Ridin With The Realest 2 Sneak Peek


Charlie Jones

I was jarred from my sleep by the sound of my phone vibrating next to me on my night stand. My head pounded as I looked around my room and noticed that I was alone. My first thought was Fray.

I lifted my phone and noticed that Yaz was calling. Not in the mood to deal with her, I silenced my phone and placed it back on my night stand.

My body hurt all over, and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to move, but I did anyway because I wanted to make sure that Fray hadn’t left me.

I knew that he was pissed about Red hitting me with her car. As crazy as the bitch was, I didn’t want her to die, and even though Fray made it clear that he didn’t kill women, I didn’t know if he would task ending her life to someone else.

Believe me, I planned to catch her with these hands as soon as I recovered, but I didn’t have it in me to know that a life was taken behind me. There were some lines that I just wasn’t willing to cross, and that was one of them.

I slipped out of bed, and every muscle in my body felt like it was on fire. I swear, I didn’t see how I was going to make it through the next few days. I wasn’t big on smoking weed, but I was going to have to do something because I wasn’t one for taking drugs.

The pain meds that the doctors gave me had me feeling like I was high, but the pills did very little for the intense pain that I was my body was experiencing.

Moving at a snail’s pace, I made my way to the stairs and grabbed the wall in an attempt to steady myself. I was sure that it was the only way for me to survive the climb down the stairs, but before my foot landed on the first step, I heard voices.

I had to be mistaken, or either my mind was playing tricks on me because the voice that I heard belonged to Hawk.

Freezing in my current position, I focused and listened.

“So, I need to get out of my feelings? I’ll see what I can do about that, but looks like you won’t be living long enough to see that happening?”

My hand covered my mouth, and I surveyed my surroundings like it would somehow magically give me an answer as to what I needed to do. Even if I didn’t have the answers, I knew for certain that I was not about to allow Hawk to kill Fray.

“Charlie, think,” I said lowly before I let my body rest against the wall.

I was exhausted and in pain. However, none of that mattered right now. Fray needed me, and I had to step up.

Inhaling slowly, I pushed off the wall, grinding my teeth because of the excruciating pain, but this time, I mustered up the strength to move more swiftly. As soon as I was in my bedroom, I made my way to my dresser and forced open the drawer that held my gun.

In that moment, I was grateful for Fray. After the night I held that same gun on him, he fussed and complained about the fact that I kept it in the kitchen instead of in my room.

His thought we that if I had an intruder, it would likely be at night, and it made more sense to have my gun near me. Fray also made sure I knew how to load and shoot it, two things that Hawk never cared enough to worry about.

Wrapping my hand around the handle, I then lifted the clip that was lying next to it and pushed it securely in the bottom. I unlatched the safety and gripped the handle firmly in my hands. Fray had positioned it for me with his guidance multiple times so that I would feel comfortable with it, and even though I didn’t know if I could actually pull the trigger, I felt like I would at least try.

When I made my way to the hallway, I could hear the two of them still going back and forth. Hawk’s tone was angry and frantic while Fray seemed calm and unbothered. Any other time I would have smiled, but right now damn sure wasn’t the time.

“Damn, nigga, you’re really that mad? You want to take my life over some bullshit?”

“Muthafucker, you ain’t loyal. That’s why I’m going to take your life. If you want to call that bullshit, then yeah, I guess so.”

Fray laughed before he continued. “How the fuck am I not loyal? You really got me fucked up. How do you think you have what you have? I’m the one who made shit happen when your ass was too fucking caught up fucking bitches all across Atlanta. I didn’t ask for shit. Not even credit for making your ass look good.”

“That’s the problem. I built this shit, not you. The fuck I need to give you credit for?”

“You built it?” Fray paused. “Nigga, that shit was handed to you, and only because you were blood. You ain’t work for a got damn thing, and now you’re running around in your feelings because unlike you, I did build my own. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. You’re a weak ass muthafucker. Always have been. The only reason your people didn’t leave the business to me was because y’all shared blood. He didn’t even have faith in your ability to do anything with it. He just didn’t give a fuck. He had his money, and was ready to get out. The day he put your name on it, he told me to be patient and it would be mine soon because you would fuck it up. I just didn’t want it like that. Unlike you, I don’t do handouts.”

The entire time, I listened as I carefully and quietly made it down the stairs. When I made it to the bottom, I could see Hawk, but not Fray. Hawk’s gun was in his hand and he held it with his arm extended in what I assumed was Fray’s direction.

I could feel my hands begin to sweat, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t about to let this happen.

“You talk a lot of shit for a man facing his final moments.”

“Nigga, you ain’t gonna shoot me. The same way you’re too much of a pussy to run your own business, you’re too much of a pussy to pull that trigger.”

My heart was pounding in my chest because I had no idea if Fray was right, but I had a feeling that him calling Hawk on it wasn’t the best way to prove that.

“I guess we’ll just have to see about that, now won’t we?”

“If you pull that trigger, I’ll pull mine.”

I was so damn nervous when I spoke up, that I wasn’t even sure if the words actually left my lips until Hawk turned to face me.

His body was tense, his eyes narrowed, and his face was tight. Hostile eyes darted back and forth between me and Fray, and I could tell just how pissed Hawk was before he even opened his mouth to speak.

“So, this nigga got you pulling guns on me? That’s fucked up, Charlie.”

“Can you just go, please? I really don’t want things to be this complicated, so just leave,” I said.

Hawk smirked and then looked me up and down. “I’m amused, but I’m not worried. You don’t know shit about guns. I’m actually surprised that you’re even holding it the right way. But watch me for a minute, and you might pick up some pointers.”

His eyes were on Fray again, and I fired a shot that flew past Hawk’s head. It startled him enough to make him turn his gun on me.

“I don’t need your fucking pointers. Fray already gave me some. Get the fuck out of my house before this gets any worse,” I said, this time with a little more aggression.

I had no idea where the courage came from but it was now there.

My hand firmly gripped the handle of the gun, and I stared Hawk right in his eyes

“That’s the choice you’re making?”

I could tell from the look he offered that he wasn’t pleased with my decision, but I really didn’t care.

“He’s the choice I’m making.”

My confession caused Hawk’s teeth to grind. For what felt like forever, he kept his eyes on me. Eventually, he lowered his gun, walked to the door, and left.

When Fray rounded the corner and snatched the gun from my hand, I snapped out of the daze that I was in. He placed it on the table that I was standing next to and glared at me the entire time.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you? And why are you yelling at me?”

“Charlie, you can’t do shit like that. Even though that nigga wasn’t gonna shoot me or you, the next man might. Even if he was, I wouldn’t have fucking cared about taking that hit but you damn sure don’t have any business putting yourself in a situation like that.”

Fray’s posture was tense, and I knew that he was frustrated. Unfortunately, I didn’t care. Hawk had a gun on him, and I did what I needed to do. Because of it, we were both still here, alive!

“So, I just let you get shot? Because that’s damn sure what it sounds like you’re saying.”

“If that’s how the fuck it needs to play out, then yeah. Charlie, this shit isn’t for you, and I don’t need a bitch like that. The fuck I look like letting you take a bullet that’s meant for me?”

My head snapped to the side quick, and I almost lost it. My body was sore, but I would damn sure fight his ass.

Did he just call me a bitch?

“Aye, stop fucking looking at me like that. I’m not calling you a bitch. I’m saying I don’t need all that. You’re not a hood bitch, which is one of them main reasons why I’m here with you like this.”

Fray relaxed his tone, and I relaxed my expression.

“Just say thank you. I don’t care what you want or what you don’t want, especially if you’re in a situation like what just happened. Why did you teach me how to use a gun if you didn’t expect me to actually do it?”

That frustrated looked filled his face again before a smile broke through.

“I didn’t teach you how to use, it, I taught you how to load that shit and how to hold it. Another reason why you don’t need to be pulling guns and shit, Charlie.”

I shrugged and looked him dead in the eyes. “Maybe, but I did, and he’s gone. Neither of us needs a trip to the emergency room, so you’re welcome.”

Fray dragged his hand down his face before he released a breath. Moving to me, he kept his eyes on mine, and when he was close enough, one arm slipped around my waist while the other hand gripped cuffed the back of my neck.

My body tingled before his lips even connected with mine. This man, I swear.

“Listen…” Fray kept his hand on the back of my head while he looked down at me with his forehead pressed to mine. The solemn look on his face concerned me a little.

“Me having a gun aimed at me ain’t shit, but me knowing that you had one aimed at you is something I can’t rock with. Especially when all I could do was stand there and watch it happening because I wasn’t about to make the wrong move and allow him to take you from me. If I had my hammer, I could have easily dropped his ass, but I didn’t. Having to watch that shit had me feeling weak as fuck. I don’t like that feeling, but I do like that it existed because of you. Thank you for what you did. I appreciate it, but don’t ever do that shit again, aight.”

Again, Fray’s soft, full lips crashed against mine. When I pulled away, my teeth sank into my lip, and I nodded to confirm that I wouldn’t. Of course, I was lying because if the situation ever arose again, I would do the same thing.

“Cool, let’s go.”

Not allowing me to object, Fray scooped me up into his arms bridal style, and my arms slipped around his neck. Even though I didn’t physically object, I did verbally.

“I can walk. You don’t have to carry me.”

“Charlie, your face balls up every time you breathe. I got you. You just pulled a gun for me, can I carry your ass up the stairs?”

After we made it to my room, I watched as Fray moved around collecting things for me to take to his apartment. As much as I knew that my body couldn’t handle sex with him right now, watching him made me want it. Everything about this man exuded sex.

Once I had what I needed to camp out at his place for a few days, we left. Fray didn’t really say much on the drive to his apartment, but as soon as we made it to his door, he looked at me with the most serious stare.

“Call tomorrow and get your locks changed. I’m mad as fuck that it wasn’t already done. If you want me to do for you I will,” he said before he pushed his door open and stepped aside to let me in.

I moved in slowly, and Fray was right behind me. He had his eyes on me the entire time, and I knew that he was waiting for a response about my locks getting changed.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes, I’ll call in the morning.”

I kept going to his bedroom, and he followed. Fray placed my bag on the foot of his bed and then leaned against his dresser. We both just stared at each other without speaking, but he was the first to say something.

“I don’t know how to deal with this shit or if you even can.”

I was a little confused by his statement, so I wasn’t sure how to respond to him.

“Deal with what?”

I knew I had a frown on my face because I could feel it. Fray’s expression was neutral, and that bothered me. But his posture was tense. and his hands gripped the dresser where they were placed on each side of him.

“This. You and me.”

The way his eyes connected with mine had my body hot, but I knew that he was trying to have a serious conversation, so I controlled it.

“I thought that we already decided that.” For some reason, our current situation felt awkward as fuck.

“We did, but tonight just changed things.”

“Changed things how? He already knew that I was with you, and I don’t really care if he’s okay with that or not. It doesn’t change anything for me, and it shouldn’t change anything for you.”

Fray laughed sarcastically. “I can’t let that shit ride, Charlie. That’s how it changes things, and you might have an idea of who I am, but I’m sure you don’t really know.”

“Then tell me.”

I hated this feeling, and I had it a lot when it came to Fray. I was always on edge like he would just randomly decide that this wasn’t what he wanted, and that was how I felt right now.

“Remember the night on the boardwalk when I said that I didn’t deserve you either?”


“I also said that I wasn’t shit. Well, I meant that too.”

“I don’t care about your past unless you plan on trying to hold onto it.”

I assumed he meant the women in his life, but I was unclear about why he was bringing that up. I was well aware that Fray was the type who moved around.

People talked, and especially women. It was like they couldn’t wait to tell the next hoe how good a man’s dick was, but then they were ready to fight when that same hoe was trying to dip into his bed.

“If things had been different tonight and I had my gun on me like I should have, I would have killed that muthafucker and not given it a second thought.”

“I know that.”

I said it but did I really know that?

“You don’t know shit, Charlie. You don’t know me. I damn sure ain’t like Hawk’s pussy ass.”

“Then tell me who you are.”

He searched my face as if he were evaluating what was going to happen next.

“I got my first body when I was fourteen years old. I walked into my mother’s room with a gun that I got on the streets in exchange for a pair of Jay’s. I placed that same gun against a man’s temple and pulled the trigger while he slept in the bed that my mother worked hard to pay for. Not long after, we moved to Georgia.”

“You… you killed your father?”

“Nah, just one of her sorry ass boyfriends who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and his hands to himself, but if I ever see that muthafucker who she laid down with to create me, I’d kill him too. He was no better.”

I just sat there processing. Hawk was in the streets, but he wasn’t a murderer. Even though he wanted everyone to believe he was hard, he really wasn’t. Hearing Fray speak so candid and casually about taking lives felt weird to me. Even though I held that gun, I knew deep down inside that I could never pull the trigger to actually take a life, or at least I didn’t think I could.

“See, that look right there tells me that you’re not sure about us either, Charlie.”

“So, what does that mean?”

There was an awkward silence before he spoke again, and he appeared conflicted. “I haven’t figured that out yet.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to take that.”

I half smiled because I wanted the gesture to be returned to let me know that I wasn’t losing something with him that I was already addicted to. When his hand moved across his chaotic curls instead of him speaking, my heart began to thump in my chest.

“I need to go take care of a few things. You gonna be alright here for a little while by yourself?”

“Yeah, I mean it’s late. Whatever you have to do, it can’t wait?”

Instead of responding, Fray moved his body from against the dresser and walked over to me. He reached for my hand, and when I stood, he guided me to the side of his bed and then stepped around me to pull the covers back.

“Get some rest, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Morning? What the hell? He was leaving and didn’t plan to come back until in the morning.

“Why did you bring me here if you were just going to leave me? I can go back to my place or get a room somewhere or something.”

“I brought you here because I want you here. That don’t have shit to do with what I just told you.”

“But, you just—”

“We have some shit to figure out, is all I’m saying. We can talk when I get back.”

I could see the irritation in his handsome face, but I didn’t care. He didn’t have the right to be irritated after basically telling me that he hadn’t figured things out with us. He was the one who asked me if I wanted him and to only focus on that when I said yes. He was the one who said fuck opinions, and just be with him. Now he hasn’t figured things out.

It was late, I was exhausted, and not in a good mental place to even worry or fight him about it. Instead, I slipped into his bed. Fray tucked me in like I was a child and then kissed my lips in a way that didn’t feel like we had shit to figure out.

Not long after, I heard his front door open then close and the locks turned. He was gone, and I was alone. Not having energy to even muster up thoughts about what had just happened, I simply closed my eyes and began to drift. I guess we would have to discuss it in the morning.

Delvin “Fray” Simmons

It was late as hell, and I sat in my ride, which was filled with smoke because I was on my second blunt. I had been in my car for an hour watching the spot where my delivery was supposed to take place.

Part of the reason why I wanted Reg to handle this shit on his own was that I needed to know if I could trust that nigga. Hell, at this point, everybody was a suspect. I really didn’t think the Reg was the one fucking me but I needed to know for sure.

I lost money that I couldn’t recoup, and I’d be damn if that shit happened again.

Not only did I have to worry about a fucking snake in my back yard, but I now had to figure out what the fuck to do about my situation with Charlie.

I was really into her, more than I should have been. Honestly, it was to the point where my mind was already telling me what the fuck I needed to do, but my gut was contradicting the hell out of that.

Charlie was green. She had an innocence about her that would be lost fucking with a nigga like me. I knew that before I even took it there, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted Charlie, and once I had her, I knew that being with her was bad for both of us.

Seeing how things played out tonight had me pulling back, though. I didn’t know if I wanted to be responsible for pulling Charlie into my world and taking away that innocence. She wasn’t naïve, but she wasn’t really street either. One thing was for sure, and that was that she had heart. Tonight proved that.

Things happened with us so fast that I didn’t think. I just acted. Seeing Charlie with that gun in her hands and knowing what could have happened had me conflicted. The thought of losing her had me all fucked up.

Two things were very clear. One, I was feeling shit for Charlie that I damn sure wasn’t expecting or even ready for, and the second thing I realized was that anybody who tried to bring harm to her was going to pay.

That was a responsibility that I wasn’t ready to accept, but it was too fucking late. Charlie was mine, I knew that even when I told her that I had shit to figure out.

Seeing something flicker across the street from where I was parked caused me to sit up and focus.

Reg had come and gone after securing my guns, so I was praying that this nigga didn’t return to take that shit. If he was the reason behind me losing my got damn money, then I’d crack his shit easy, but I really didn’t want that to be the case.

I slipped my hand under my seat and wrapped it around the handle to my hammer. The figure before me walked right to the storage unit that held my guns and looked around.

It was dark as fuck, and I was across the street. I couldn’t tell who the fuck it was, so I just got out. Whoever this nigga was, he was alone. The crazy shit was that the units changed with every shipment, yet here he was standing right in front of the one that held my guns.

That meant he was either on my team or worked for my connect. Those were the only people who would know for sure. It was just me, Reg, and Luke, but we put Mikey on to help out when needed. It had to be one of them, and that had me fucking pissed.

I watched as he took a picture of the storage unit with his phone and then typed something.

This muthafucker was sending the information about where my shit was to someone else. I felt the veins in my neck pulse as I started his way.

He was so into what he was doing on his phone that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings. When I walked up on him, it scared the shit out of him, causing that same phone to slip from his hands.

“Breathe wrong, and that’s your ass, nigga.”

I moved closer, extending my arm a little more so that my gun was inches away from the side of his face.

“Keep your hands visible and turn your ass around so that I can see whose life I’m about to take.”

“Fray, just let me explain.”

I breathed a little easier when I heard the voice. Not that I was happy that it was Mikey, but I was relieved that it wasn’t Reg or Luke.

“Explain? Nigga ain’t shit to explain. The only thing that might save your ass right now is if you tell me who the fuck you just sent that shit to?”

It was a lie, we both knew it, but I was hoping that he was scared enough to at least gamble and consider that snitching might save his ass.

“Fray, I fucked up and I know—”

“Bruh, dead that shit. All I want is a name. Tell me who got you out here. I don’t give a fuck about anything else you’re rambling on about.”

I took a step forward so that my gun could make contact with his forehead.

“I… fuck, man.”

I heard something that sounded like a stomach growling, and then a foul ass smell.

This nigga just shit his damn pants. A grown ass fucking man.

“Yo, did you just shit on yourself?” I tried not to breathe in so that I wouldn’t smell it, but I couldn’t avoid it. That pissed me off even more.

“My bad. I tried to hold it in, but I’m nervous as fuck, and you know how your nerves be fucking with your bowels and shit. It just slipped out.”

“Nigga, who the fuck you working for?”

I needed whatever information he could give me so that I could body his ass and get the fuck outta there.

“I wanna tell you, but I know you’re gonna kill me anyway, and even if you don’t, he will.”

“I guess it ain’t Hawk who sent you, ’cause he ain’t pulling the trigger on anyone.” I smirked and then continued. “Looks like we have a problem then.”

“Fray, I know I fucked up. Can you just let me make it right? I can make that shit—”

I glanced at his phone, which was on the ground still lit up, and then him. “Nah, I can’t do that.”

I fired a shot and his body dropped. This shit was fucking up my entire vibe. I couldn’t get rid of the body, which meant that the cops would find it. That in turn meant that I’d have to set up some new plans to get my guns and product. If the cops found a body there, they’d be watching all business that took place.

After leaning down to get Mikey’s phone, I pressed the cracked screen to view the message that was on it. The number wasn’t saved, so I still didn’t know who he was communicating with, but I was about to find out.

555-678-9101: on our way.

Whoever paid him to be there was about to show up. I planned to be there and end this shit on way or another.

I moved to the storage unit and keyed the code what was sent out for the electric lock that was placed on the door. After pulling the door up, I walked inside, hopped in the van, and turned the key, which was waiting in the ignition.

Carefully pulling out, of the unit, I then hopped out, secured the door, got back in, drove across the street, and parked before coming back to lock up the unit. As soon as I killed the lights, I noticed headlights coming down the street and a car pulled up in front of the storage facility.

I hung back and waited to see who the fuck it was. Imagine my surprise when Red’s stupid ass got out the passenger side, and Tek followed on the driver’s side.

He shut the door and looked around before walking onto the property where the storage unit was. It wasn’t gated, so he was able to walk right up. I quickly got out and started a slow jog across the street, moving right behind them.

“Why the fuck you coming for me, Tek?” I said as I held my gun up and aimed it at the back of his head.

His hands extended to his side, and he turned slowly so that we were facing each other. Red turned too, and the smirk on her face pissed me off even more.

“Because you’re coming for me. That should be self-explanatory, Fray.”

“Nigga, are you high or just fucking paranoid? I ain’t coming for you because I don’t have a reason to.”

“Are you really this fucking stupid? I gave you more credit than I should have,” Red chimed in. She was about to continue, but Tek mugged her hard as fuck, and she shut the hell up quick.

I couldn’t do shit but laugh.

“And I gave your ass more credit than I should have. I knew you were a foul bitch, but I didn’t take you for a snake ass bitch too.”

“Fuck you, Fray. You don’t have the right to say shit to me about being a snake,” she spewed with anger.

I guess I struck a nerve.

“Shut the fuck up. This shit isn’t about you,” Tek barked at her.

“It isn’t about me either, so why the fuck are you here?”

I needed to know what the fuck was going on. It was clear that the two of them were fucking, but I really hoped that Red’s dumb ass wasn’t helping Tek come for me just because she was in her feelings about Hawk.

Me being with Charlie helped her dumb ass because as long as I was with Charlie, I’d be damn if Hawk got anywhere near her ever again, especially after tonight.

“See, that’s where you’re wrong, Fray. I’m a fair man. I don’t fuck with you unless you fuck with me.”

“I ain’t fucking with you. To be honest, you’re not relevant enough for me to fuck with you.”

“Cocky ass little nigga,” Tek said. “But, I assume it has to do with the fact that you’re the only one with a burner in your hand right now.”

I smirked. “Nah, it don’t have shit to do with this gun, but it is an added bonus. I just ain’t never had an issue with confidence. My time is valuable, and I’m already fucking pissed that I have to be here wasting it on you, so tell me what this shit is about.”

“Guns, lil nigga? I hope you didn’t think you could sell that shit here, in my city, and it not be an issue.”

“The fuck is with y’all insecure ass fraud muthafuckers? Bruh, I’m not fucking with your customers, and even if I was, then that shit is on you, not me. That’s just like giving dick to a female. If you ain’t hitting it just right and she goes looking for an alternative, then how the fuck can you be mad at her? That shit is on you.”

I stared right at Red, and she looked like she wanted to jump on me. Fuck her stupid ass and this nigga too.

“So, you think you have it all figured out, don’t you?”

“Nah, I don’t, but I’m already ahead of the game. And what I don’t know, I’ll figure that shit out. You hit me once, but this I can promise you. There won’t be a second time without bloodshed. My one and only warning. I’m just trying to mind my business and make money, but if I have to take lives to do that, then so be it. Enjoy the rest of your night. Oh, and you’re welcome.”

Tek looked at me strangely, and I nodded at Mikey’s dead body. “I just saved you some money. You don’t have to pay that snitching ass nigga for trying to fuck me.”

I lowered my gun and made it seem like I was about to walk away. Tek was caught off guard when I flipped my gun in my hand and swung it as hard as I could so that the handle went across his face. I knew this muthafucker didn’t assume that I would just let him walk after hitting me for damn near half a mil.

After the first hit, he fell to the ground, and I hit his ass repeatedly until I felt Red rush me from behind. I caught her with a backhand that sent her flying to the ground before she could make contact with me.

As soon as I was on my feet, I placed my foot on Tek’s neck and aimed my gun at Red, who was about to jump up and come for me again, until she realized that she was a looking down the barrel of my nine.

“Move again so that I can shoot your dumb ass. I already want to fuck you up for that shit you pulled with Charlie.”

Red’s teeth gritted, but her ass didn’t move.

“Now, let’s get something straight. I don’t fuck with anybody unless they give me a reason to. You did that shit when you hit me for my product. First and last warning, stay the fuck outta my way, or next time this ends a completely different way.”

I applied more pressure to where my foot rested on his neck, causing him to gasp for air while he glared at me. He was pissed, but I had the upper hand, so he couldn’t do shit about it.

Since my point was made, I actually proceeded to leave this time.

I knew Tek well. If he had a gun on him, he wouldn’t shoot me in my back. That was a bitch move, and unlike Hawk, Tek was actually on his shit.

Now Red’s, snake ass, I wasn’t so sure about, but I took my chance anyway. I had a feeling that Tek and I would cross paths again, and when we did, I’d have to take his life before he took mine.

He was right about one thing, me selling guns conflicted with his business, but I also meant what I said. If he couldn’t keep his customers happy, then that shit was on him. I wasn’t seeking them out, but I damn sure wasn’t about to turn them away. That’s just how shit goes out here. He knew I was right, even if he was too much of a pussy to admit it.

One more thing was for certain, if he didn’t stay the fuck outta my way, then a pine box was in his near future. I was done playing with disrespectful niggas.


It was after five when I made it back to my place. I had to drive the van with my guns to a different spot, unload that shit, and then drive the van back so that I could get my car. I parked the van two streets over after wiping it down since I had to leave that shit on the street, and Mikey’s dead body was outside the storage unit.

I had a feeling that cops would be searching the entire area. The spot we were using was in a rich area. It was less suspicious than storing guns and coke in the hood, and my connected was some Bali, an Indian dude who owned a shit load of property out in this area.

It was crazy how he was dirty as fuck, but no one suspected him because he was rich and socially acceptable by society’s standards. Because of the fact that this was a nice area, I had a feeling that the cops wouldn’t be sweeping this body under the rug like they would if Mikey was found on the Southside of Atlanta.

As soon as I entered my room, I found Charlie knocked out, tangled in my covers, dead center in my bed. I watched her for a few minutes before I hopped in the shower. I dressed in just boxers.

I needed to feel her bad, but I knew she wasn’t one hundred percent after being hit, and the baby thing canceled that shit anyway. The doctor told her two weeks minimum before I could be up in her again.

Baby? Me and Charlie went from zero to one hundred with things between us, which was another reason why I was pulling back some. After everything that played out in the last twenty for hours, I needed the peace that bomb ass pussy brought me. The fucked up thing about it was that any other time, I wouldn’t have care where I got that pussy from as long as it was on point. My mind was different now because on the way home, I kept thinking about Charlie.

She was the only one I wanted. It was her or nothing at all. That shit was new to me. Real fucking new.

I slid in bed next to Charlie and she mumbled a little before snuggling up next to me. The soft feel of her skin and the way she wrapped her body around mine had my dick springing to life.

Fuck, this was about to be a struggle.

“You came back,” Charlie mumbled and opened her eyes to look at me. My hand moved up the length of her thigh, across her ass to her back, and then back down it.

“I live here, where the fuck else was I gonna go?”

I kissed her shoulder, and she frowned at me, which made me smile.

“You know what I meant.”

“Yeah, I did, but you set yourself up for that shit.”

“Can we talk now?”

Even in the dark, I could still see the concern in her face. It made sense, though, after the way I dropped that shit on her and left her a few hours ago.

“Nah, we’re good. We don’t need to talk.” I closed my eyes and tried to relax. All that shit I laid on her earlier didn’t matter anymore.

“Fray, you can’t just tell me that we need to figure things out, leave, and then come back like it’s all settled.”

“Charlie, we’re good, aight? I’m not trying to worry about shit that’s not important. I have enough other stuff to fucking worry about.”

“Don’t get a fucking attitude with me. Things with us were good, and then you acted like they weren’t, now you’re like ‘shut the fuck up, Charlie, and just let shit be what it is.’ I don’t know who the fuck—”

I lifted my head enough to cover her mouth with mine, invading it with my tongue. I wasn’t about to tell her to shut the fuck up, even though that was what I wanted, but I would kiss her ass so that she would.

After releasing our kiss, I gripped the back of her neck and looked at her.

“I know what I said, and I know that shit probably had your head all fucked up. At the time, it was justified, but I’m over it, tired as fuck, and frustrated as hell. The only thing that I really want right now is some pussy, and instead of me falling through somewhere I knew I could get it, I brought my ass home to you. Let that be proof that whatever the fuck I was confused about earlier, I figured it out. Now, can I please go to sleep? I’m exhausted as fuck, Charlie.”

I let my head sink into the pillow and closed my eyes again. I could still feel her looking at me, but I didn’t have the focus right now to care. I just prayed that she would at least let it go long enough for me to get some rest.

If we had to discuss this shit later, then I was cool with it, even though I didn’t want to. But right now, my mind didn’t possess the ability to even think logically about all the shit I knew she wanted to throw at me.

Charlie pulled away from my body and then I felt her hands on my abs. I could tell from the weight of her body on the bed that she was sitting up, and when her hands slipped into my boxers, my eyes opened again and I caught her wrist.

“I don’t need that right now. That’s not why I said that shit, so just relax, aight.”

“I know that’s not why you said it, but you need it. Since the day you brought me home from the club to make sure I was good, you’ve been giving me what I need. Now it’s my turn, so you relax.”

She yanked her hands away from mine and removed my dick from my boxers. It was hard as fuck already, but I swear my shit grew a few more inches when she leaned down to kiss the head.

Charlie wasn’t playing any games with it either because the next thing I knew, one of her little ass hands was wrapped firmly around the base while her lips glided down to meet it. Her soft lips along with the warmth of her mouth had me instantly tension free.

I damn sure had no complaints. I simply closed my eyes and let her do her thing.


Yazmine “Yaz” Carter

“Aye shorty, you sick or something?”

I lifted my head just a little to see who was talking to me. When I laid eyes on Luke, I quickly rolled them and ignored his ass.

It had been two days since Rio put me out of his house because he found some new pussy, and this was the first time that had I left my apartment. I wouldn’t have come out today if it weren’t for the fact that I needed to eat.

Because of the time I spent at Rio’s place, I didn’t have any food at mine, so I threw on some sweats, a hoodie, and flip flops to make a mad dash to the Chinese place that was a few blocks away from my apartment.

I didn’t even bother washing my ass or combing my hair. I had literally been in my bed for two days depressed as hell, feeling sorry for myself, and planned to get right back in it after I had my food.

What the fuck else was I supposed to do? I didn’t have anybody or anything. I dialed Charlie several times, and she had yet to return my calls. I couldn’t even be upset about it, though, because I wasn’t a real friend. She probably decided that she was over me. Besides, she was all in love and shit. She had Fray, so why the fuck would she care about my disloyal ass?

“Damn, so it’s like that? A nigga was just trying to be considerate. You look like hell, so your ass has to be sick or something. You didn’t have to slick diss by rolling your damn eyes, shorty.”

“I’m not sick, and don’t waste your consideration on me,” I snapped.

Luke’s handsome face balled up, likely because of how I responded.

“Yo, I don’t know who the fuck pissed you off, but it wasn’t me. Dead all that attitude, shorty. I ain’t there for it.”

“Join the fucking club. Apparently, nobody’s here for anything that involves me these days.”

Again, I rolled my eyes just as the cashier walked up. I reached for the brown paper bag that she was holding, assuming that it was my order, but she sneered at me and called Luke’s name.

“Here you go, Luke.”

She made sure to look right at me when she announced his name at the end. The fuck is this bitch’s problem?

“’Preciate it, Kim.” He accepted the bag but then placed it on the counter just as another girl walked up with what I assumed was my order. She placed it down in front of her and slid it across the counter toward me.

“8.42,” she stated dryly while holding her hand out.

“Here’s forty, that should cover mine and hers.” Luke stepped around me, extending the cash.

“Yours is only eighteen, Luke.”

Eighteen dollars, the hell did he order? He must be feeding another bitch.

The girl who handed him his food was talking while cutting her eyes at me. The other girl just snatched the two twenties from him and rolled her eyes.

“I know, shit, and I said that should cover them both. Bitch, I can add.”

Damn he was rude, but I smirked at the fact that her feelings were hurt.

“Here you go.” The other girl tried to give him his change, but he refused.

“Keep it.”

Old girl he snapped on had since moved on. She was in her feelings, but that’s what the fuck she deserved.

“You didn’t have to pay for my food, but thank you.”

Luke grinned at me. “Oh, so a nigga spending money on you, and you kill the attitude.”

For some reason, the smile on his face made me laugh.

“Shut up. It was eight dollars, nigga. Here, you want it back?”

“Nah, keep it. You got bills, remember?” He smirked, and I rolled my eyes at him quoting what I told him the night we fucked at the club.

“Well, thank you,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

It wasn’t until then that I regretted coming out the house looking so god awful. I could only imagine what he was thinking.

“I’ll see you around,” I said and started to the door.

I was a few steps ahead of him, but using his long stride, he easily caught up with me and pushed open the glass door, letting me pass through it first before he followed.

“You live out here somewhere?” he questioned as soon as we were on the sidewalk in front of the building.

“Yeah, a few blocks over.”

“You heading home?”

“Yes, but I’m not trying to fuck, Luke.”

He frowned at me and looked me up and down or a brief moment. His golden skin glowed as the sun bounced off it. The facial hair that lined his jaw line and chin were freshly trimmed and jet black, looking slick like oil against his sun kissed skin.

“I didn’t say shit about fucking, Yaz. You look like you ain’t washed your ass in days, your hair is all over your head, which I can see even under that hood, and your feet are ashy as fuck right now. I can tell from that depressed look in your eyes that because of whatever the fuck is weighing on you, you could use a friend. I’m trying to be nice to our ass, which is something I don’t do.”

I regretted my statement and was embarrassed by it. My hands fumbled with the bag that held my food before I looked at him.

“Sorry,” was all I said before turning to leave.

“Aye, hold up. I’m not trying to fuck, but I wouldn’t mind chilling with you for a lil minute. I have some time before I have to meet up with my people.

“No, thank you.”

I wasn’t trying to be his charity case for the day.

“Come on, shorty. Let a nigga share a meal with you. I paid for it. It’s the least you can do.”

He smiled at me, and I smiled too. Shit, I could use the company, and it’s not like I had any better offers.

“Fine, where did you park? You can follow me.”

He pointed across the street to a matte black Range. It was an Autobiography, which was the top of the line. Any other time, my panties would have been wet, but right now it didn’t even entice me.

I pointed to my old beat up Camry that I was back to driving since Rio took back the Benz that apparently was never really mine. “I’m over there.”

“Aight cool.” He snatched my food from me and I frowned. “Insurance, you might try and leave me.”

“Oh my God, you’re so extra.”

He chuckled and started in the direction of his truck. “Don’t be driving all fast and shit either, a nigga has warrants.”

I burst out laughing and shook my head. I couldn’t believe this fool. I guess I had a dinner date. I wasn’t even looking for anything else, which was a first for me, but after all, my situation with Rio was a wake up call. I needed to get my life together.


“I thought we were sharing a meal,” I said after I rejoined Luke.

He was chilling in my living room looking right at home with one of my bowls in his lap and the remote in his hand. I hadn’t given him any of that, which meant that he went rummaging and found it on his own. I wanted to smile because he looked so sexy and at home. I never really allowed men to be at my place because it was small and wasn’t the nicest.

Luke didn’t seem to mind. He walked right in, checked things out, and then get comfy on the sofa. I left him to go shower, change, and do something with the mess I had on my head, and now I was back in my living room with him.

“Shit, your ass took too damn long. I was hungry, but I only ate my lo mein. I still have my shrimp fried rice.”

“Greedy ass. I was wondering what all you ordered for eighteen dollars. I thought you had to be getting food for someone else,” I said as I bypassed my tiny living room and headed to the kitchen.

I grabbed my food and dumped it into a bowl, and then got a fork and two sodas since I noticed that he didn’t have a drink.

“Nah, all that shit was for me. Aye, bring the rest of my food with you,” he said over his shoulder because his back was to me.

I lifted his food container and struggled to balance it all in my arms before joining him again. He reached for his food and one of the sodas so that I wouldn’t drop anything, which allowed me to sit down successfully.

“’Preciate it,” he then said as he looked me over. I was now in leggings and a fitted t-shirt because it was comfortable. I wasn’t trying to entice Luke, but I could tell from the way that he was staring at me that I did. “You look like yourself again.”

That sexy smile of his shined through, and I rolled my eyes. “I assume that’s a compliment.”

Luke released a sexy, muffled laugh before he lifted a fork full of food and shoved it in his mouth.

“Are you over here on business?” I asked, trying to make small talk.

It felt off to be around him, knowing our history. I didn’t know much about Luke, but we had been with each other in the most intimate way. This part, the conversation without the intent of sex, was weird.

“Nah, checking on my daughter.”


I almost choked on my food but tried to play it off. He noticed and smiled.

“Yeah, I got a kid. She’s only three months though, and nobody really knows.”


“Oh? That’s all you gon’ say?”

His eyes were on me like he was waiting for more. I wasn’t sure why; his life wasn’t my business. I had to figure out my own shit.

“What else am I supposed to say? I don’t really know you, and your life is not my concern.”

“Damn, it’s like that. You don’t give a fuck about a nigga?” He had a playful tone, so I knew that he was only joking.

“I don’t know you to give a fuck about you,” I admitted with a shrug.

“You know me, Yaz. You know this dick makes your pussy pulse.”

This time he was being arrogant, so I rolled my eyes.

“I’ve experienced a lot of dicks that make my pussy pulse, so don’t flatter yourself.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have put that out there, but fuck it. My life was shit right now, and I didn’t care.

“A lot, huh? Well, I don’t really care because that don’t have shit to do with me.”


“I ain’t mean it like that, so get out your feelings. All I meant is your past is your past, shorty.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so I just looked at him for a minute then started in on my food.

“So, what’s up with you? Why you down on yourself right now?”

“I’m not down on myself,” I lied. There was no point in telling him my sad story. I didn’t even know why he was there, but I wasn’t interested in whatever he was pushing right now.

“So, you going out looking like shit, like you did earlier and you telling me to save my consideration for you wasn’t you being down on yourself? I ain’t stupid, Yaz, I peep things.”

“Well, you peeped wrong. I’m good.”

I went back to eating and focused on the TV because I didn’t want to look at him and allow him to see the lie that I was telling.

Luke just stared at me for a moment.

“You ain’t good, so just tell me what’s up.”

Exhaling slowly, I dropped my fork in my bowl and looked at him. “I’m not, but what does it matter to you? We’re not friends, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We had sex once, and you paid me for it. So, why are you here? What’s all this?”

I waved my hand at him, and he gave me a cold stare before he shrugged and dipped his fork into his food and then filled his mouth. I waited while he chewed, swallowed, and then topped it off by opening and taking down some of the soda I brought him.

“I’m trying to be a friend and get to know you. You look like you could use that right now. Yeah, we fucked, and I hope that we can do it again.” He paused and smirked. “A few times if possible, but you don’t need that right now. You got some heavy shit on you mind or in your life, so I figured why not? Nobody’s perfect, and we all fuck up, but that don’t mean that we can’t fix that shit and keep it moving. So, you can tell me what’s going on or not. Either way, I’m here to be a friend, and I’m chilling with you unless you put me out. Even then, I might not leave, ’cause I don’t have shit else to do right now, so deal with it.”

Luke’s fork went into his food again, and then he lifted it to his mouth but stopped just before he let it enter.

“Stop fucking staring at me like that and eat your food before I handle that for you.”

For some reason, that made me laugh, and his expression didn’t change. “I’m dead ass, shorty. I can eat, now play with it if you want.”

I really couldn’t say anything, so I just did what he said and ate my food.

We spent the next two hours laughing and joking about random things that had nothing to do with my life, and he didn’t press me for information. I didn’t really want to discuss how fucked up my life was, and he didn’t push. I appreciated that and just enjoyed his company.

“Thanks for letting me chill at your spot for a minute. I gotta run and take care of a few things, but I can hit you up later if you’re not busy.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I watched Luke’s sexy body standing in my doorway as he prepared to leave. I was a little sad that he was going, but I wasn’t about to get into that. I had actually enjoyed his company.

“Why not?”

“Because, I need to work on me. I have to figure things out, and you being around me will be a distraction.”

Not meaning to, my eyes went to the print in his jeans, and he snapped his finger at me.

“Eyes up here, shorty. I told you, I’m not trying to fuck… well, not right now. I’m just trying to be a friend and get to know you. You gonna deny me that opportunity after I fed your ass today?”

He smiled and my heart melted. Why did he have to be so damn fine?

“I just—”

“You just need to agree. I’ll call you later, aight?” Luke stepped forward to hug me, and it felt good to be in a man’s embrace. I hated that I craved that so much, but this time was different. It felt genuine.

“Just friends?” I looked at him skeptically, and he laughed.

“Just friends. That’s all you get right now. I ain’t giving you this dick again until I know you’re ready for it, and right now, you’re not.”

I found that funny, so, of course, I laughed.

“Alright, deal.”

Luke left, and I locked up. My life was still shit, but at least I was on the right path. I didn’t know if Luke felt sorry for me or really just wanted to get to know me, but, for now, I was going to let him in. At this point, he was all I had.

Rio “Tek” Anderson

I looked down at the table where Red’s phone sat and got pissed at the name that flashed across it. She sensed my irritation and silenced it.

“You need to handle that.” I spoke calmly, even though I wanted to snatch her across the table. My patience was short these days. Very short.

“I’ll handle it, but you’re not going to press me about it, Rio.”

Clenching my fist, I looked up from my phone and right at Red. “The fuck you mean I’m not going to press you about it? I will if you don’t do what the fuck you need to do. There’s no point in you being here if you’re still on the fence about that muthafucker.”

Red glared at me and slammed the glass that she was holding down on the table. Her little tantrum amused me, but she needed to get a grip on that. Hawk might have let that slide, but I’d fuck her up for that type of disrespect.

“I’m not on the fence. My business connections with Hawk are done, but we have two kids, and until I get what I deserve from him, then I will keep him on the hook. He chose the bitch over me too many times, so he needs to pay. You won’t let me kill him, so he is paying financially.”

True enough, I wanted him alive. I wanted him to live to see how bad I was about to fuck up his world. Red had better get over that shit, though.

“Two kids?” I looked at her with a smirk, and she frowned.

“Caliah is not yours, Tek. How many times do I need to tell you that?”

“You don’t need to tell me shit, but if you want to prove it, then do the damn test.”

“For what? She’s Cal’s daughter. We fucked a few times, but she’s his. You and I both know that.”

“I don’t know shit other than she looks more like me than him. That boy is his, the little fucker looks just like him. Your daughter, I’m not so sure about. You giving her that nigga’s name don’t make it any more true that she’s his.”

“Why do you care? What difference does it make? You don’t want kids, so even if she was yours, then what?”

“Then I piss that muthafucker off by making it known that he raised another man’s baby. Do you know how fucking embarrassing that is and how that shit will piss him the fuck off? Hawk is a fucking fraud. I’m claiming his bitch and his seed. I might even think about fucking Charlie just to add insult to injury.”

I smiled at her and she glared at me. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but if I could, I would definitely fuck Charlie. The pussy must be good as fuck if she had Fray and Hawk at odds. I also knew that Charlie didn’t have a lot of miles on her, unlike Red.

“Why am I here? Sounds to me like your dick gets hard for Hawk, and not me. If that’s what this is about, then I can leave now. You need me, I don’t need you. I can get rid of Hawk on my own, and then everything he has belongs to me. Fray doesn’t want it, and if he did, I’d just take him out too.”

I laughed at how stupid she was. If she killed Hawk and betrayed me, I’d kill her and run everything on my own. She had another thing coming if she thought she could fuck me.

I stood and walked over to where she sat, and Red didn’t move. She kept her eyes on me the entire time. One thing I did love and respect about her was that she wasn’t soft at all. She never backed down.

I leaned toward her and pressed my lips to hers before I snatched her up by her neck and gripped it tight.

“If you really thought that was possible, you wouldn’t be here. You’re here because you need me. Do you think that I won’t take your life just as easy as you think you can take his? You chose wrong once before, and now you’re here for a second chance. How about you not fuck that up? We can have our happily ever after if you stay in your fucking lane and stay out of your fucking feelings. Now do you want this to work?”

Red smirked at me and nodded. “Yes, I want it to work.”

“Okay then, stop tossing threats at me that we both know hold no weight. When you left before, you ran to him. Who the fuck are you gonna run to this time? You fucked a lot of men, but none that can hold a candle to me.”

I waited, and she gave me a hard stare. “No one.”

“Aight then, let’s build some shit together. Handle things with him, and soon.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her lips again. I sent my tongue into her mouth and we shared an intense kiss before I let her go.

Contrary to what Red thought, she did get my dick hard. I just didn’t trust her, and I was still pissed that she chose Hawk all those years ago.

“I have to leave for a while, but I’ll see you tonight.”

I left her there but stopped just before I exited the kitchen. “Oh, and get a fucking DNA test. If she’s mine, I want him to know.”

I didn’t want kids back then, and I still didn’t now, but knowing that Hawk spent the last two years claiming my kid and raising it as his own would be an ultimate betrayal. I could see the look on his face now, and I was looking forward to being the one who told him. I was almost hoping she was mine.

I mean, shit, I didn’t have to raise her, that was what her mother was for, but I would damn sure love to have yet another thing that would make Hawk feel like less of a man.


“What’s up, boss?”

Trouble greeted me as he stepped aside to let me in. I passed him and moved into his home, heading to the bar. He locked up and followed.

“Things are getting complicated.”

“How so?” he asked while watching me pour myself a shot of Jack Honey Tennessee.

“Fray killed Mikey. He knows that I’m with Red. I’m sure he’s putting things together.”

“So, let me handle him. That solves that.”

“No, I need him alive. Killing is easy, but I want to make him suffer. The little nigga is too cocky and has no regard for how shit works. I want to take everything away from him and prove that fucking with me was a bad move. Then I’ll kill him while I make him watch me cum in his bitch.”

“No, that shit sounds complicated. I say we just body him. That way, you can focus on your shit with Hawk, but I’m with you on the fucking Charlie part. I can get with that.” Trouble grinned.

“I don’t need to focus to deal with Hawk. You know as well as I do that he’s a fucking fraud ass nigga. His life is falling apart and he’s not paying attention. Now that I have Red on my side, she can help me take over his shit while we send his ass back to prison. Death is an easy out. There’s on fun in that.”

“True, but at least you know you permanently eliminated the problem. I say just kill them all, Fray included, and take their shit. Problem solved.”

“That doesn’t solve the problem. Killing them only delays it. Hawk has people who are loyal b,y default and so does Fray. We kill their leaders then we go to war with their people. I say we take over and then bring them in under false pretenses. We convince them that we’re their savior. While Hawk’s in prison and Fray is outted as the snitch who sent him there, we step up as a new and better way for them to make money. Death is not always the answer.”

“Shit, it is for me,” Trouble said and chuckled.

“Well, if it comes to that, then you may get your wish, but for now, we stick to my plan. We set Fray up as a snitch. If they think he’s fucking with the Feds, then no one will deal with him. If Hawk’s in prison, then his team will need a leader. I step in with Red vouching for me. Even if they don’t trust her, they’re familiar with her. It’s perfect. Hawk rots in jail, while Fray loses it all, and I own Atlanta.”

“You didn’t even want that shit. You coexisted with them all this time. Now you want it all?”

I delivered a smug grin. It was true. My business was successful, but sometimes opportunities present themselves, and it would be crazy not to take advantage.

“They fucked up, so now I destroy them.”

“What about Red, you trust her like that?”

I looked at Trouble seriously. “Not really, but if she fucks me, I’ll get rid of her.”

“She has kids, you really okay with that?”

“If she’s okay with fucking me over, then I’m okay with making her pay for it.”

“Damn, that’s cold. How you claim you love a bitch, but still feel like you can off her.” Trouble shook his head and I smirked.

“I won’t kill her. I’ll pay you to do it. I don’t love her, I love her pussy and what she can do for me. The feelings I have are minuscule in relation to that.”

“We’ll worry about that if and when it’s necessary. So the plan is set.”

“Yes, it’s set, as long as your cousin agrees to do her part. You’ve handled that, right?”

“I’m working on it. She’s still not one hundred percent on board.”

“Then make her. Offer her whatever it takes. Everyone has a price, and I have plenty of money to pay out what hers is.”

“Aight.” Trouble’s hand moved across his head and he looked at me.

“I just have a few minor details to work out, but by the time I’m done, Fray will be a snitch, Hawk will be in prison, and all of their shit will be mine.”

I finished off my drink with a smile on my face. The end was near. I could feel it.