she had me bricked up just that damn fast again. Her eyes followed my hand before she tried to play that shit off.

“The fuck you looking away for? You did this.” I held on firmly, and she rolled her eyes.

“Your five minutes are up,” she groaned, holding her hand out again.

I assumed she was waiting for her phone. “Aight, bet.”

I placed my hands beside me on the half wall, leaning back to allow her better access and then smirked at her. “You can get it.”

“Oh my God, seriously?” she grumbled before moving closer to me so that she could slip her hand in my pockets.

When she did, I moved my arm around her waist and stole another kiss. She allowed me to, but this time it was quick because she pulled her phone out of my pocket and stepped back.

“I have to go.”

“Aight, but check it, when I call your ass later, this time you better answer.”

I pointed at her, and she rolled her eyes.

“No promises,” she said as she turned to walk away.

“Aye, what’s your name?” I called behind her.

“Hayven,” she answered without looking back at me because she was still moving.

I smiled, giving her a slight nod that she couldn’t see. Yeah, you’re gonna answer. If not, I’m coming for you.

I watched as she made her way down the sidewalk with her phone to her ear. I knew right then that I was gonna have to shut that shit down. Fuck a Dante, Cole was taking over.



“The usual?” I asked Kaden when he tossed the backpack at me.

I was sitting on the sofa in the apartment that we shared. We both could afford our own shit but elected to share one since we were always kicking it. We had a nice spot about twenty minutes away from campus, which was a three thousand square foot apartment. It was nice as hell, and we had plenty of space for us and the parties that we occasionally planned to host.

“Yeah, take three, and I’ll take three.”

I unzipped it and looked inside before pulling out three of the tightly wrapped packages. I could smell it as soon as Kay tossed it to me. They always had that dope shit.

“Aight, bet. What did he say about those pills?

“No haps. They’re still on that get your degree, and then you can move some real shit.”

Kay looked annoyed as fuck, which I understood. My family was on that same bullshit, mostly because my mom wasn’t trying to hear it. At least they let Kaden do a little something, though. With me, it was you can’t touch shit until you graduate.

If my father even knew I had my hands in this shit with Kaden, he’d cuss me the fuck out. All he wanted me to do was keep an eye on my sister and graduate. I didn’t really see what the issue was. Hell, with my status and Kaden’s, the two of us could really be running shit while I was at Temple.

“Damn, shut you down, huh?”

“Hell yeah. Same old bullshit. It’s cool though, I’m still the got damn man around this bitch.”

Kaden had a cocky ass grin on his face, causing me to shake my head and pull my phone out at the same time because it was going off.

Noticing it was Ky’anne had me preparing for some bullshit. My sister stayed on campus at UArts, and I hardly ever saw or talked to her unless it was me taking the initiative to check up on her. The only other time I heard from Ky was when she needed money.

My mother and father both would fuck me up if they knew I didn’t see her every day like they expected me to, but we had a deal. She stayed out of trouble, and I gave her freedom. The first fuck up she had, and I was going to be her shadow and in her shit 24/7.

The good thing was that school had her ass on lock. Between academics and dance classes, she barely had time to get into anything but school. She and Azz barely even had time to teach at Azz’s mom’s studio anymore.

“How much?” I said as soon as I answered.

“Don’t do me, Cole. You don’t even know if I’m calling for money.”

“Aight, so what’s up then.”

“I’m coming to see you.”

“I’m busy, Ky.”

The second I said her name, Kaden looked right at me. I knew his ass was crushing on my baby sister, but that shit wasn’t happening. He was my nigga and everything, but his dog ass wasn’t about to be running game on Ky. I’d fuck around and kill his ass.

“Well, get unbusy. You’re supposed to keep an eye on me, and I haven’t seen you in two weeks. Besides, Azz is with me. She’s coming to see Kaden.”

“Man, get the fuck off my line with that I haven’t seen you in two weeks shit. I don’t see you because you don’t want to be seen. Now, all of a sudden, you’re trying to pop up. What do you need, Kyann? Cut the shit.”

She got quiet for a minute and then responded. “I need some money. Not much. I spent what Mom and Dad put in my account, and I need to replace it before she checks. Mom said I’m shopping too much—”

“Because you are. Damn, Ky, how the fuck you go through all your money that damn fast?”

“I needed stuff for school. Dance clothes are expensive, and I have four classes a day, extra practice, and performances.”

I laughed and shook my head. “I’m not Dad. You can’t run that shit on me. When are you coming?”

“We’re on our way.” She perked up, knowing that I was going to give her what she wanted.

Our parents put us both on an allowance. I didn’t really spend money like my sister did. My dad had her spoiled as fuck, but my mom was trying to make her understand the value of a dollar. That shit didn’t work because all Ky did was spend what they gave her and then come to me when she needed more.

It was cool, though. I loved my sister, spoiled or not, so she could get that. At least I could say that she wasn’t a brat. She was irresponsible as fuck with money, but that was because our dad let her have whatever, whenever. Ky had Yetti Masters wrapped around her little finger.

Being in Philly complicated that because he couldn’t just hit her with a few stacks that our mom didn’t know about like he did when she was home. He had to put it in her account, which my mother watched. His job was to keep them both happy, so Ky had to play by our mom’s rules while we were in Philly. Well, not really because I picked up where our dad left off.

“Aight, I’ll see you when you get here.” I ended the call and peeped Kaden’s ass trying to act like he wasn’t listening.

“You know that shit isn’t happening, right?”

I took my three pounds, stood, and tossed the backpack to him. He caught it and chuckled.

“The fuck you talking about, Cole?”

“You and Ky is what I’m talking about, muthafucker. Don’t play dumb. She’s on her way over here with Azz. Stay the fuck outta her personal space.”

“Why you always hitting me with that shit? I’m not trying to get with Ky.”

He had a devilish grin that I wanted to knock off his face.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re trying to do, I’m just making it clear what you’re not. She isn’t built for your dog ass. Ky don’t know shit about that life, and I don’t want her knowing shit about that life. My sister is off limits.”

Kaden threw his hands up in surrender and laughed.

“I’m cool with Ky, but I’m not feeling her like that. You’re right, she isn’t ready for a nigga like me. I’ll fuck up her entire world.”

That shit alone had me heated. I just cut my eyes at him and headed to my room to go stash my shit before my sister showed up.

She knew what I was up to, which was another reason why she always hit me up for money. Cash in exchange for not telling our father that I was selling this shit.

Her sneaky ass was low key blackmailing me. After I had my stash hidden away in my closet, I stretched out on my bed for a minute and thought about Hayven.

She was on replay in my head since I kissed her pretty ass. I wanted to see her later, so I sent her a text letting her know.

Hayven: Chill with me tonight!

I placed my phone on my chest and folded my arms behind my head as I waited. Ten minutes later, I still didn’t have a response, which annoyed me a little. She was seriously going to make me go kidnap her ass.

“Why are you in here?”

My sister’s voice made me look up at her and smile. I swear she looked like my mother’s twin.

“Because this is my damn room, why wouldn’t I be in here?”

She rolled her eyes and then walked over to sit next to where I was lying on my bed. She leaned down then stretched across my bed, propping her feet up so that her knees were in the air, her feet planted on my bed. Her head resting on my lower thigh.

“Get your nasty ass feet off my bed, Ky, damn.”

I popped her arm hard, and she lifted her feet and stretched her legs so that her feet were then hanging over the edge.

“My shoes are new, Cole.”

“The fuck is that supposed to mean to me? Did you walk outside in them?”

“Yeah, but—”

“No butts, them shits are dirty.”

“You’re so extra.” She sucked her teeth and then looked up at me. “I talked to Dad today.”


“And, I just talked to him. He said to call him.”

“About what?”

“Nothing, he just hasn’t talked to you in a few days.”

“Aight, I’ll hit him up. Why didn’t you just tell him you needed money?” I mushed her in the side of the head and smirked at her.

“Because I didn’t.”

“Yeah, because he would cuss your bratty ass out.”

“Shut up, no he wouldn’t. I’m his favorite.”

“Yeah, but he’d tell Mom, and she would. I’m her favorite.”

“I’m both of their favorites, and I don’t see why they care about the money. It’s not like we don’t have it. This allowance they have me on is dumb.”

“It’s not dumb, it’s to teach you responsibility. You waste money, Ky. You spend that shit just because you can. You don’t need a got damn thing.”

“Neither do you, but you spend money too. How much was this watch? I’ve never seen it before, so I know it’s new.” She grabbed my arm and held it over her head, looking at the watch that I purchased a few days ago.

“It don’t matter. This watch is an investment, and I don’t shop like you. I’m also not begging anyone for money.”

“Whatever, and I’m not begging. I just asked.”

My phone went off with a text notification, but before I could get my hand on it, Ky did.

“Who is Hayven, and why is she telling you that she has a man?”

She frowned at the message on my screen, and I snatched my phone from her.

“None of your damn business.”

“Any hoe that’s trying to get with you is my business, Cole.”

“Nah, any fuck ass nigga that’s trying to get with you is my business. It doesn’t go the other way around, so mind your business.”

I read Hayven’s text while Ky stared at me.

Hayven: Do you not understand that I have a boyfriend? How the fuck did you get accepted to college because clearly, you’re not too bright.

I locked my phone just as Kaden walked into my room and stopped at my doorway. Azz was right behind him, but she entered and sat on the bed.

“What’s up, Cole?”

I offered a head nod, and she looked at Ky. “You ready?”

Ky looked right at me with a grin and her hand out.

I pointed to the dresser. She hopped up and went right to it.

“Yo, I’m heading out to go meet Mekkah and MJ, you wanna roll?” Kaden asked while I watched Ky lift one of the rolls of cash I had stashed in my drawer.

“For what?” I glanced at Kay, and he had his eyes on Ky but looked at me again when he noticed me staring at him.

“We’re balling, and then probably gonna burn a few.”

“Yeah, I’m down,” I said to him and then focused on Ky. “Put that shit back. Ten bills,” I said after she peeled off about two grand.

She frowned at me and put back into the fold of cash half of what she initially took. She shoved the rest of what she counted out in her pocket and then put the roll back in the drawer.

“The fuck you frowning for? It’s that or nothing,” I said, and she got her face right.

“We’re out. Don’t tell Mom you saw me,” Azz said to Kaden, who shook his head at her.

“Yo, I’m not gonna keep covering for you, Azz.

I watched as she kissed him on the cheek and then moved past him. “Yes, you are because you love me.”

“Thanks, Cole,” Ky said, following right behind Azz, but she stopped in front of Kaden.

“You smell good.” She smiled big as hell with that goofy ass grin, and I almost jumped off the bed and jacked her ass up.

Kaden looked my way and responded to her with nothing behind it. “’Preciate it,” was all he said before my sister damn near skipped her happy ass out of my room looking like she was five years old. Or at least to me she did.

“Don’t say shit. That was her, not me.” Kaden laughed and left out behind them.

I had a feeling that this crush shit Kaden had on Ky wasn’t one sided. Ky was about to cause me to lose a friend.

A’Zara “Azz” Karsen

“You smell good. What the fuck was that, Ky’anne?”

I burst out laughing just before climbing into the driver’s seat of my G-Wagon. Mine matched my father’s since we both had matte black.

“Shit, I don’t know. I was thinking it, and it just came out.” Ky blushed, and I shook my head.

“Look, my brother is a certified hoe, and I have no idea why you even want him like that. Since my vote doesn’t count, I will say this, you better step your game up if you think you’re going to get his attention with middle school shit like you smell good, Kaden.”

“Bitch, shut up. I know how to get his attention,” Ky said.

“Really? And how is that?” I glanced at her as I pulled out of our brothers’ complex.

“With all this.” She waved her hand down her body and smirked.

I had to give it to Ky, she had a dope ass body thanks to all the dancing we did, and she was pretty with golden skin, jet black hair that hit midway down her back, but Ky was green. As in virgin green, and unfortunately, I knew way more about my brother than I needed to. Including a lot of the women he had sex with.

Some felt the need to tell me, hoping that I’d somehow help them secure a spot with Kaden, while I witnessed others sneaking in and out of his room when we both lived at our parents’ house.

My brother was a hoe, and Ky was a virgin. Not a good fit for what I knew she wanted from him. I didn’t even have to say anything. I just gave her that look I always gave, and she rolled her eyes.

“Just because I’m not on that free love shit like you, doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to deal with a man like Kaden.”

“I’m not on free love shit, as you call it. I just have a healthy sexual appetite. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

VERY, healthy. I wonder what Kaden would say if he knew that he was covering for you with your mother so that you could sit on random dicks.”

“KY!” I yelled. “Did you really just say that?”

“Yes, boo. I did because you know it’s the truth.”

“I swear I can’t stand your ass.”

“You love me, and since you do, you need to help me out with your brother.”

“You just straight up called me a slut, and now you want my help?”

“I didn’t call you a slut. You called your damn self a slut.”

“Fuck you, hoe. I’m not helping you with shit.”

She smirked at me, and I laughed. “Azz, I’m serious. Just feel him out for me. I see him looking at me sometimes, but I don’t want to misread it. Our brothers are cool, and me liking Kaden will complicate that. I don’t want to take it there unless I know he’s really feeling me.”

“No hoe, you just don’t want to get shut down. Scary ass.”

“Just feel him out for me, Azz.”

“And then what? Suppose he is into you. Cole already told him to stay away from you. I’ve heard him say it, and so have you. You ready for all that?”

“Let me worry about Cole.”

“Yeah, aight, but Cole is the least of your worries. Even if my brother is feeling you, I’m telling you, Ky, he’s a hoe. If you ain’t fucking, he ain’t trying to deal with you. You’re my girl, so I’m just keeping it one hundred, and not just that. Kay don’t do relationships. Do you know how many have tired?”

“They’re not me,” Ky said with confidence.

I just shook my head and said a small prayer. This was about to go all types of wrong. I just hoped that she and I could remain friends after my brother ruined her pussy and her life.

About twenty minutes later I pulled into the gas station near our campus and was about to park when a car whipped into the spot I had my eye on and almost hit my damn truck.

“Fuck, man! Stupid ass,” I yelled.

Ky laughed. “You have road rage out the ass.”

“No, I have a low tolerance for ignorant ass people. They took my spot and almost hit my damn truck,” I said as I pulled into a spot a few places down from the original one I wanted. “I’ll be right back. Do you need anything?”

“Get me a soda and a pack of gum. Ohh, and some Cool Ranch Doritos. The big bag, not the small one.”

“Damn, Ky, your greedy ass.” I playfully rolled my eyes.

“Hoe, you asked. Why are we here anyway?”

I reached into the pocket of my hoodie and pulled out the two bags of weed that I had clipped from Kaden’s room and tossed it into Ky’s lap. “I need something to roll this in.”

“Where the hell did you get this from?”

“I stole it from my brother’s room.” I grinned, and Ky smiled big too.

Our brothers didn’t want us getting high, and we didn’t that much, but occasionally it was needed. My brother got what he sold from my uncle, who always had the good stuff. A lot of kids at our school got product from people who worked for my dad and uncles. Kaden and Cole were also selling it at their school, but I wasn’t about to buy what I could steal from my brother.

“Kaden is gonna fuck you up, but good looking out.”

“You’re welcome,” I said before pulling my door.

I got out and had to pass the asshole who took my spot and almost hit me. He was just getting out of his car with his phone to his ear when I passed the rear of his car. He was so into his conversation that he didn’t even see me until I spoke.


I made sure to say it loud enough for him to hear me, and his eyes landed right on me. It wasn’t until he frowned at me that I actually paid attention to him, and damn this nigga was fine.

He was Hershey colored with diamond shaped eyes, sexy lips, and thick jet black eyebrows. My future baby daddy had to be about six five, athletic build, and his exposed arms were tatted just like I liked them.

Dammmm zadddy, too bad he was a fucking asshole.

“Yo, lil sexy, why the fuck you cussing at me and you don’t know me?”

After containing the smile that I wanted to display from him acknowledging my sexiness, I then got it together to respond to him.

“Because you almost hit my baby and took my parking spot… asshole.” I made sure my eyes connected with his when I again called him an asshole. Damn if I didn’t fall in love right then and there too.

“Yo, Tiff, let me hit you back. Don’t worry about who the fuck I’m talking to. I said I’ll hit you back.”

He hung up on whoever he had on his phone and walked over to where I stood. I now had my hip popped out, arms folded firmly across my chest, which I purposely pushed up with my arms after I noticed him checking me out.

“Damn, that was you. My bad, lil sexy. That’s a pretty big truck for such a little thing like you.”

He smirked at me as his eyes danced across my body, and I almost came from his smile alone.

“I like big things, and I know how to handle them,” I said, looking right at the print that was exposed in the basketball shorts he wore.

He checked me out again and chuckled. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I said with confidence.

“How old do you think I am?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest as he peered down at me.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, the fuck it does. I’m twenty-two, baby girl, and will be twenty-three in a few months. You’re sexy as fuck, and cute too, but you’re a baby. My bad for almost hitting you. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

He turned and walked off, and I felt dismissed. I was right behind him annoyed.

“Age doesn’t mean shit. It’s how you carry yourself,” I said causing him to glance at me over his shoulder.

Even that was sexy.

“Maybe not to you, but it means something to me, and I don’t do babies. Besides, you’re not ready for what I have to offer. This is grown man dick I’m working with.”

“Please don’t flatter yourself. I’m very capable, but the moment is gone now, so how about this, you enjoy the rest of your day,” I said and strutted past him.

I could feel him watching me as he released a cocky laugh. I really wanted to know more about him, but I wasn’t into begging for attention. I had people begging for mine, so as fine as he was, I would just have to pass. But damn, his ass was fine.



“Oh fuck, right there, right muthafucking there.” I pushed my ass further into the air while Alec beat my shit up from the back.

Damn, he was hitting all the right spots, just like I liked. A few deep strokes later, and I came all over him. I could feel it dripping and running down my legs as this nigga kept working to get his and came a few minutes after me.

“Fuck, Azz, this pussy so got damn good I need to trademark it,” Alec mumbled against my skin as he kissed my back.

He was still gripping my waist and deep inside me as he pulsated, filling the condom that he wore.

I shrugged him off and moved forward enough for him to slip out of me so that I could climb off my bed. I got what I wanted from him, and I needed him to go. At this point, my high was gone, and I came three times. He needed to leave.

“Why you move so fast?” Alec frowned at me as I collected his clothes and dropped them on the bed in front of him before bypassing him and heading to my bathroom.

“I told you that I had to go to my parents’ house.”

I rolled my eyes because my back was to him. After I entered the bathroom and shut the door, I began to wash up. I was hoping he’d just leave, but I knew better.

Alec’s stroke game was on point, but everything else about him turned me off. He was clingy and emotional as fuck. I couldn’t deal with that.

After I was fresh and clean, I walked back into my room, and he was still there, fully dressed and sitting on my damn bed looking all sad and shit. I inhaled and walked to my dresser, pulled open a drawer and retrieved a thong, which he watched me put on.

“Is this all we are, Azz? You call me when you want to fuck and then move on like I ain’t shit.”

Here we fucking go.

I pushed on my drawer to close it and then leaned against my dresser, folding my arms across my exposed breasts. He didn’t even look at my body because his sad ass eyes were trained on mine.

“I’m focused right now. School is important to me. I don’t want or need the distraction of a boyfriend. I told you that. My brother and my parents made it clear that they won’t accept anything less than me being focused on school. I have to respect that, or I get shut off.”

He laughed sarcastically and looked me right in the eyes with a disapproving stare.

“Fleet Karsen would never cut his daughter off. That shit isn’t gonna happen, and your brother is too busy doing his own shit to be worried about who you’re dating. He doesn’t know we’re fucking, right?”

“No, he doesn’t because you’re still breathing, but regardless, I can’t do a relationship right now. Please don’t make this complicated,” I said before moving from my dresser and heading to my closet.

With my back to him, I grabbed a t-shirt dress and then slipped it over my head before turning to face him again.

He was so sexy that it made no sense for him to be sitting there looking like a lost puppy. Alec was six six, mocha complexion, deep chocolate brown eyes, with thick wooly hair and matching beard. His body was cut to perfection thanks to football, and God had blessed him with a package that aimed to please. Right now, all I saw was a weak ass, lovesick man who I didn’t love back.

I was too young for love. All I wanted in my life right now was a good fuck a few times a week and no attachment to any of them. Call me a hoe or whatever you want, but I really don’t give a fuck. I am who I am, and when I was ready, I’d settle down. Right now, I was living my life.

“Maybe I need to tell him. Maybe that will make you get more serious about what this is, Azz.”

My neck snapped to the side quick as I looked at this fool like he was stupid.

“You know who I am? You know who my family is. Do you think that walking up to my brother like ‘aye, Kay, I’m fucking your baby sister’ is a smart move? Let me just answer that for you. Hell no. We’re good like we are. Either you get with that, or you walk, but that’s all I have to offer right now.”

He stared at me for a few moments longer before he got up and walked to my door.

“Yeah, aight. I’ll see you around when you have time.”

His tone was sarcastic and cold, but it didn’t change my stance on things. I liked Alec, but not enough to change my life for him. He left out, and I finished getting dressed.

“Let me guess, you got the why can’t we take this to another level speech again?”

Ky smirked at me from my door where she was leaning against the frame.

“I’m so over that. If his dick wasn’t the bomb, I’d be like fuck him. But he’s reliable, and lord, I can’t get enough of that damn dick.”

“You ain’t shit, hoe. You better stop playing with these niggas like that.”

I smiled at her, and she shook her head. “No boo, you better start playing with these niggas like that. Especially if you expect to get with Kaden. Letting a man give you head isn’t shit compared to what he’ll do to you. You ain’t ready, boo.”

“Shut up. You don’t know what I am.”

“You haven’t had a real orgasm until the dick made you do it. That play play shit you be on isn’t life, Ky, but you’ll have to just trust me on that until Kay gets to you.”

“I’m not fucking with you, Azz. I got this.”

“Whatever. I have to go to my parent’s house. You want to roll or you staying here?”

“I’m staying. I have studio time in an hour. I need to practice.”

“Fine, I’ll be back in a few hours. My mother wants to talk to me.” I rolled my eyes while grabbing my purse and keys.

“You better play nice before she cusses your ass out.”

“She might try, but my daddy will defend me soooooo…” I shrugged, and Ky laughed.

“Spoiled ass.”

“Uhh boo, look who’s talking, Ms. Ky’anne Masters.”

I grinned at Ky before I passed by her. It was true. We were both daddy’s girls. I was my father’s pride and joy, but lord knows if he knew all the dirt I was into, he’d lock me in the house for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t that I was bad, I just wasn’t innocent, or at least not like he assumed I was. Either way, I had to do me. It was my life, and that was how it was going to be.