If His Heart Is Hood 3 Sneak Peek


Bronx Harris
I grunted out as I lifted my phone to my ear, after removing it from my pocket. I didn’t even bother to open my eyes to see who was calling. My fucking head was pounding and I felt like shit.
“Where the fuck are you?” Brim yelled through my line so loud that I felt my face ball up as I pulled my phone away from my ear for a brief moment.
Good fucking question, but I damn sure didn’t need him yelling that shit in my ear with the way I was feeling. I slowly opened my eyes, but then immediately shut them again until I was prepared to deal with the sunlight that apparently was not going anywhere.
The room that I was in was bright as fuck because of the sunlight that shining through the big ass window positioned few feet away from me, with the curtains wide open.
I was temporarily confused about my surroundings for a minute until I realized that I was in a hotel room. Not just any room but based on the vague memories that I had from last night, this was Harper’s room. Muthafucker.
“Bronx, did you hear me? Wake your ass up. Where the fuck are you? Please tell me that you’re not still with that bitch. I swear to God I want to beat your ass right now.” My brother yelled bringing my attention back to my call.
I moved my hand down my face several times and tried to focus for a minute before I stood up slowly, due to the fact that my fucking head was swimming like a muthafucker.
“Nigga I hear you and why the fuck are you yelling at me? Don’t worry about where I am.”
“Apparently I need to be worried, since your ass clearly isn’t.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” I barked at him as I made my way through Harper’s hotel suite. She was no where to be found and this bitch looked empty as hell. Like no one was occupying it but me type of empty. The fuck?
“Nigga you don’t know?”
“Know what? Stop talking in muthafuckin’ circles. My head is pounding and I’m not in the mood.”
“Oh my nigga you better be in the got damn mood. You have no idea the bullshit attached to your name right now. Did you fuck Harper last night?”
“No, well shit I don’t remember. How the hell do you even know I saw her?”
“It isn’t me knowing that you need to worry about, the entire fucking world knows that you saw her. If you didn’t fuck her, it sure looks like you did. That bitch leaked a video of her sucking your dick.”
I wasn’t sure why but Reason was the first thought I had. That went away quickly when I remembered why I ended up here in Harper’s room in the first place.
“That shit has to be old. I don’t give a fuck about that. It damn sure doesn’t make me look bad. That’s on her.”
“Nah, Bruh, it ain’t old. It’s from last night because you were wearing the same damn clothes that you left my apartment in. The video being old is the least of your worries. That bitch put it out there that you’re a couple and that you’re about to sign a deal with Gordon Marcel.”
“Gordon Marcel? I ain’t signing with that muthafucker. I’m not signing with anybody. You already know how I feel about that. How the hell did she come up with that bullshit?”
I felt myself getting heated and Harper was the key source for my current aggravation. “Fuck if I know. Not my problem, but it’s out there. Now what the fuck are you gonna do about it?”
“I ain’t gonna do shit. Fuck her and that bullshit she put out there. She better hope I don’t see her ass anytime soon or I’m fucking her up.”
Brim laughed like that shit was funny. “You fucked up Bronx. In a major way. Now you need to figure out how you’re gonna fix that shit. I suggest you go talk to her before she finds out, shit she probably already knows.”
“If you’re talking about Reason fuck that bitch too. Real shit. I don’t care if she knows and I ain’t explaining a got damn thing to her.”
“Bruh, the fuck is up with that?”
“She ain’t shit is what’s up with that, so fuck her.”
I was done talking so I hung up on my brother and realized I had thousands of notifications on my phone. I clicked on a few of the links and found the video that he was talking about.
It was Harper giving me head but that was it. I kinda remembered us arguing or at least me talking shit to her but that part wasn’t on the video. Just her giving me head.
I don’t even really remember her giving me head but the video looked convincing. It definitely happened. Fuck!
I forgot that I took that damn pill and downed two bottles of Henny before I showed up at her hotel room. I wasn’t even sure how I got there which had me checking my pockets where I️ did find my keys, and was praying my damn truck was outside.
But more than anything I kept thinking about that shit with Reason. I was so pissed for letting myself trust her. As of now I was on some fuck bitches type of shit. The only thing that the could get from me was this dick and I was even being selective about that from now on.
When I left the hotel room, I went strait to the lobby and then out into the parking lot. I searched for twenty minutes and didn’t find my truck anywhere so I went back inside to the front desk and question them.
“Aye I was her last night an I can’t find my truck. Who would know if my shit got towed?” I asked the lady behind the massive ass front desk. She was dressed in a navy blazer with her damn nose turned up at me.
“The fuck you looking at me like that for? Your ass speaks English don’t you?”
“Excuse me sir, is there a problem?” Some frail ass looking dude walked up next to her like he was going to check me or something.
“Hell yeah there’s a problem this bitch doesn’t speak English and I need to find out if y’all towed my shit last night.”
“She indeed speaks English, but you yelling at her is not helping. I was here last night and yes we did tow a vehicle. It was a GWagon that was illegally parked in front of the hotel. You can call the city to find out how to get it back, if that was your vehicle.”
He smirked at me and I wanted to break his fucking jaw but I also wasn’t trying to go to jail, even if I knew I wouldn’t be there long. As soon as my father got word, I’d be released. So instead of hitting his ass like I wanted to I turned and walked away pulling out my phone to text Bronx to come get me instead.
While I waited, I pulled up NYCserv to find out where they fuck the took my truck. This was the second time that I️ made the mistake of letting my shit get towed because I️ was too high. That pissed me off more than anything but I️ swear to God, if there was even the slightest bit of damage to my vehicle, I️ was definitely going to jail.
“Where the fuck is your truck?” He asked as soon as he pulled up and I got in with him.
“They towed it.”
His stupid ass laughed but I didn’t see a got damn thing funny.
“You see that shit yet?”
“Yeah.” Was all I said. I wasn’t in the mood to discuss it.
“The fuck you giving me your ass to kiss for? You did that shit. You should have thought about that before you fucked her.”
I shot him a murderous look and he shrugged. “What? You did that shit, Bronx. That’s on you.”
“I don’t know what I did, shit I can’t even fucking remember.”
“How the fuck you don’t remember? Ain’t no way you were that fucked up that you don’t remember what you did, Bronx?”
I reached in my pocket do pulled out the ziplock bag that held the pills I had left. I tossed it in his lap and he looked at me like he wanted to beat my ass. Hell he likely would have if he wasn’t driving.
“The fuck you taking that shit for? Is that a our shit? You getting high off our shit Bronx? Since when did you start doing that?”
“I don’t. I just took one last night cause I wanted to zone the fuck out. I will never do that shit again. I don’t even really remember a got damn thing about last night that happened after I took that shit. Just flashes of things.”
“Nigga you’re about a dumb ass muthafucker. Real shit. We sell that shit, we don’t take it.”
I chuckled and ran my hand over my head. “Shit I know and trust me, point made. I will never do that shit again. It ain’t for me.”
“You damn right it ain’t for you. Got you cheating on your girl and your dick all over social media.”
“She ain’t my girl, fuck her.”
“Bruh, what the hell she do that got you like this?”
“She fucked her ex and let that nigga get her pregnant.”
“Reason’s pregnant?”
“Yeah nigga, damn and not by me.”
“What makes you so sure about that?”
“First of all because I didn’t even know she was pregnant. I found out because her fuck ass ex told me right before I beat that niggas ass, and it couldn’t be mine.”
“Didn’t you nut in her, the fuck you mean it couldn’t be yours.”
“She took that shit to get rid of it, that’s how I know it ain’t mine. Plus if it was, why the fuck wouldn’t she have told me.”
“Nigga why would she? Look how you’re acting right now? I wouldn’t tell your stupid ass either and you know that shit isn’t a hundred percent, if she even took it.”
“So fucking what. It’s not mine and she said she isn’t having it anyway, case closed. Now stop fucking talking about her and take me to get my damn truck. I️ swear if they scratched my shit, I’m beating ass all up and through that bitch.”
Brim let it go and didn’t say anything else about Reason or the pregnancy for the rest of the drive but for some reason, I kept thinking about all the times I repeatedly told her that I didn’t want kids, with her or anyone else.
But nah, that didn’t have shit to do with it. Reason never had an issue speaking her mind, so why would she about this? That fucking baby wasn’t mine, that’s why. She was still fucking her ex.
When we pulled up at the place where they towed my truck Brim parked and just before I was about to get out he stopped me.
“Aye, you really that sure that it’s not your kid?”
“Yeah I’m sure and like I said it doesn’t matter ‘cause she said she’s not having it anyway.”
“I get that but what if it really is yours, Bronx. All those other bitches lied, clearly, but Reason isn’t like that—”
“How the fuck you gonna say that when you’re the one who was telling me to that she might be trying to trap me and shit. Nigga pick a lane.”
“Yeah I said it but that was before I knew her. She isn’t like that, Bronx. I really don’t believe that. How do you even know that she’s still fucking her ex?”
“Cause that nigga told me he was, right when I caught his ass leaving her place. That’s how I know.”
“Niggas lie. You know that, what did she say about it.”
“The fuck you think she said? You know she wouldn’t admit that shit.”
“Maybe she didn’t admit it because it wasn’t true.”
“Muthafucker keep that shit. I have other things to worry about.” I pulled the handle to get out and he said one last thing that had me thinking.
“Aye, maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not but you were feeling her pretty serious and what if she’s not lying? You really okay with her killing your seed like that? You need to think about that shit before you let your fucking ego get in the way of something worth having, bruh.”
I didn’t even respond. I just got out, slammed his door and headed towards the building I needed to entered to get my truck back. It was too late to be worried about that shit now anyway. Right now I was about to get my damn truck and take my ass home.
Teagan Parks
“What do you want?” I asked as soon as I opened my door and was face to face with Brooklyn. Technically he hadn’t done anything to me but his brother had done a lot to Reason.
“You better bring that shit down.” He looked at me like he was seconds away from snatching me up, but instead he simply walked in my apartment.
I shut the door behind him and folded my arms across my chest waiting.
“I don’t know what the hell your problem is but I’m not here for it, so fix that shit, baby girl.” Brooklyn peered at me and I sucked my teeth.
“You’re brother is what my problem is. That asshole put his hands on my cousin and then accused her of cheating on him.”
“Did she?”
“How dare you ask that. You know that she would never do that.”
“I don’t know shit, shorty which is why I’m here. So did she?”
“No, I didn’t and fuck you and him both for thinking that I did. That may be what you’re used to dealing with but that’s not me.” Reason said from the hallway a few feet away.
Brooklyn now had his eyes on her so I turned that way too because she was behind me.
Her hair which was all over her head when I️ left to go answer the door, was now pulled back into a tight ponytail and she was dressed but her eyes were still puffy and red, which made sense because she had been crying since I got here this morning.
“You don’t have to explain yourself to him. Fuck Bronx.”
“Teagan, chill. What they have going on doesn’t have shit to do with you, so calm your ass down.” Brooklyn kept his eyes on Reason while he spoke to me.
“Nigga fuck you. It has everything to do with me. When he put his hands on her and accused her of lying about his baby. Did we all seem to forget he had no problem nutting in her but then doesn’t want to own up to his responsibilities? If you have a problem with that then fuck you too.”
I was now in Brooklyn’s face and he looked like he wanted to murder me but I didn’t care. My family came before him and his punk ass brother.
It took him a minute but he chuckled and snuck a kiss. “Your little ass is really trying me right now but I get it. You’re mad because Bronx did some foul shit to your cousin, but like I said, it isn’t your fucking problem. Let me holla at Reason real quick.”
“Don’t be kissing me trying to calm me down. I️—”
“Teagan. He’s right. It’s my issue not yours. Don’t be upset with him. Get dressed so that we can go.”
“No, he can holla at you, but I’m staying right here.” Again I folded my arms across my chests and waited. By the irritated expression now plastered on Brooklyn’s face, he was pissed but ignored me.
“Is that really my brothers kid? Like real shit his?”
“Yes but it doesn’t matter.”
“Fuck you mean it doesn’t matter? It matters.”
“Not if I’m not keeping it, it doesn’t.”
“Did you fuck your ex?”
“No, muthafucker I didn’t. I just told you this was Bronx’s baby. I don’t care what Dee told him or what he believes, it’s his.”
“That’s not why I’m asking you. I just want to know if you cheated on my brother.”
“I just said she didn’t.” I snapped cutting my eyes at him.
“I didn’t ask you, I asked her.” Brooklyn moved close to me and peered down at me like it meant something.
“No, I didn’t. The only person, I’ve been with since I met Bronx, is Bronx. I don’t care if you believe me, or if he believes me. It’s the fucking truth and he’s a pussy for just taking Dee’s word in the first place.”
“Nah, he ain’t a pussy, he’s just being careful. What’s more important is that you should have told him. He got fucked like that once before by trusting the wrong bitch, so that’s a sore spot with him, but how he reacted was fucked up, even if I️ understand why he did.”
“So what, that’s no excuse and that’s not my problem.” Reason yelled.
“Maybe not but it’s facts and if you’re carrying his kid then that shit is your problem. I thought you took something to make sure this didn’t happen.” Brooklyn pointed to Reason’s stomach when he said the word this.
“I did, but shit happens. Trust me, I wasn’t trying to have a kid that neither of us wants. No matter what he thinks.”
Brooklyn kept his eyes on Reason for a minute without saying anything before he spoke again.
“What’s your ex’s name.”
“Dee.” I said followed by Reason asking why.
“Because I need to talk to him, and his real name.”
“No, leave him alone. Bronx already damn near killed him.” She said and Brooklyn chuckled.
“You sure you’re not still fucking with him? Sounds like you care about that nigga.”
“No asshole, I’m not but I’m not as heartless as you and your brother. Dee might be stupid but I don’t want him to disappear and I’m sure that’s what you mean by talk to him.”
Brooklyn grinned but it was more devious than anything. “He won’t disappear. Just a conversation. That’s all, I give you my word on that. What’s his name and before you decide that you don’t want to tell me, you already know that I can find out. You not telling me is only going to waste my time and I really have shit that I need to do today, so tracking him down is not something I️ want to do, but I️ will if it’s necessary.”
“Demond Jones.” I said causing Reason to narrow her eyes at me.
“Aight bet. Don’t kill my brothers baby. I don’t care how mad you are, don’t take that shit out on that baby.”
“I’m not taking it out on this baby. I just know that I’m in no position to give a child what they need right now. My decision has nothing to do with the fact that your brother is a pussy. It’s about me not making a child suffer because it’s parents aren’t prepared to provide for it.”
“I️ get that but it’s not just your decision to make. Give it a little time, please.”
He gave Reason a serious look before he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door with him and then out it, after he had it open.
As soon as we were in the hall he had me pinned against he wall with his hand just about my head.
“Lets get something straight. I’m not your fuck ass ex and you’re not about to be yelling at me like you don’t have no fucking sense, especially about some shit that doesn’t concern us. I get that’s your cousin, just like Bronx is my brother and you didn’t see me disrespecting you over that shit, did you?”
“Bronx was wrong, Reason wasn’t. It’s not the same.”
“It is the fucking same. Bottom line is it’s not about us. It’s about them. Bronx did some fuck shit and even if he doesn’t want to admit it right now, he knows it was fucked up and I’ll make sure he handles it. You just worry about the fact that you’re not gonna be yelling at me like you don’t know who I am.”
“You can’t—”
The look he gave me shut me up quick. I was a little annoyed and turned on at the same time so I just nodded.
“Fine but you better make sure you check him or I will.”
Brooklyn grinned and shook his head. “You ain’t gonna do shit but get cussed the fuck out if you run up on Bronx talking shit to him about his business. Stay in your lane Teague.”
So that I wouldn’t object, Brooklyn kissed me and sent his tongue in my mouth letting it connect with mine. When he pulled away he grinned.
“Talking all that shit and one kiss has got you under control. I’ll catch up with you later. I have some shit to take care of. Don’t let her do anything stupid.”
“I’ll do what I️ can but Reason is not the type to be told what to do any more than that asshole brother of yours is. And that shit that you’re taking care of, better include you checking your brother or I promise I will.”
Brooklyn chuckled and mushed me in the head. “Man take your little gangsta wanna be self inside. You ain’t scaring nobody.”
He backed away from me and waited. I shot him a bird and mouthed the word fuck you and pushed open my door.
“Fuck me, that’s how you’re doing it? Don’t worry I got you later.” He said just before he walked off and I shut the door.
“Hey what are you doing here?” Tia looked nervous as fuck when she walked up the the counter where Reason was signing in.
“We should be here to beat your ass for giving her that faulty ass Plan B and for you trying to play my brother but I’m not the kind to put innocent lives at risk. That baby you’re carrying is saving you from me breaking my foot off in your ass.”
I snapped and Reason chuckled but shot me a look that said chill.
“Look I get that you don’t like me or understand why—”
“Bitch there ain’t shit to understand. You’re foul as fuck, point, blank period. Just do your job and mind your fucking business. If you can’t then get somebody up here who can.”
Reason had her eyes on Tia and when she looked at me I titled my head to the side to co-sign what my cousin had just said. “What bitch?”
“Nothing. Have a seat and I’ll make sure Dr. Avery can see you.”
“Preciate…Hoe.” I said and then walked away.
Reason was right behind me and took a seat next to me against the wall. There were about six other women in there but it wasn’t super crowded.
“You know that really didn’t help my situation. I’m not trying to be here all day. I have to be to work in a few hours. She’s probably going to put me last on that damn list.”
“So what, you don’t need to be here anyway.”
“Teagan, don’t start.”
“You know you don’t really want to do this and true enough his reaction was fucked up and I want to beat his ass. It’s his baby Reason. It’s not fair for you to make this decision without him. Just wait and let Brooklyn talk to him.”
“Seriously? How can you even fix your face to say that. He basically called me a liar and a hoe and said fuck me and this baby. That was his decision. I don’t want to be tied to him for the rest of my life and I’m in no position to be a parent. Not by myself, or with him. You know that. So yes, I do need to be here. I feel bad enough as it is, I don’t need you making me feel worse so leave it alone and just be here for me. That’s all I need right now.”
“Reason Washington.” Tia called out her entire name causing us both to roll our eyes simultaneously. Reason stood and I was about to stand too but she stopped me.
“You can stay here.”
I had a feeling it was because she knew I wasn’t on board with this plan so I didn’t argue with her.
I knew she wanted me to support her decision and I was going to do that the best way that I could, but I really did think that she needed to give it a minute.
If I learned anything at all it was don’t make decisions hyped up off of emotions. You would choose wrong every time.
Either way, she was my cousin and I loved her so if she felt like this was what she needed to do then I was going to be there for her. Whether I liked it or not.
Brooklyn “Brim” Harris
“Aye come down stairs I need you to make a run with me.”
“Call Edge, I’m busy.”
“Nigga bring your ass downstairs.” I yelled and then hung up the phone. After waiting about fifteen minutes, I was fully prepared to go up there and get him knowing how fucking stubborn Bronx was but he actually came down.
He got in my truck, slammed the door and dropped his seat back but didn’t say shit to me. He was in all black, jeans and a hoodie which was pulled down over his head but his face was now restricted because he had one arm folded over it.
The smell of weed was strong as fuck and now taking over my truck, which meant that he had been smoking.
“This shit better be important.” He grumbled but still didn’t look at me.
“It is, trust me, put your damn seat belt on.” I said just to fuck with him.
“Muthafucker you see how far back my seat is. A seatbelt isn’t gonna do shit for me right now. Your ass just better drive safe.”
I chuckled and pulled off and neither of us said a word for the next forty minutes. I had to drive all the way to Jersey, where this Dee muthafucker lived and doing this was fucking up my day but it was necessary.
When we pulled up at his house, I shoved Bronx in his shoulder because his ass was knocked the fuck out, which I knew because he was snoring loud as hell.
“Wake your junkie ass up.” I said causing him to look up at me like he wanted to punch me dead in my face. His eyes were hooded and still red as fuck.
“Don’t make me beat your ass Brooklyn.”
“Your ass is still high as fuck right now. You ain’t gonna do shit and even if you weren’t, you couldn’t beat my ass on a good day. Get the fuck out my truck and lets go.”
I reached under my seat and put my hand on my gun which I placed on my body while I waited for Bronx to get out. His ass was moving slow as fuck looking like a got damn criminal with all that black on.
“Why the fuck you dressed like that anyway? You’re about to scare his damn neighbors and shit.”
“Cause, I am and who’s house is this anyway? I️ don’t give a fuck about scaring anybody, you shouldn’t have brought me out here.”
“You’ll see, bring your ass on.”
I took the led and headed to the door. After putting a call in to our father I found out everything I needed to know about Demond Jones. He lived with his parents out in Jersey and they both worked full time at the college he went to. The same college that Teagan went to.
When we reached the door, I repeatedly ran the bell while Bronx stood behind me with his hands shoved in the pockets of his hoodie looking suspect as hell.
I just hoped we could get this handled and get the fuck out of here before the neighbors called the cops about two dangerous looking black men in their lily white community.
As expected instead of checking, Dee’s dumb ass just opened the door and immediately tried to shut it, but I held my head up and shoved it as hard as I could knocking him back.
I stepped in and Bronx followed closing the door behind him, while I removed my gun and aimed it at Dee’s head.
His face was fucked up. It was bruised and swollen, with stitches in several places, which I knew was curtesy of my brother.
“The fuck we doing here?” Bronx growled at me as he removed his gun and aimed it at Dee also.
“I think the two of you need to talk. It seems like this nigga has a problem with facts and maybe this time he’ll get the story right. Won’t you?”
“Ye…yea…yeah.” He stuttered as he held his hands up and kept his eyes on Bronx.
“Aight then, lets talk.”
Dee didn’t move so I narrowed my eyes at him.
“Invite us in nigga, the fuck you waiting for?”
“Um, okay, yeah come in.”
“If we’re here to shoot this muthafucker just let me do it now. I don’t want to hear shit that this nigga has to say and I should shoot your stupid ass for bringing me here.”
Bronx looked right at me but he already knew I️ didn’t give a fuck. My goal was making sure my little brother was good and this was a part of that.
“Chill the fuck out and you can thank me later. Lets go.”
I waved my gun at Dee and he started walking but would randomly look at us over his shoulder, like he didn’t trust us behind him.
Hell he shouldn’t but I wasn’t about to do anything to him until I got what we came for, now Bronx, on the other hand was a wild card.
We reached what looked like his living room and he stepped in. I followed but Bronx stood in the entrance way, waiting.
“Sit your ass down.” I said pointing to the ottoman that was next to the sofa. Dee did as I asked but kept his eyes on Bronx.
“What do you wanna know?” He asked so low that I wanted to punch his ass. I could see why my brother fucked him up.
“You told my brother that you were still fucking with his girl—”
“She ain’t my fucking girl and if that’s why we’re here you’re wasting my got damn time.” Bronx said cutting me off.
“Nigga shut your love sick ass up.” I chuckled and shook my head before I focused on Dee again.
“Brooklyn don’t cost this nigga his life. Cause I’m gonna have to shoot his ass just so he doesn’t get away while I bet yours.”
Ignoring Bronx I asked again. “Are you still fucking with his girl? According to my brother, you made it seem like you were and that the baby she’s carrying could be yours. Is that true?”
Dee looked at Bronx like he was about to shit on himself.
“The fuck you looking at him for? I’m the one talking to you. He ain’t gonna do shit to you if you tell the truth. But if your ass lies again, I’mma let him fuck you up. I’m sure your parents have good insurance and shit from working at that college but it ain’t that damn good. You keep taking your ass to the hospital that shit is gonna get expensive.”
Bronx laughed which made me look at him. “You’re dumb as fuck for that.”
“How, I mean it. They’re gonna deny this niggas claim if he keep showing up like that.”
“I swear I wanna be mad right now but you’re stupid as fuck.”
Bronx shook his head and I looked at Dee again.
“So what’s up? Y’all still fucking or not?”
I chambered my gun and then aimed it at his head. “Answer the question my nigga.”
That shit got his attention real quick. “No. I’m not. We’re not. I never even had unprotected sex with her. Ever! It’s been months since we’ve even been together, like before her grandmother died and then she shut me out because of that first, and then because of him.” He looked right at Bronx.
“Word? So you lied?”
Bronx was moving our way quick as fuck but I held my arm up. “Hold up Bronx.”
Dee was now on his feet and had put some distance between us.
“Yes, I lied.”
“You saying that shit ‘cause you’re scared my brother is about to vent your fucking head or because you really lied?”
Bronx asked and aimed his gun at Dee too.
I laughed amused by the gesture. Even if this muthafucker wasn’t telling the truth and he was only saying it because we had guns aimed at him, Bronx joining in and pointing his at him too, damn sure wasn’t going make him say it was a lie.
“I lied. There’s no way it’s my baby. She told me it was yours anyway, and I knew it was true which was why I said what I️ said when I️ saw you.
“Muthafucker!” Bronx growled and I️ grabbed Bronx’s gun before he could pull the trigger. I could already feel what was about to happen next.
“You can’t shoot his dumb as in here. Fuck wrong with you?”
“I can beat his ass though.”
Bronx said and before I could stop him, he rushed old boy and was tagging his ass while he screamed like a little bitch.
The shit was just sad so I pulled Bronx off him and drug him with me out the room. This nigga was so mad he tried to hit me just to get away from me to keep tagging old boy.
“Bronx calm the fuck down. You already made that nigga piss on himself. We got what we need, lets go.”
I shoved him in his chest and he took my advice and left.
The first few minutes Bronx didn’t say shit, but I knew what that was about. When he did finally speak I half expected it and knew what was coming.
“I fucked up, didn’t I?”
“Yeah nigga you did. But I’m sure you can fix it and even if she won’t let you then don’t take no for an answer and fix that shit anyway.”
“Easier said than done. I said some fucked up shit to her.”
“I didn’t say it was going to be easy but it’s not just about fixing things with her. She’s carrying your first born. You really want to fuck that up?”
Bronx looked at me like he hadn’t even considered that.
“Yeah nigga, she’s carrying your baby and this ain’t just a possibility. It’s yours.”
“If she’s still pregnant. She said she wasn’t having it.”
“Then I suggest you don’t waste any time. Fix that shit Bronx. No matter what it takes you better fix that shit.”
The conversation was over. Bronx was in his head about how fucked up things were and it wasn’t my place to make him feel worse.
He had what he needed for now, I just prayed that he could make it right.
I️ had a lot of shit to do but after dealing with Bronx, and his situation, my day kind of got away from me. Instead of hitting the block to check on things like I️ planned to, I️ drove straight to my place to chill for a little while.
My goal was to catch a quick nap and then catch up with Teagan but as always, that wasn’t about to happen. At least not right away.
As soon as I️ parked and got out of my truck, Torren was getting out of his car which was parked in front of my building.
Fuck, with everything going on, I️ had forgotten all about his situation. He looked as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, so I️ was praying that he wasn’t here to tell me that he took matters into his own hand and got rid of Dorian.
I️ wasn’t in the mood to clean up anyone else’s shit. At least not today in this moment. What I️ needed right now was a good ass high, some pussy which I️ planned on getting later and then a quiet moment without anyone one else’s problems some how working their way into my life.
“Teague told me.” Torren announced as soon as he was close enough. When I frowned deeper he further explained. “Where you live, you look like you’re trying to figure out how I knew where to find you.”
“Nah, I’m trying to figure out why you found me.”
Torren ran his hand down his face before looking up and down the block. That motion caused me to do the same. For all I knew his ass could have been trying to set me up.
“Look, I asked for your help and I know you’re busy. I just came to tell you don’t worry about it. I’ll figure this shit out on my own.”
“Nah, I said I’ll help and I will. I️ just had a few things pop off and I needed to get that under control.”
“Like the fact that your brother is fucking his ex all over the internet when he’s supposed to be in a relationship with my cousin.”
He looked mad as fuck but that shit wasn’t any of his business. I see he and Teagan were a lot a like with things like that.
“That don’t concern you so don’t make the mistake of thinking it does.” I looked him square in his eyes and he didn’t budge, he actually took a step towards me.
“It’s my family nigga. It concerns me.”
I chuckled at the fact that he didn’t back down. Hell at least he was a man about it, but Bronx’s situation still wasn’t his fucking business.
“Family or not, it still doesn’t concern you. It was an error in judgment on my brother’s part but he’ll fix it. The only reason why I’m even saying that much is because I respect the fact that you love your cousin but I will tell you this, stay the fuck out of it. Now as for you and what’s going on with your deal, I have a solution. It’s the only one I have but it will keep the peace between both of our families. I’m not trying to have it any other way right now so this is your only option.”
This nigga laughed sarcastically but kept his eyes on mine. “Aight, I’ll bite, but no promises on wether or not I’m down for whatever the fuck you’re offering.”
“You come work for us.”
“Hell, no! Fuck that. I’ll deal with this shit my way. I’m not trying to take handouts.”
“Nigga you aren’t. I didn’t say we were giving you a got damn thing. You’ll work just like we do, shit harder than we do because you’ll hit the streets like you do now.”
I waited watching his expression. He relaxed a little but still had tension in his body.
“I’m not trying to be a fucking corner boy either, so if that’s what you’re thinking that shit is dead too.”
“I’m not trying to make you a corner boy. You push your own shit now, don’t you?”
“Yeah, that’s different though. I don’t really answer to anyone. I just get my shit from Dorian and make sure he gets his money.”
“It will be the same here. You operate under us. Just for now. We don’t really know you like that but if you prove yourself then you move up and work with us. Simple as that.”
He evaluated what I was saying for a minute before he responded.
“You discussed that with your brother and Edge?”
“Not yet. Like I said, a few things popped off that prevented that but let me worry about them. If you’re down, then I’ll make it work. It’s the best option so take it or leave it.”
I swear Teagan had a hold on me like no other because I promise on everything real I felt her presence before I even laid eyes on her.
Before her brother could reply, she waltzed her sexy ass down the block mugging the fuck outta both of us.
When she was close, she stepped in between us, but and backed up so that she was facing her brother and her body was against my chest.
“At least you’re not arguing.” She said like she was annoyed.
“Why are you here.” I asked pulling her closer to me and leaning in enough to kiss the side of her face.
“I wanted to know why my boyfriend and my brother who apparently hate each other are now so buddy, buddy.”
Torren chuckled. “Your nosy ass should have just asked for a ride when I left if you knew you were coming straight here.”
He then looked at me. “I’ll holla at you soon. Give me a minute to process it.”
Nodding I accepted his hand which he held up as a closed fist. I met it with mine and he left without Teagan objecting.
“So are you going to tell me what that’s all about. This is the second time that you two are together keeping secrets from me.”
Teagan asked as she turned to face me with her little ass squared up like she scared somebody.
“What did I tell you about that?”
“About what?”
“Bossing up on me like that shit means something.”
“Oh my nigga it does.” She peered at me and I laughed.
“Nah, it don’t, but come on.” I tugged at her waist and started moving so she gave in and did the same.
After we made it to my apartment she kicked off her shoes and followed me to my bedroom.
“Well what?” I answered with my back to her because I was emptying my pockets at my dresser.
“Whats the deal with you and my brother?”
“The deal is that it’s none of your fucking business and for your own good. I had a long ass day and it feels like this muthafucker just started. Please don’t make it worse. All I need you to do right now is get naked, climb up on my bed and put your cute little ass in the air.”
I️ was in the process of pulling my shirt over my head but I could feel her burning a hole through me and sure enough when I tossed my shirt on my dresser her damn face was all balled up.
“What man?”
“I’m trying to find out what’s going on and you’re trying to have sex with me.”
“Hell yeah. Ain’t shit to find out. I’m not telling you anything because it’s not for you to know. Just trust that!”
I pulled her to me and worked my hands under the shirt that she was wearing, while kissing her neck.
Teagan didn’t fight me but she kept talking. “I’m worried. Apparently it’s important and has to do with Dorian. Just tell me.”
Inhaling I then released a deep sigh before I gripped her chin, tilting her head back enough so that our eyes met.
“You don’t need to worry. Your brother and I are two grown ass men handling grown man business. It’s nothing that you need to stress over and I give you my word on that. Do I ever lie to you?”
“I don’t know, you might.” Her smart ass couldn’t help it.
“Teagan! Do I lie to you?”
“No, you don’t.”
“Aight then. Let that shit go and take these off.”
I tugged at her shirt and she rolled her eyes before pulling it over her head.
I planned on getting lost in her body and then chilling for the rest of the night. As long as she was on board with that plan then we didn’t have any issues.


I️ had never in my life been afraid of anything, well at least not that I could remember but I understood the feeling the second I walked into Reason’s job. Add that shit to the list of things that she had me feeling, that I️ couldn’t shake.
The way she looked at me had me ready to just say fuck it but I knew I couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to do that. Being a man meant accepting shit for what it was, and I fucked up and had to own that.
Unfortunately, I could tell from the hateful look that I was getting that she damn sure was gonna make me work for it.
“Aye let me holla at you for a minute.”
I knew it came out like shit was still cool with us but that was just me and I didn’t know how else to be. I wasn’t an emotional type muthafucker so I couldn’t fake that shit.
I swear on everything real, if looks could take a life, I would be deader than a muthafucker right now.
She didn’t say shit to me but the look was deadly as fuck.
“You’re not gonna say shit to me?”
Again she looked at me like she wanted nothing less than for my ass to be preparing for a pine box.
I wasn’t a weak nigga so I didn’t back down.
“Aight, don’t say shit, just listen.”
Reason just released a cocky laugh before she looked down at her phone which was in her hand.
“Nah I can’t do that. My baby daddy is texting me right now. I think he deserves my attention more than you do.”
Knowing that I was dead ass wrong, I snatched her phone out of her hand and started going through that shit. She jumped up and moved around the counter quick as fuck yelling at me.
“Give me my got damn phone. What the fuck is wrong with you?”
I noticed she had up all my social media, but I️ swiped up to close all that out and went right to her text. If she was communicating with that nigga, I was beating his ass again and cursing her the fuck out.
I didn’t care if I was wrong or didn’t have the right, the thought of her talking to that fuck ass nigga had me fucking hot.
When I found his name, I realized that she hadn’t talk to him in months. He had been texting her but she didn’t respond. When I finally laid eyes on her again, she was mugging the fuck outtta me with one hand on her hip an the other extended waiting for her phone.
I wasn’t giving it back to her though. As leases not right now because I️ wanted her full attention, so instead I dropped it in my pocket.
“You are not keeping my damn phone. What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I️ paid for this shit so I’ll keep it if I️ want to?”
“Bronx, why are you here. I’m a hoe who’s trying to trap you with a baby. What could you possibly want to talk to me about? And besides, your girl might not appreciate you being with your side hoe. I’m sure that’s not good for your image.”
“Man fuck that, she isn’t my got damn girl and you know that. So kill that shit.”
“What I know is that bitch came here asking me questions about you and I should have trusted my gut back then but I didn’t. Now, your all over the internet with your dick down her throat. We all know you have a problem claiming shit so I won’t put too much into you not claiming her. If she’s not your girl, you’re damn sure her man.”
“Fuck you mean she came here asking you questions?”
All that other shit Reason was talking was irrelevant so I ignored. it, but did I want to know when Harper and Reason crossed paths and why the fuck she didn’t tell me.
“It doesn’t matter. I’m real confused about why you’re even here. I mean a hoe that fucks other niggas and tries to pin babies on you doesn’t seem like a priority for you, yet here you are making house calls. I’ve seen first hand how you handle things like that.”
She smirked and I knew right away she was referencing that shit with Mish. I didn’t give a fuck, though because the difference was that baby wasn’t mine and this one was.
“So what the fuck do you want, Bronx? This hoe is busy, go find another one on your list to harass.”
My hand moved down my face and I clenched my teeth. I knew she was hurt and wanted me to know I was the source of that but hearing her say exactly what I said to her that night wasn’t helping.
“Will you stop saying that shit? You know I didn’t mean it. I was just—”
“Mad, upset, emotional or my favorite, Brooklyn seemed to think that you were being careful, since you had been fucked by another bitch the same way you thought I was playing you. That makes perfect sense being that the second you fall out with me your dick ends up down her throat. And yes, I know that Harper was the bitch that played you. It wasn’t hard to figure out after I had the whole picture. Her coming here pretending that we were a cute couple, just to see my reaction was just fucking classic. Not to mention her questioning me about what I was to you and then all her interviews about how you two were first loves reunited. You ain’t shit. Just give me my phone and leave. You don’t have to worry about me or this baby. I’m good Bronx, I can promise you that.”
“I said I was wrong and I apologize for that but what the fuck did you expect me to think? You could have told me. Hell, shit might have played out different. I even asked you about that shit and you acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Secrets can fuck up the best shit and you did that by keeping the fact that you were pregnant from me. So when the nigga told me, hell yeah, I was pissed. How else was I supposed to react? I fucked up and I’m not saying that you should just write that shit off but at least give me credit for that and give me a chance to make it right.”
She laughed deep and hard. “Give you a chance? Let me jump right on that. Fuck you nigga and keep the phone. Like I said, I’m good. I️ don’t want anything that reminds me of you anyway.”
“Yo, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“It means fuck you. Enjoy your life, leave me the fuck alone. That’s what it means.”
She turned to walk away from me and I grabbed her arm hard and pulled her back to me.
“That’s my baby, like it or not. It’s mine. You want me to leave you alone, fine, you can get that, but that baby is just as much mine as it is yours. Think about that before you do some dumb shit.”
“Aye, you good out here.” Old boy that worked with her came from out the back like he was ready to square up with me. I looked at his ass for a second and then laughed.
I’d fuck him up if he even thought about stepping to me, but I wasn’t here for that.
“Yeah she’s good.” My eyes were on Reason again and she snatched her arm from my hold, but only because I allowed her too. “Remember what I said because I mean that shit.”
I turned to leave as she called me all kind of assholes and muthafuckers behind my back. I didn’t really care, she had better understand that I wasn’t fucking playing.
When I was back in my truck, I sat there for a minute processing what had just happened. Reason hated me.
Like she for real wanted to take a nigga’s life type of hate and that shit cut me deep. I wasn’t even sure why I cared, but I did.
I had to figure out a way to get right with her again. Not just because she was carrying a baby that I didn’t know I wanted until she threatened to get rid of it, but because I knew shit was deeper with us that I had been willing to admit.
She had me feeling shit that I was fighting against but it was damn sure a losing battle. Knowing that she hated me that much had me feeling like shit and even more than that missing the fuck outta her.
I damn sure wasn’t used to that or even sure what the hell to do with those feelings but I knew one thing was for sure and she wasn’t about to kill my fucking kid.
“Can I help you?” Some thirsty ass looking bitch asked grinning all in my damn face. This wasn’t the time or the place.
“Yeah you can. Step the fuck back and here, chew this shit.”
I reached into my pocket and tossed the pack of gum I had with me onto the counter.
She looked shocked as fuck but my expression didn’t change. I was dead ass about that.
“Excuse you. That was rude and—”
“Rude or not shorty, you need that shit so consider it a gift. Your breath smells like hot garbage. Like some shit that had been baking in the sun for days. And then you got the nerve to be all up in my got damn face with confidence, grinning and shit. Get the fuck outta here.”
A few people in the lobby snickered but I didn’t care.
I wasn’t trying to entertain anybody. I was just speaking facts. Shorty’s breath smelled like straight up death and she needed to get that shit checked out.
“You need to leave!”
I lifted the clipboard that they used to have patients sign in and tossed it across the counter in her direction.
“And you need to put your name on this shit right here to take the next appointment because I’m more than positive that some shit ain’t right all up in that mouth of yours.”
“Nigga get the fuck out of this office before…”
I chuckled and looked her right in the eyes. “If you can make that happen, then roll with that shit, otherwise, go find that Tia bitch for me. She works here right?”
Just as I said it, old girl rounded the corner and frowned at me.
“Nina what’s wrong.”
“This rude ass nigga is looking for you. You better get him before I beat his ass, talking about my breath stinks.” She grumbled as she stomped off.
Tia, followed her with her eyes for a minute before she focused on me.
“Did your father send you here?”
“The fuck he gonna send me here for?”
“I don’t know, I’m just not sure why else you would be here to see me.”
“It ain’t about him, but I do need to talk to you about something.”
“Talk to me?” She frowned even deeper. “About what?”
“Just open the fucking door so that I can come back there.”
“I can’t let you—”
“Yo, open the fucking door.”
I yelled and she jumped a little before her eyes moved around the lobby and then she looked at me again.
I really hoped I didn’t have to shoot the lock off that door, but I would damn sure do it.
I️ could tell she didn’t want to give in, but she also knew that if she didn’t, it wasn’t a good look for her.
Hesitantly she moved to the door and pulled it open stepping aside so that I could join her.
“We can talk back here.” She waved me forward and I followed thinking how crazy it was that she was pregnant with my father’s kid.
After passing several rooms she passed by one where old girl was in and stopped to address her. “Nina, will you watch the front for me?”
Old girl shot me a nasty scowl before looking at the both of us and mumbling something I couldn’t hear at first, that ended with old rude ass nigga.
I chuckled and followed Tia into the empty patient room, where she shut the door and then stared at me looking confused.
“So if this isn’t about your dad, then what is it about?”
“Reason. She came here with her cousin to ask about getting an abortion. My brother told me.”
“I can’t discuss that with you.”
I let out a cocky laugh before I looked her right in her eyes. “ I️ didn’t ask you to discuss shit, did I️? I already know she came here. What I need you to know is that if you or anybody else up in this bitch helps her get rid of my seed, then that’s gonna be a problem.”
She looked at me even more confused and then opened her mouth, which quickly closed as she bit down on her lip like she was thinking.
It took her a minute to actually speak. “I don’t really know what you expect me to say to that. I have no control over wether or not she has an abortion. It’s her choice and if she comes here to get one then I can’t stop that.”
Again I laughed because that shit was funny as fuck.
“It’s not her fucking choice. At least not hers alone. It’s our baby, not hers and I don’t agree with that shit, so you need to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen.”
“I don’t know how you expect me to do that. It’s the law. She can make that decision without you and—”
I removed my gun from up under my shirt and held it up. This is the only law I know. I said find a way. That’s on you how you do that shit.”
This time she got some fucking courage. Placing her hands on her hips she glared at me. “Or what, you going to shoot me? I’m carrying your fathers baby. Your brother or sister. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be that stupid.”
I smirked as I looked her up and down. She was right I wasn’t going to do shit to her, now everyone else in here who assisted Reason in trying to get rid of my kid was at risk.
“You’re carrying his, but she’s carrying mine. Figure that shit out.”
Was all I said before I walked out and left her there. I was delivering empty threats because I wasn’t about to hurt innocent people based on my fuck up.
But I was desperate. I didn’t want Reason to have an abortion.
I also knew that there were thousands of free clinics and plenty of hospitals were she could go and I couldn’t do shit about it. I was just praying that karma wouldn’t hit me that hard.
Two weeks later
“Why the fuck you gotta pink phone?”
Edge lifted Reasons phone from the table where I was counting money and then rotated it in his hand.
Hell yeah, I left with her shit that day thinking that she would at least come to me to get it back.
That was two weeks ago and I hadn’t heard shit from her. I️ assumed that she shut it off and likely got a new one because she hadn’t received any text or calls since I had it.
When I tried to text her, from mine, just to be sure, it didn’t go through.
I️ hadn’t talk to her since that day but had seen her plenty of times because I’d showed up at her job, and waited, just watching her but she walked right past me every single time and didn’t say shit.
The most I got was a leave me the fuck alone or her shooting me a bird. Reason was stubborn as hell and her ignore game was strong as fuck so I was just giving her space for now.
All she did was go to work and go home. She hadn’t been back to the clinic that I knew of and I️ found out from Teagan that she was still pregnant.
As long as she didn’t get rid of my baby she could have space, but I️ was still missing the fuck outta her.
“It’s Reason’s.”
“Why the fuck you got her phone?”
Edge looked at me strange and I just sho him a look that said mind your fucking business, banded the stack of bills that I had just finished counting and placed another in the machine.
“Nigga why the fuck do you have her phone?” He asked again.
“Because I paid for it.”
“Bruh, that’s fucked up. You bought her a phone and then took that shit back. How the fuck is that helping your situation. I thought you were trying to fix things.”
“I am, but I can’t do that shit if she won’t talk to me.”
“Nigga how the hell can she talk to you when you have her damn phone?” Edge chuckled and shook his head.
“She has another one because she shut this one off.”
“Bruh, that’s not the fucking point. You know what I mean.”
“I know what you said, not what the fuck you mean. I’m giving her space. As long as she don’t do shit to my baby, I can be patient and give her that.”
“First of all, that’s a muthafuckin’ lie because your impatient ass doesn’t know the meaning of the word patience. Spell that shit nigga.”
Edge laughed and waited. I just grilled the fuck outta him but didn’t dsay shit because if I did, we’d be fighting. When I stayed quiet, he spoke again.
“How do you know she’s still pregnant? I thought she told you she wasn’t keeping it.”
“Because this fool went down to the clinic and threatened everybody that worked there. They ain’t trying to fuck up their lives like that.” Brim said as he entered the room and placed three glasses on the table followed by a bottle of Delone.
“Did you really do that shit?” Edge looked at me and waited. I just shrugged and he laughed. “Yo, I knew your ass was unstable but you can’t be doing shit like that. That shit ain’t right Bronx. What in the entire fuck?”
“So is getting an abortion when I don’t want her too. That shit ain’t right either so I️ made sure she couldn’t.”
“Bruh, that’s her choice and you didn’t want the damn baby anyway. How the fuck you gone get mad at her about not keeping it?”
“Fuck you mean I didn’t want it. I never said that.”
“Since when do you want kids?”
Edge asked as Brim filled all three glasses. When he was done he pushed one towards me and Edge and lifted his.
“Since he found out it was really his and she didn’t want to keep it, you know that nigga is selfish and does shit just to piss people off.” Brim said and then filled his glass again.
“Fuck you. This ain’t about being selfish and no, I wasn’t trying to have kids but I can’t do shit about that now, can I️?”
“Hell yeah you can. She’s trying to help your ass out with that little problem but you’re blocking her and shit.” Edge said before he lifted his drink.
“So if you were me, would you let her get rid of it?”
“I ain’t you Bronx but you need to decide if you want her to keep it just to make a point or if you want her to keep it because you really want the kid.” Edge said and then he and Brim both looked at me.
I lifted my drink and downed it before I poured another. I️ finished that too and then answered.
“I don’t want her to get rid of it. I miss her and I want us to figure this shit out. She’s just not trying to hear that right now. I’m staying out of her way and I’m not even fucking other bitches right now which I feel like is the right thing to do, but I can’t make her want to fix this shit.”
“First of all your ass isn’t’ giving her space. You keep showing up at her job and sitting outside of her building. That’s some stalker, creepy ass type shit.” Brim said and then laughed. “But I get it. You all in love and it’s got your ass doing crazy shit.”
“Fuck you mean in love? I’m not in love. I just miss being with her hanging out and shit like that. That ain’t the same.”
“You’re right it isn’t the same but you threatening professionals and shit to make sure she keeps your baby and you holding onto her phone and stalking her ass is deeper than you missing her. Call that shit what you want and we’ll call it what it is. You’re in love my nigga.” Edge smirked and then refilled his glass.
“Fuck outta here. And even if I was, you don’t know shit about that to say that I am.”
“He has a point.” Brim looked at Edge and then me. “But I agree, that’s love Bronx. It comes in all shapes and sizes but it is what it is.”
I poured another shot turned it up and then downed it before I grabbed Reasons phone off the table and slipped it back into my pocket.
“Fuck both of y’all. You can finish counting this shit on your own. I’ve got some recording to do.”
They both laughed before Brim spoke up again. “Speaking of that. What’s the deal with Harper?”
“There ain’t no deal, fuck her and she better hope I don’t see her again anytime soon.”
“I get that but are you not going to address any of it?”
Harper was all over everywhere telling her fake ass story about the two of us. It was crazy as fuck to me because other than the video, there wasn’t any proof to what she put out there, yet and still she was running with that shit and people believed it.
She was doing interviews every fucking hour it seemed like talking about how we were keeping our relationship private and out of the media.
They really fucking believed that shit. I️ also noticed that Gordon kept hitting me up about this fake ass record deal.
He sent a team of his people to New York to meet with me, which I️ ignored. I️ wasn’t singing no fucking deal just so that nigga could get rich off me.
Harper knew that shit before she put it out there but she also knew that all she had to do was create a story and people would be all over that shit.
She was already getting offers and shit which she kept posting all over social media, which I️ couldn’t ignore because she kept tagging me in her post.
If she didn’t dead that shit sooner rather than later, I️ was taking a flight to Atlanta and she damn sure didn’t want that.
“Address it for what? She can create whatever fictional ass life she wants to. I’m not with her, people will figure that out when they never fucking see us together. I️ don’t even know how it got this far.”
I️ felt myself getting annoyed again.
“Cause, they don’t care about the truth all they care about is the story. Lie or not. Your ass shouldn’t be so got damn dope and then no one would care Mr. King of New York.”
“Fuck you.” I️ chuckled and dapped them both. “I’m out.”
“Aight we’ll holla.”
I wanted to talk to Reason bad as fuck but I knew she wants trying to hear that and I️ was tired of being around her while she ignored me.
Instead of dropping by her job like I planned, I was taking my ass home to finish up the song I was working on. For now, my music an my money was all I had and that shit was lonely as fuck.