Southern Kings Valentines Day



“Yo, what the fuck is that shit?”  I asked as soon as I made my way into my brother’s kitchen. He had some pink contraption on, with my nieces, Asia hanging from one side and Ava dangling from the other.

It looked funny as hell but he was wearing that shit proud.

“A baby carrier nigga, damn.” Keys grinned and both his daughters smiled right along with them, like they found it just as funny.

“I’m just saying Keys, Nike don’t make shit like that so you playing yourself.”

I sat Ky’anne’s car seat on the counter and Cole ran over to Keys who he couldn’t pick him up because he had Asia and Ava strapped to him.

“Oh so I’m playing myself because I’m spending time with my daughters. Get the fuck outta her with that.” He waved me off and then extended a closed fist to Cole who was currently in the process of reaching for him.

“Aye she asleep?” Keys pointed at Ky’anne.

“Yeah why?”

“Get Asia for me so I can pick my lil man up.”

I walked over to him and looked down at both of them confused as fuck and grateful that Ree and I didn’t have twins. My neices were identical and I couldn’t tell them apart for shit.

“Which one, you know I can’t never tell.” I frowned at the both and they smiled at me. They were pretty as hell but I swear they looked just like Asha. The only thing they got from Keys was his color and curly ass hair.

“Damn how you they uncle and can’t tell them apart?” Keys smirked and lifted one of his daughters wiggling her out of the carrier she was in before he handed her over to me.

My niece started clapping and smiling when I reached for her, which made me smile and kiss her fat cheeks.

“Cause, they looked just alike and I’m not around them that much. Shit they’re your kids so it makes sense that you know.”

“I should but I don’t half the time. The only reason I know now, is cause Asha dressed Asia in white and Ava in pink.” He chuckled and bent down and picked Cole up. “What up lil homie. You looking more and more like your punk ass daddy every day.”

“Daddy.” Cole repeated and then looked my way.

“Hell yeah he looks like me. I made sure of that shit.” I smirked thinking about the fact that I put extra time in to make sure. I didn’t know if it was true or not but I was believing that kids took on the characteristics of the parent that worked the hardest when they were conceived. I wanted my son to by my clone and he was. That was also why I was convinced that Ky’anne looked just like Ree. The night that she was conceived, I was drunk as hell and she took advantage of a nigga and had me tapping out.

Ree had a nigga begging for mercy the way she was riding me. All I could do was lay there and take it.

“You know that shit is not true Yetti.” Keys shot me a dumb ass look and then walked over to look at Ky’anne who was knocked out in her car seat.

“Then why the fuck does she look like Ree and Cole look just like me?”

Cause you aggravated the shit out of Ree when she was carrying Cole. I swear she hated your ass at the end of her pregnancy. Trust me, I had to hear about that shit from Asha all the got damn time.

“Fuck you and no I didn’t.”

“Yeah you did Yettrick but its cool though. At least your son looks just like you. They look just like they damn mama.” Keys truned my way and frowned at Asia.

“And you’d rather they look like your ugly ass?” I questioned with raised brows and he nodded yes.

“Hell yeah. At least then I’d feel like I did something. That’ all Asha right there. They even be rolling their little ass eyes at me like she does.”

I burst out laughing and Keys looked at me like he was dead ass serious. “Yo, they’re babies. How the hell they know how to do that shit. Stop exaggerating bruh.”

“Bruh, I’m serious just watch. Do some shit they don’t like and they going in.” I lifted Ky’anne’s car seat and followed Keys to his living room.

After we got the twins situated in their swings, Cole climbed in Keys lap. It was crazy to me how much my loved both Keys and Hayes. If they were around, he was up under them like I didn’t even exist which I loved, but it low key hating on their asses sometimes.

“So you ready for tomorrow?” I asked watching Cole as he sat with my brother playing with Keys phone. I could tell he had no idea what he was doing but Keys hooked up some loud ass game for him with noise and colors, which was right up his alley.

I then looked at my brother and waited. Keys was the last of us to tie the knot and for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to do it on Valentine’s Day and as a surprise to Asha.

“Ready to get this shit over with. I don’t get why we couldn’t just got to the court house months ago. Reelle’s doing too much with all this.” Keys was so frustrated it made me laughed. I told his ass when he had this grand idea, not to let Reelle handle it or it was going to be over the top. Keys wasn’t into shit like that and as much as he loved Asha, all this extra was driving him crazy.

Reelle was on his line ten times a day with details and shit trying to help make Asha’s surprise weeding perfect. Keys just wanted to sign on the dotted line.

“Don’t get mad now, Keys. I told your ass not to let Ree plan this shit for you. Her and Rah are acting like this their shit. We got an entire guest room full of wedding shit. Flowers, patterns, cake pictures and shit like that.”

Keys rubbed his chin and chuckled. “It’s cool though. I want it to be right and you know I don’t know shit about this. I am ready for it to be done though. I don’t know why women go overboard with this shit. Hell, me and Asha already married as far as I’m concerned. She’s the mother of my kids, she lives here and she better not be thinking about another nigga other than me, so that’s married bruh. Only thing this does is give the government rights to tax my legal money and take that shit.”

“You’re right but they live for it. I was so damn sick of Reelle when she was planning ours that I just knew we’d be divorced before we ever made it down the aisle.” I laughed remembering how annoying that shit was.

I didn’t understand those men that were all in on that wedding planning shit. I didn’t care what it was like as long as the end result was Reelle having my last name.

“How the fuck you gon get divorced before you even got married, Yettrick?” Keys looked at me with a goofy ass grin. “But you’re right. I didn’t think y’all were gon make it. She used to be over here damn near every other day cussing your ass out.”

“You know what I mean but I’m gland its over and I know you will be too.”

“Hell yeah. One more day,” Keys said letting out a frustrated sigh.

“You looked stressed out bruh. You gon be aight?” I smirked at him and he shot me a knowing look before he looked down at Cole and then over at his girls.

“I really need to burn one right now but that’s dead.” The realization of the fact that the kids were blocking his high, deepened the frown on his face. I needed to save this nigga. He was stressed the fuck out and in dire need of some herbal relaxation.

“Aye you good. I got them, go handled that and don’t say I ain’t never did shit for you.” I pointed at him and he smiled big as hell.

“Damn bruh you a life saver. He stood and handed Cole over to me and lucky his little ass was stuck on the game he thought that he was playing on Keys phone he would have thrown a fit about Keys leaving him. And I say game he thought he was playing because all his little ass was doing was pressing the screen.

Keys went to the shelf where he kept his stash and tossed me the remote. The twins were drifting so I got comfortable and decided to chill while my brother tried to smoke his stress away.

You couldn’t offer me all the money in the world to be where he was right now. I barely survived that shit myself so I was definitely feeling his pain. Thank goodness it was almost done. Tomorrow Keys would be a married man and the last of the Master’s men to officially give up his freedom.



            “Asha, why do you keep changing things? I like the first dress. Its just dinner boo.”

She turned and sot me the nasties look and then rolled her eyes. “Its not just dinner. Its one night with no kids where me and Keys get to do freaky shit and not have to worry about Asia or Ava waking up and hollering about nothing, killing my vibe and my nut.”

I burst out laughing because she was so frustrated it wasn’t even funny.

“Why the hell you laughing Ree? I’m serious. Twins are like the ultimate cock block. You know I’m a freak. I need my daily fixes but its like a damn mission just to get some dick around there.”

“Ahhh boo. Its gonna be okay. They’ll sleep better the older they get.”

“They better, but I promise you this, Keys better be glad that we had two at one time or we’d have a single child. I’m over this.”

“Oh really?” I glanced at her with raised brows. “Cause I swear I heard Keys telling Yetti a few days ago that he couldn’t wait until you were carrying his son.”

Asha stepped into the dress that she was holding before she turned to me and placed her hands on her thick hips. “Don’t make me slap your ass. He better spend time with Cole and call it a day cause uncle-daddy is the ONLY way he’s going to have a son.”

“That’s not right Asha and you know it.”

“No what’s not right is me being exhausted all the time and me and my man no longer having a sex life. I’m done Ree. I mean it. Zip me up,” she said turning to face the mirror.

I stood and did as she asked and then smiled at her reflecting. The pale pink dress she had on hugged her thick frame hitting all the right spots. It was off the shoulder and had he double D’s sitting pretty which made me look down at my apple sized breast and frown. Ky’anne was only a few months old and mine still weren’t popping even after having just had a baby.

“Girl ain’t no hope for them tennis balls,” Asha said with a grin before she smoothed her hands down her waist and then her curvy hips. I loved the fact that having the twins Asha still looked amazing. It was like the gave her thick frame more curves and definition.

“Shut up. Yetti likes it.” I stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed.

“Nah he just loves you. He don’t like that.” She pointed at my chest with a sly grin. “He’s just settling boo.”

“Petty ass.” I rolled my eyes at her and she laughed again.

“So what do you think?”

“I love it. You’re killing this Asha. I think this is the one.”

“Good, cause I’m tired of shopping and he better love it. Even if I don’t plan on being in it long. He better look quick.”

“Your horny ass.”

“So, are you going to tell me what the plan is? I know you know since you and Keys been connected at the hip lately. If I didn’t know any better I’d say y’all had a thing right now but if you did, I’d snap your little ass and Yetti would fuck Keys up so I know you’re planning something with him for me. Just spill boo.”

“Girl bye, you wouldn’t snap me and you know I wouldn’t you like that anyway, but it’s a surprise so I can’t say. Just know that you owe me big for this.” I grinned at her and she frowned at me.

“Well this surprise better end with sex and a lot of it, or our friendship might be in question.”

“See you doing too much. Lets go.”

Asha paid for her dress and the two of us left. I had to get home to make a few calls to finalize things for her surprise wedding tomorrow night.

I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she showed up thinking that she was having dinner with just Keys. Wait, hopefully she didn’t kill me for taking away from her plans to be sexing him all night. Luckily we were making her wedding quick and then she could have him all to herself.

The Next Morning

“Ree, wake up baby.” I could hear Yetti’s voice and his lips graze my ear but after being up three times with Ky’anne being up was the last thing I wanted to do.

“No babe, you get her. She has bottles in the refrigerator and you slept through everything last night.” I mumbled pushing him away from me and then pulling the covers up over my head.

“Ree, get up baby. I have a surprise for you.”

He tugged at the covers exposing my head before he delivered a series of kisses to the side of my face, neck and then my shoulder but I still wasn’t trying to be up if I didn’t have to be.

“If you want to surprise me, leave me alone and let me sleep more than two hours today. That would damn sure be a surprise.” I groaned and pulled the covers up over my head again.

Saying a silent prayer, I was thinking that I got my wish because the room went quiet for a minute and then I heard our bedroom door close. Shutting my eyes as tight as I could I adjusted my head on the pillow assuming that I had won.

That was short lived because I felt a breeze on my legs when the covers were lifted from the bottom of the bed and then hands on my ankles as they were being pulled apart. Before I could object, Yetti was yanking at the pajama shorts that I had on and working them down my legs.

I had no more fight left in me so I let him win and allowed him full access to my honey pot, but that was a hell of a way to wake up so after my second orgasm, I was more than will to particpte.

After Yetti had his fill, he climbed between my legs pushed inside me with ease, and wasted no time putting in work. Our bodies moved together effortlessly, like they were created just for the purpose of pleasing each other.

The way he stroked my insides, hitting all the right spots, had my mind gone. After all this time he still caused me to feel like butterflies were in my stomach. The second Yetti realized that he was hitting my spot, his motions became more focused.

He began biting and sucking my neck, knowing that it was going to heighten the experience for me. Yetti knew my body and he knew how to work it. I never had to worry about coming up empty.

My hands moved from his arms to the dip in his back, before my nails began digging into his skin enough to cause his body to tense up just a little. I focused my energy on tightening my muscles around him as he plunged in and out of me.

“Fuck Ree, chill. I’m not trying to get there yet,” Yetti mumbled against my neck. I smiled because I knew right then that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

That was my motivation to challenge his control. I thrust my hips against his body, matching his stroke. Yetti lifted his head, with a cocky grin plastered across his face because he knew what I was doing. We were officially in competition.

I tightened my muscles again, which prompted him to pull my body closer as his pace and intensity increased. My insides were being punished with tough love, but I was enjoying every stroke as it tapped my cervix.

“Stop fighting it Ree, cum with me.”

I smiled inside because I was winning. I had been fighting hard to hold on, but I didn’t have to anymore. I released Yetti’s name against his ear before I exhaled and held on tighter, feeling him dig deeper in my body. With a few more deep strokes, Yetti returned the favor.

“Oh shit Ree, fuck.” He laughed after his body collapsed into mine.  And once he had his breathing under control, he adjusted this weight on me and then kissed the side of my face.

“You can get that.”

“Get what?” I asked already knowing what he was talking about.

“Round one, but I hope you’re ready for tonight because I’m making up for it. As much as I know you enjoyed that, now that I got your lazy ass up, you can have your real surprise.”

Yetti grabbed the back and placed his lips on my forehead before releasing me. I could already feel him growing hard again, because it was pressed against my body but instead of acting on it, he pulled away from me and disappeared into the bathroom.

I listened to the water running and then a few minutes later he returned with a washcloth which he used to clean my up and then he stepped back into the sweats he had on, tossing my shorts to me.

Once I had them on, I scooted to the edge of the bed and he disappeared inot the closet returning with his hands behind his back and a big ass grin on his face. He tossed a hand full of rose petals at me and then pointed to the floor. Which had me confused until he explained.

“That’s the romantic part. Hayes said I couldn’t just give you your gift. He said that I had to do something special like flowers and shit so I hope that works. I plucked those off the flowers that I got you and they’re in the kitchen.”

I burst out laughing because this fool was actually serious.

“Is that for me?” I asked pointing to what he was hiding from me.

“Yeah but you wanted sleep and not a surprise remember?”

“Yetti.” I whined, wanting to know what he got me.

“What Ree, its Valentine’s Day and you didn’t even want to get up and celebrate with me.”

I jumped up and rushed him but he held the box over his head so that I couldn’t get it.

“You love me?”

“Yes now let me have my gift please.”

“Spoiled ass.” He chuckled and lowered his hand but tucked it behind his back again.

“So since you been putting all your time into this thing for Asha, you left me to plan shit for us and you know I don’t do good with shit like that so I just got you something as a back up. We have dinner with everybody later and then I plan on handling round two and three, and four later and we both know that’s gift enough but I still got you something.” He grinned at me and I frowned at him.

“Stop looking at me like that, you know this is a gift.” He grabbed at his crotch with a cocky smile before he handed me the box and then pecked me on the lips. “You can get a real kiss after you brush your damn teeth.”

I rolled my eyes and snatched the box opening it and my mouth dropped. It was beautiful a white gold bangle with a charms hanging from it that housed my initials. There were diamonds all over each charm.

“You like it?”

“I love it, its so pretty. Did you have them make this?”

“Yeah and I know you don’t like flashy shit but you were crazy about losing your other bracelet so I got you this. And I like buying shit that lets people know you’re mine.”

He ran his finder across the M and smiled.

“Trust me they know.”  I thought about the numerous times that he had showed his ass while we were out at various places because some guy spoke to me or looked at me in a way that he didn’t like.

“Good, ‘cause I’d hate to have to take a life ‘cause somebody actually thought they had a chance with my wife.” He kissed my temple and then walked to the door.

“Get dressed. Dia is keeping the Cole and Ky’anne for us today. We’re chillin today since we have plans with everybody else tonight. Today is all about you.”

“Wait she has to keep all the kids tonight. That’s not really fair for her to keep Cole and Ky’anne all day.”

“Fuck fair. She’s getting two stacks to do it. Trust me she don’t mind. Now get dressed and hurry up.”

He frowned at me and I laughed. I guess my Valentine’s Day had officially begun. I didn’t care what the plans were. As long as I was with my man, then the day was going to be perfect.



“Daddy why didn’t you get Harris flowers too?” Zora asked as she sat across from her brother who was in his high chair making a mess. Zee was on her knees in the chair at our kitchen table grinning over the bouquet of flowers that matched the ones that I got for Rah.

My baby girl had been flipping out since she woke up and found them next to her bed and even went as far as making me move them from room to room with her. Surprisingly, she was more excited about the flowers than the matching bracelet and necklace that I spent a grip on for her. This was why the flowers were currently on the kitchen table as she ate her breakfast.

“Because baby, he’s a boy and boys don’t get stuff like that.” Rah leaned down and kissed Zee on the cheek before she winked at me and then slid into the chair next to our daughter.

“Then what did you get him daddy? He has to have a gift too. Did you get him a boy gift?”

I nodded and then looked at Rah who rolled her eyes. “Yeah he’s straight Zee, I hooked him up.”

Harris and I had a brand new pair of matching Jays which Rah thought was too much but me and my lil man needed to stay fly and those Royalties were on point and exclusive. Of course I had to hook us up.

“Okay.” Shrugging and lifted her fork, Zora was over it, just that quick. I shook my head and pointed at Rah.

“Aye let me holla at you real quick.” I nodded towards the hallway and she got up shortly after to follow.

“Keep an eye on your brother Zee. Make sure he eats for mommy okay.”

“With a mouth full of waffles, she nodded and then went back to stuffing her face.

“What’s wrong.” Rah frowned at me the second the two of us were alone in the hallway. Instead of answering, I pinned her against the wall and forced a kiss on her that had me regretting the fact that the kids were up.

“What’s that for.” Rah asked the second I pulled away.

“That’s because you’re sexy as hell, you’re a great mother, the perfect wife and I love you.” I began planting kisses down her neck.

“Keep that up and I might think you actually mean it.” Rah teased before I cuffed the back of her head and kissed her again, pressing my body into hers.

“You know I mean it Rah so X the might part of that.” I pressed my forehead to hers and pecked her lips again before lingering on her bottom one for a minute and then letting up.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby.” I slipped my hand into my pocket and pulled out the gift I had for Rah.

“What is it?” she asked grinning like a kid with her eyes on the small burgundy box.

“Open it.”

I stepped back and folded my arms after she had it in her hands.

“Oh shit.” As soon as she had it open, her eyes grew wide as hell. “Hayes, why did you get this?”

“Because your ass kept talking about it and I knew you wanted it. That’s the one right?”

“Yes but I don’t need this, I love my ring and…”

“And now you have two, put that one on your other hand and wear this one right here.” I pointed to her ring finger and Rah just looked at me smiling.

I knew she wanted the ring I got her the second I saw the way her face light up when she laid eyes on it. Rah wasn’t big on flexing but she never turned down a diamond and the day we were in the store looking for a Valentin’s Day gift for Zee, she fell in love with this one.

Our daughter was prissy as hell and liked expensive shit too so I made sure to hook her up. If Rah had it, Zee wanted one just like it. I was cool with that because we could afford it and I only wanted the best for both my her and Rah.

“But Hayes this is too much. I love my ring so I don’t need this.”

“Baby, I know you do. Shit you better it was just as expensive but it’s not about that. I saw the way you were looking at this one. That beautiful smile of yours is all that matters and seeing it right now, lets me know I made the right choice, you deserve it baby.”

“You most definitely did make the right choice and thank you. Rah pulled off her ring, placed it on her right hand and then slipped on the new one. She eyed it for a minute before her teeth sank into her lip and she then pulled away from the wall taking me with her into the hall bathroom.

After she closed the door, she slipped her hands into my shorts. “It’s a shame that I didn’t get you anything. I guess I’ll have to improvise.”

“So your ass didn’t buy me a gift so you’re giving me last minute head, I said as she lowered herself to the floor and had me fully exposed.

“Yep,” was the last thing I heard before she took me in her mouth and started doing her thing.

“Fuck, okay, you can get that.” I mumbled before my fingers tangled into her hair. “Shit Rah, damn but hurry up though cause…Oh shit, you know Zee nosy as fuck and will be…got damn…”

I stopped talking when she hit the base and cuffed my balls. At that point I was done for. Rah played no games and that was another reason why she could get any and everything she wanted. My wife was sexy as fuck, loved me despite my flaws and spared no expense in keeping my satisfied.

“Oh shit, fuck Rah hold on, you bought to make me…got damn.” With no control left in me I thrust forward and released. Seconds later I was pulling her up and trying to get her shorts off but Zee put a stop to that shit quick.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” she yelled pounding her tiny fist on the door. Rah threw her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh but that shit was funny. I wanted to finish what she started.

“Nothing baby, Daddy got something in his eye and mommy’s trying to get it out. you know he’s a big baby Zee.

“Let me see, I can help”

“I’m good Zee, go make sure your brother is good. We’re coming,” I said frowning at Rah who was giggle like that shit was funny.

“Okay daddy.”

“That shit ain’t funny Rah.” I adjusted my shorts and she tried to hug me but I mushed her and she laughed harder.

“Don’t be mad. I got you later I promise.”

“Nah, fuck that. I got you and don’t think that means you don’t have to buy me anything either. I’ll be texting you a list of acceptable gifts.” I winked at her and then opened the bathroom door. Rah rolled her eyes and the headed to the sink to wash her hands.

When I made it back to the kitchen Zora was standing in front of her brother handing him his cup which she damn near tossed at him before running over to me.

“Let me see your eye daddy.”

She grabbed at me hands attempting to pull me down to her level but I lifted her up instead. She placed both hands on the side of my face and began her inspecting.

“I don’t see it.” She balled up her little face and I kissed her cheek.

“That’s ‘cause mommy is the best.”

“Yep, mommy’s the best.” Rah repeated and gently yanked at one of Zee’s ponytails as she passed by her to get Harris out of his high chair.

“So Dia’s keeping all six of them?” Rah said after she had Harris’s face cleaned up and him on her hip.

“Yeah her and the big headed girl” I lowered Zee to the floor and leaned against the counter.

“That’s not nice daddy.”

“Tell him Zee.” Rah stuck her tongue out at me and I laughed.

“Why is that not nice. It’s true. It’s not like I’m saying shit that’s not true. That girls head is big.” I smirked at Rah and she shook her head.

“You and Yetti need to stop saying that. Her head is not big, her body is just small.” Rah said that shit with such a series expression that I burst out laughing.

“Damn you right. I didn’t think about it like that. She does kinda put you in the mind f a blow pop.”

“Hayes!” Rah yelled at me through a laugh.

“What man, you said it.”

“No I did not.”

“Zee, didn’t your mom just say her head wasn’t big, her body is just small.”

Nodding her head to agree, she looked at Rah “You did mommy.”

“Zee don’t let your daddy get you in trouble. Go wash up and pack your bag for later.”

Zora did as she was told but I high fived her n the way out the kitchen making her giggle. Once she was gone, I took Harris from Rah and headed t the living room.

“You know she’s gonna be just like you with that mess, Hayes.” Rah said as I got situated on the couch with my son and lifted the remote.

“So, at least she’ll be honest.”

“No she’ll be mean.” Rah stopped picking up Harris’s toys for a second and glared at me.

I just chuckled and ignored her. She was right though. Zee never held back which I knew she got from me but it was cool, she had a little of her mother in her to balance that out.

“I’m heading out. I have to meet Asha to get my nail done for later. You good with them?”

“Yeah we Gucci. I’m about to hit you with that list of shit you can get me though so you can handle that while you’re out.”

“Whatever negro. I got your list and it don’t have nothing to do with shit that I can buy at the mall. You can check it off line by line after Keys and Asha say I do and we head back home.”

Nodding, my tongue glided across my lips as I watched Rah standing in front of me with her hands on her hips and a seductive grin on her face.

“Word, it’s like that? Okay bet. Just make sure you’re clear, ain’t no tapping out tonight Rah and I mean that shit to.”

Harris started clapping and I chuckled. “That’s right lil homie, I’m about to hook you up with a baby brother or sister.”

Sucking her teeth Rah just rolled her eyes and walked away. “See, you always gotta do too much. Trust Hayes, there will be no more Master’s coming up out this camp unless you’re moving your side bitch in to have them for you.” Rah yelled over her shoulder as she left the room.

I laughed at her overly dramatic response but she was right. I mean if it happened cool but as of now we were good as far as I was concerned. Our family was complete and I couldn’t ask for a better life. This was it for me and I had absolutely no complaints.



“Damn boo, you shining over there.” Asha grabbed my hand as soon as we took our seats to wait for our turn at the nail bar that we had in our spot.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to me care of Hayes Masters,” I said wiggling my fingers to show off my gift.

“And what was wrong with that one?” Asha pointed to my right hand that now housed my first stone.

“Nothing. You know how they are, go hard or go home.”

“They?” Asha rolled her eyes at me. “That’s your second stone boo, I just want to get my first.”

“It’s coming, stop stressing and it’s your fault. Keys been said he wanted to get married but you kept saying, lets have the babies first, then it was they’re too small and it’s too much right now, then it was–”

“Shut up hoe. You’re supposed to be on my side. You know pregnancy hormones make you crazy and irrational. I’m ready now and he acts like it’s not a big deal.” She pouted and I felt so bad for her that I almost told her what was up…almost.”

“I am on your side boo but you of all people know Keys. He’s not like Yetti and Hayes. He loves in his own way but you know he loves you. Keys just doesn’t push and he doesn’t do all that extra stuff. Hayes is just over the top and Yetti has to be or Ree’s spoiled ass will have a melt down, but Keyes is just Keys.”

“Well you should have stopped me when I said that crazy shit in the first place. If I thought he would have taken it literal, I wouldn’t have suggested that we wait at all.”

“Boo you weren’t ready and there was nothing wrong with that but now you are and he knows that so just let him do it the way he needs to.”

“You and Ree make me sick. I don’t need you to be rational and make sense. I need y’all to drag him to the jewelry store so that I can join the club. Can I be a Masters too?” She frowned at me and I laughed.

“In time boo. You can’t just throw a wedding over night. It will happen.”

“I don’t even want anything big. I don’t need all that, just you guys is good enough for me. I’m just ready to get it done. Its like the last piece to the puzzle.”

“Patience grasshopper, patience. Focus on tonight. I’m sure he has something special planned for you. Hell, anything that Ree has her hands in will be over the top and extra.”

“First of all this ain’t a Jackie Chan move so chill with that grasshopper shit and it better be. I’m in my feelings right now. All these snap stories and Insta collages of proposals got me wanting to block hoes.”

“See, I cant with you. Hateful ass.” I shook my head at her nonsense. Little did she know she not only had a proposal coming but a shot gun wedding too. She had better appreciate all the time we put into this.

“I’m not hateful…well maybe just a little. Its so busy in here today. You and Ree are killing this shit Rah but why we waiting though? You’re the owner, knock some of these hoes out their spot.”

“Fool we got appointments so chill. Lolo got us next and I’m not knocking anyone out their spots. All I see is money when I look around in here.”

“True, I see you boo. Make that money.”

“Exactly and thanks to you and your marketing skills me and Ree are about to open location number four.”

“That’s what’s up. I’m so proud of us. We killing the game. When you guys have four locations and I have billion companies hitting me up to pitch my ideas to make them great you can say that we have officially made it.”

Asha got a call from the marketing department of Gucci after a campaign she did for the Lenox mall. They wanted to try out some fresh new ideas and ran across her work. She thought it was a joke until they fly her out to Italy to meet with their team.

“Girl yes and when you land that account with Gucci because I know you got it, make sure you hook me up with them freebies. You have to sample the lines to know what your marketing right.” I grinned and Asha and she rolled her eyes.

“See just like black folks always wanting a hand out, but I got you boo.” She held her hand up to deliver. I high five which I accepted.

I was living the dream and I knew it. I had my girls who love and supported me and my man who loved and supported me. My circle was complete and no matter what it took to get here, it was well worth it.

Not to say I didn’t have regrets because I had plenty but I wasn’t going to cry of things I couldn’t change. We accept the hands that we’re dealt and we make the most of it.

After I finished with Asha and had my nails on point, I went by to meet Keys at the spot he rented for Asha’s surprise tonight. Ree was spending the day with Yetti and dumped the last minute details on me.

“What’s up sis. This shit looks good. You think she’ll like it?” Keys walked up to me and hugged me as soon as I entered the small room which was set up and ready to go. There were was a round table set up in on one side of the room, with place setting for six and currently where we were standing was an isle lined with candles and roses, that lead to an all white wooden arch shaped like a heart that had pink and red roses affixed to it.

The rest of the room was decorated to match the pink and red color scheme. As I expected it was beautiful and looked nothing like a café.

“She better, I just left her and she was whining and crying about you acting like you don’t want to marry her.”

“Yeah I bet. She’s been emotional as fuck all week. That’s why I hate this time of year. Women put too much into one day. I hold shit down all year so fuck this one day.”

“See that right there is why she’s acting up.” I pointed at Keys and he waved me off.

“Nah don’t put that on me. I kept bringing it up and she was like no let’s wait so fuck it, I waited.” He shrugged and I laughed. I swear Keys and his brothers could be so void of emotions sometimes.

“Lord, I’m sick of both of y’all asses.”

Keys pulled me into a hug and laughed. “Don’t be like that sis. Blame your girl but I appreciate you and Ree helping me out so I owe you big time.”

“Yeah you do so don’t be looking at me sideways when I come to collet.”

“That’s fucked up Rah.”

Keys let me go and looked around. “This shit is on point though. I damn sure wouldn’t have done all this.”

“Trust me I know.” I smirked at him and he chuckled.

“So let me see the ring?”

That was the one of the only things that Keys actually invested time in. He said he had it covered so we left it alone.

“Nah you can see it tonight. I told you I got it Rah.”

“Seriously?” I frowned at him and he laughed.

“Yeah seriously. Damn I ain’t that bad. Trust me, she’s good man but if we’re done, I need to head home and pamper her up a little. She been sending me sad ass text all day cause I ain’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah I know you’re about to have her on some fuck love type thing.”

Keys burst out laughing and shook his head. Word, well I got her. I’m about to head home now. I got to beat her there cause she gon’ be mad as fuck if she finds out I hired a baby sitter. I told her I ain’t have shit to do today but if she catches me I’ll come up with a good ass lie.”

“See you trying to make her cut your dumb ass. you know she don’t play that. She’s already thinking that you’re shitting her on Valentine’s Day and then you’re hiring baby sister after you told her you didn’t have shit to do today, she’ll swear you’re cheating, Keys.”

“Your right which is why I’m about to go scoop he girls up and beat her home.” He kissed me on the cheek and then head to the door. “Thanks again sis. I got you and Ree for hooking me up and I mean that.”

Keys left and I took one last look around the room. Everything was perfect. Now it was time to head home and spend time with my family before our dinner later.



“Dia just admit it. You know you feeling him.”

“I’m not, we’re just friends and besides, have you met my brothers.” I looked up at the entrance to the living room half expecting Yetti to pop up on my like he always did. It seemed like any time me or my friends brought up a guy that I was crushing on one of my brothers just magically appeared.

“So you’re kissing friends now cause I’m your best friend let you tell it and you ain’t never put those on me,” Tori said pointing to my lips and then craned her neck and me with her mouth drawn up into a smug grin.

“I didn’t kiss him. He kissed me so mind your business.”

“But you didn’t stop him either and you were smiling hard the rest of the day. Even when Coach Teague made you run laps for having your phone out, you were still all smiles.”

I hurled a pillow from the sofa at her and she caught it, sending it right back at me. She was right though. I had a major crush and had already begged Ree to talk to Yetti for me because Tony was really into me but he was a senior and I knew there was no way on earth, that was happening.

For some reason my brothers conveniently misplaced the 1 when it came to my age and treated me like I a five and not fifteen. Well that was unless it was for stuff they needed like me within all six of my nieces and nephews like I was doing tonight.

“Well it doesn’t matter. I’m a sophomore and he’s a senior so that’s a no go. My brothers are crazy and will not let me date and especially not a senior.”

“Aye, come holla at me for a minute Dia.” When I heard Yetti’s voice I swear my heart stopped.

I looked up just in time to see he walked away from the entrance to the living room where I hadn’t noticed him standing. I glanced at Tori before I unfolded my legs and stood up.

“See I told you not to bring that up in here.” I whispered to her and she shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. Anything involving me and boys was a big deal.

Inhaling deep I then walked into the hall and Yetti pointed to the kitchen where I followed him.

I stopped at the entrance and he stood a few feet always with clam as ever with his arms folded across his chest.

“I’m listening,” he said when I just stood there staring at him and didn’t say anything.

“Always, apparently.” I mumbled and rolled my eye which made him smile.

“Hell yeah. You don’t tell me shit so I have to spy on you.”

“There’s nothing to tell.” I said looking him right in the eyes.

“Word, so you not crushing on some little fuck boy that’s older than you.” My brother smirked at me.


“Why you always keeping shit from me Dia?”

“I don’t.”

“Yes you do. You and Ree all buddy buddy and you tell her everything but I find out when I spy on you and that big head girl in there.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t overreact then I’d tell you stuff too and will you stop calling her that.”

“Why, her damn head is big as fuck Dia and how I overreact?”

“Winter dance…you remember that?”

He chuckled and then smiled at me. “That wasn’t my fault. I told dude to keep his hands to himself and he didn’t listen.”

“Seriously, he put his arm around me to take a picture and you jacked him up.”

“Nah, he tried to grab your ass baby girl and he better be glad I didn’t knock his little ass out.”

“He tried to put his arm around my waist Yetti. He barely even talked to me at the dance because he said you might pop up on us.”

“Okay so maybe I overreact a little but that’s my job but I promise to chill with that. So tell me about this little fuck boy.”

“You really expect me to tell you about him and you’re calling him a fuck boy?”

“Aye, I can say that but you can’t.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“I’m a sophomore and he’s a senior but it doesn’t matter anyway because I already know you’re not going to let m date him so can I go please.”

I looked his way and waited.

“Hold up, why you just assuming shit?” he frowned at me and I looked at him like he was crazy.

“I’m not assuming anything, I know you.”

“Okay bet so how about this. you invite him over and let me meet him. If I don’t shoot his little ass before its over then maybe, I’ll consider letting y’all be cool.”

“Wait what?”

“You heard me. since I always over react, I’ll try things your way. You invite him over and let me meet him. I promise to give him a chance and If I like him I’ll consider it.”

I was really confused about what was happening but then it hit. This had to be Reelle. I had already talked to her about him and she promised me that she would talk to my brother for me.

“So this is your idea?” I asked with a grin.

“Yeah why?”

“So if I ask Reelle she wont say that she’s making you do this?”

My brother looked at me for f few minutes before he smiled. “Don’t worry about all that, just take I or leave it.”

“I’ll take it.” I hugged my brother and he held on a little longer than I expected him to.

“I know you think I’m being extra but my job is to look out for you. When I brought you here I understood what that meant and I take that shit serious Dia. We all do so don’t think I don’t want you to be happy because I do. I just always want you to be safe ant to make sure that anybody that’s in your life has earned the right to be there and deserves to be there.”

He kissed me on the forehead and then let me go.

“Thank you and I love you too.” I always had to read between the lines with him but the message was always there. He love me and I never had to question that.

“Aye Happy Valentine’s Day Dia. I left something for you in your room and Ree got something for that big head girl too.” Yetti said as I walked away.

I didn’t even bother responding because there was no point. He had his moments but I wouldn’t change him for the world.



“Aye why you sitting there sulking?” Keys stood in the doorway of our bedroom and frowned at me. I was trying my best not to be a brat about today but it was really getting to me.

“I’m not sulking.”

“Yeah you are and you been in your feelings all damn week. You wanna tell me what that’s about.”

“It’s not about anything. Where are the girls?”

“They’re sleep so what’s up?”

“I want to get married.” I said looking right at him. I felt so off balance and vulnerable. This wasn’t even my M.O. I was always so secure about me and my situation but for some reason, lately I had just been really over the top and emotional.

“So do I.” He grinned and walked over to where I was sitting on the bed and stood in front of me, hands in his pockets looking like a vanilla god. Lord this man was everything and seeing him standing in front of me like this only made it worse. Why was I being so overly emotional.

“Then why are we waiting?”

“Because that’s what you wanted. You know I was good with doing that shit a long time ago but you wanted to wait so I respected that. Don’t ruin today worrying about shit that will happen when its supposed to, Asha.”

I had no comeback for that so I decided to let it go. As much as I wanted it, he was right. we would have been married already had it not been for me.

“Aye, we’re good Asha. You don’t need that shit to validate anything. You’re in my bed every night, you’re the mother of my children. I ain’t checking for nobody but you so stop stressing over irrelevant shit okay.”

“You’re right.” I tried not to let it get to me.

“I have something for you.”

“Really?” I frowned at him. He did buy me roses but even with that he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. He just handed them to me pecked me on the check and said Happy Valentine’s Day.

“Yeah really. Why you look so surprised. Just because I wasn’t tripping all day doesn’t mean I don’t care. This day just don’t really mean shit to me. You know that. One day don’t define what we are to each other Asha.” Keys flashed me that sexy ass smile of his and then walked over to the dresser. He opened one of his drawers and then came back to me with a small silver box in his hand. After sitting next to me on the bed, he handed it over and I half smiled.

It wasn’t a ring, I could tell from the shape of it. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, I got my mind right and took it from his hand and opened it.

I smiled when I noticed it was a platinum chain with three tiny diamond encrusted keys dangling from it.

“You marking your territory.” I asked with a grin.

“Something like that but its bigger than that. One for you, Asia and Ava. The three of you are the most important things in my life and this symbolizes that. you carry theirs until their old enough to do it for themselves but those three keys mean that you got me on lock. Ain’t no room for anybody else unless they come from here.”

He placed his hand on my stomach and then kissed me.

“So stop all that pouting and shit you doing and get dressed. I got the most beautiful woman God every created by my side and tonight I plan on showing her just how much I appreciate that.”

“I hate you.” I looked up at him and rolled my eyes.

“How the fuck you hate me when I just told you, that I love your spoiled ass Asha.”

“Because you just made me feel like shit for being such a brat all week.”

Keys laughed ad then kissed me again. “You get a pass. You’re still a got damn brat but you’re mine so I’ll let it slide. Now get dressed and I’ll pack the girls up.”

“Or I can get undressed and you can pack for the girls later. We have time right?”

“Nah really we don’t. You know I can’t stop once I get started Asha so just wait ‘til later.” Keys was saying no but I could tell from the way he was looking at me that he didn’t mean it.

“Fine, I guess we can wait.” I pulled my shirt over my head knowing that it would have his full attention. I knew that we would have all night later to please each other but seeing him standing there like that had me need a quick fix.

“So you just gon’ take it there after I said we need to wait.” Keys smirked but didn’t move. His eyes stayed focused on my breast which was one of his two favorite things. They kept his attention until I stood and worked my leggings down my things exposing his other favorite thing.

“Aight but just know, you started this shit and if your daughters wake up, they just gon have to ride this one out. I’m not stopping.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, slipped the straps off my shoulders and then let it hit the floor.

Keys was already pulling his shirt over his head and I was reaching for his jeans.

After walking her back to the bed, with his hands cupping my face, he then released our kiss and watched as I positioned myself on the bed, scooting back enough to lean back and prop my feet up.

The pleased smile on his face had me hot all over and when my eyes moved down his body to what was standing at attention for me, I felt the sudden gush of moisture escape me. Keys had that effect on me. Just a look and sometimes even his voice had me flowing like a river.

Keys wasted no time covering my center with his mouth and the way he aggressively began sucking and licking the moment he made contact had my body weak. I was mentally and physically weak.

“Damn baby I love this shit.” Key’s voice tickled my clit as his lips vibrated against it caused it to throb even more. He went so hard after his confession that my body was pulsing and my thighs were clutching his head only moments after.

When he finally freed himself from my grasp, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and climbed in between my legs. The anticipated had my stomach in knots and I jumped a little when I felt the pressure of his head at my opening. He guided himself into me slow and skillfully but I knew that would last long. It was just his way of showing Mercy for the damage that I knew he was about to do.

“Baby.” I moaned letting my head fall completely back and extending my neck which keys began sucking on.

“Mmmhmm.” He moaned against my skin as he moved indie me at a steady consisting pace. I felt every inch as he pounding against my center, spreading my lets wider every time he made contact.

At this point I was still propped up on my elbows so I felt the pressure of his stroke in my stomach. Keys had one hand flat on the bed to balance his weight white the other dug into my side pulling me closer every time he hit me deep.

Damn I fucking loved this man, every inch of him.

“Keys I love you.” I repeated out loud this time causing him to lift his head and smirked at me.

“Word, show me how much Asha cum for me baby cause I don’t think its me you love. I think its this dick baby.”

With a little more aggression he shoved all of himself into me after pulling back just enough to gain momentum. He continued at the pace until he knew I was about to come and then he pushed even deeper and faster until we both came, hard together.

“Ahhh fuck.” He groaned against my lips before he separated and pressed his forehead to mine while his body pulsed and his dick jumped inside me. We stay in the same position, Keys pulled out of me and rolled over onto his back grinning.

“Damn baby, you got me all winded and shit and we really ain’t do anything.” Keys chuckled like he was sharing a private joke and I sat up and climbed over his body, straddling his waist.

“You call that nothing?” I frowned at him and he lifted his head enough to look at me while running his hands down my stomach.

“That wasn’t shit Asha and you know it but I love your pussy do anytime I’m in it, I’m satisfied.” He winked at me and I felt him hardening under my ass.

“So then you’re down for another session then since that wasn’t shit and the girls are still asleep right?” I lifted myself enough to reach under me and grab a hold of him. Keys watched with a sexy ass smile as I guided him to my opening and eased down on it.

“See you doing too much but don’t think this gives you a pass for later.” Keys folded his arms beneath his head and watched me as I began a slow grind. I was still feeling the effects from round one, but trust me when I say that wasn’t about to stop me. No sense in wasting a perfectly good opportunity. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

And the night begins

“Are you sure you can do this?” Keys placed the girls car seats on the floor in front of the sofa where Dia was standing and I frowned about leaving my girls for the night. As much trash as I talked about wanting to be free for them for the evening, I was having second thoughts. They had never spent the night away from us and I wasn’t sure that I would hold up even if they could.

“Auntie, I got them.” Dia offered a reassuring smile but I still wasn’t convinced.

“Baby she’s good. She keeps them all the time. Why you stressing?”

“because a few hours and over night are two completely different things. Plus she’ll have Cole, Ky’anne, Zora and Harris

“Tori is here and I’ve kept all of them before.” Dia said confidently and I looked at Keys who stared at me waiting.

“Fine, but if its too much, just call me and we’ll come get them.”

I shot, Dia a look and she smiled. “It wont be, now leave please.”

I walked over and kissed my girls one last time before we left and then Keys damn near dragged me out the house since I kept hovering over them like I wasn’t going to leave.”

“You know their good right?” Keys covered my hand with his while I used my free one to fidget with the neckless that the hand given me.” My fingers glided across the tiny keys while I looked his way.

“Yeah I know but still.”

Keys smiled at me and then squeezed my hand. “You’re beautiful Asha. Even when you’re stressing but relax, she’ll call if she needs us. Tonight is about us so focus on that.”

I smiled and nodded, attempting to let go. “I wonder why Ree and Yetti didn’t even wait until we got there.”

“They had reservations?”

“So are you telling me what we’re doing yet or do I have to wait?”

“Just dinner for now, then we’re heading home for dessert.” Keys winked at me and I laughed.

“So all this secrecy and its just dinner?”

“Yeah but I cooked it.”

“You did not?”

“Yeah I did. Ree hooked me up with a Chef to teach me some shit. So I had to hide that from you and you better smile and act like it’s the best meal you every had too.”


“Hell yeah seriously. That’s why I couldn’t do that shit at the house and that’s where I was earlier today when you thought I was out on some bullshit.”

He grinned at me and I frowned at him. “What did you expect? You told me you didn’t have plans and then Kat called saying that you left Asia cup at her house when you dropped the girls off.”

“So you just assumed I was up to no good? you know better than that.”

“I better.” I shot him a nasty look and he laughed.

“Well you were wrong and you’ll see when you get there.”

I realized and enjoyed the ride. At this point I was just grateful to be loved and no sense in sweating the small stuff.



“What’s this place?” Asha asked after I opened her door. It was a cut little café off in Buckhead that I paid to shut down for the day. I knew Asha was thinking all kind of crazy shit because it didn’t look fancy and it was empty as hell.

I had already gotten text from the crew letting me know that they were there and since they parked in back, she likely assumed that we were alone.

“I told you I cooked for you. I had to pay for this spot so that I had somewhere to do it. Trust me, you’ll see in a minute.”

“You paid to have this place just for us and you were here earlier and cooked dinner.”

“Yeah, stop looking at me sideways and shit.” I narrowed my eyes at her and she eventually accepted my hand to help get out of my car.

“It looks empty Keys.”

“That’s because it is. Just you and me tonight.” I winked at her, shut the car door and then guided us to the door. Once I pulled the door open she gave me another skeptical look as I headed to the room Ree had decorated for us. It was what they used for their private parties so Asha couldn’t see anything until I actually opened the door and flipped the lights on.

“Wait, why is everybody here?” She looked around and frowned at everyone and then looked at me.

“Damn your ass slow as fuck Asha. You see all this right?” Hayes smirked and pointed to the Arch and then the table on the other side of the room.

“Yes smart ass I see it but that still doesn’t explain what’s going on.” Asha shot him a bird and Rah punched him in the arm.

“This is what’s going on?” I slipped my hand in my pocket and held the box out to her that held the ring I purchased.

Asha being Asha just frowned at it and then looked up at me. “So you didn’t cook?”

“Cook, what the hell is she talking about?” Reelle said now she was frowning.

“I told her I cooked and that’s why I ducked out earlier and got Kat to watch the twins.”

“Yo, you’re dumb for that shit Keyton. You knew good and damn well she wasn’t gon believe your ass cooked for her, wait you didn’t believe that shit did you Asha?” Yetti’s stupid ass was looking at both of us crazy.

“No, I mean yeah I kinda did but–”

“Umm, we’re getting way off task here. Can we get on track. I don’t plan on being here all night. I mean I love y’all and everything but we got plans.” Rah spoke up making everyone look at her.

“Really Rah?” Reelle was now frowning at Rah instead of me.

“Aye, take the damn ring and lets get this shit popping.” Hayes pointed at my hand which I was still holding out towards Asha.

“So this is for me. That’s for me. You’re proposing to me like this with all of them?” Asha narrowed her eyes at e and I looked at her with raised brows.

“Yo, you really gon’ trip about that? Wasn’t your ass just damn near in tears, with all that I want to get married Keys, when are we getting married…you better take this damn ring and stop looking at me like you don lost your damn mind.”

“Bruh the fuck? How you gon’ just snap like that. You ain’t romantic for shit, with your insensitive ass.” Yetti said laughing.

“Says the man who threw a hand full of roses at me because Hayes instructed you that you couldn’t just give me my gift.” Reelle shot back at him and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah and it was more romantic than this shit he doing right now.” Yetti pointed at me and I looked down at Asha.

“My bad, take the damn ring and marry me. I love your pretty ass, now here.” I delivered a smug grin and she looked mad as hell.

“Yo, you wild as fuck for that…Keyton.” Hayes said. Now his dumb ass was laughing which made me laugh.

“Asha take the ring and Keys ask her the right way. I swear I cant deal with y’all. I put too much time into this for it to be ruined because the three of you are childish.” Reelle pointed at me Yetti and Hayes.

“Wait, what the fuck. So you planned my proposal?” Asha now had her eyes on Reelle who cocked her head to the side like she was offended.

“No hoe, I planned your wedding. This entire fuck up is all on Keys. My part is perfect, just look around now stop looking at me like that and say yes so that we can get this over with.”

“Oh my God. This is going all wrong.” Rah threw her hands in the air and laughed.

“Keys, ask her to marry you, Asha say yes and then take your ass over there so that we can do this before Reelle’s head explodes and everybody else just shut the fuck up.”

“Okay so look, this didn’t go like I planned but with I should have known better with this damn fools being a part of it so just rock with me on this.”

“Okay I’m listening.” Asha said that shit like I really had to convince her ass.

“You already know what it is. We in this shit for life and we both made that decision a long time ago but I know how important the little shit is for you so tonight, I want to make it official. Marry me and if your ass even hesitates for one second I’m cussing you out, real shit.” I opened the box and she looked at the ring first and then me before she delivered a big ass smile.

“Damn Keys, I guess you did know what you were doing. That’s nice.” Rah said extending her neck to get a better look.”

“Excuse me can we do this over her.” Asha said holding her hand up to silence Rah. “I mean since you asked so sweet, how could I say no?”

“Shit you could have said no but then I’d have to move your ass out and get a step mom for Ava and Asia. I’m not trying to be a single father forever.”

Asha’s heavy handed ass punched me dead in my chest and then snatched the ring from me.

“See you’re really trying it, Keys.”

“Is it just me or is this the most insane marriage proposal ever. I hope they got cameras up in this bitch ‘cause I swear we need to put this shit on YouTube.”

“Your dumb ass,” Hayes said and chuckled.

“So can he come in now or what?” Reelle asked with her hands on her hips.

“He, who is he?”

“The magistrate. You said yes right so let’s do this?” I kissed her on the cheek and then headed took her hand pulling her with me to the arch.

“Wait we can’t do this now?”

“Why the fuck not. He’s official and already paid for.”

“Not that I mean like are we really doing this now?”

“Hell yeah we are.”

“I swear this is the most insane thing ever.” Asha rolled her eyes and handed me the ring, which I slipped on her finger and then waited for the magistrate to do his part. Fuck conventional. We’re Masters, we do shit our way and this was no exception.


            “Aye congrats bruh. That shit was crazy as hell but it’s a done deal.” Yetti passed me the blunt that he was holding and with a stupid ass grin on his face. Me, him and Hayes were chilling outside while the girls finished up inside sot that we could head home.

I knew they just wanted to talk shit about us so we decided to head outside and burn one while we waited. After that I planned on heading to the crib and consummating my marriage, over and over again.

“Yeah it was but preciate it. I’m just glad its over. Now maybe she’ll chill the fuck out and just be happy.”

“Nah not even, marriage don’t fix problems it creates them. Didn’t I tell you that shit already. It don’t work like that. On to the next one and there will be a next one.” Hayes said taking the blunt from Yetti.

“Not for me, I don’t have problems, me and Ree just be chilling.”

I smiled and shook my head. “Nah you just do what the fuck she says so that she don’t be flipping out on your ass, Yettrick. She got your ass trained my nigga.”

“Did you not just plan a got damn surprise wedding ‘cause you were scared Asha was gone leave your ass. I know you not trying to say shit. Kill that.”

“Aye how the fuck we get here? This ain’t even us.” Hayes chuckled and ran his hand down his face.

“Shit, it is now and I’m good with that. We grown ass men, fathers and husbands. That’s some powerful shit.”

“You right but the more I think about it, the more confused I get on how that happened.”

“Good pussy bruh. We all found the right ones.”

Yetti and Hayes both laughed but nodded to agree.

“Its more than that though. I been in some good shit before, and when I say good, I mean phenomenal but it wasn’t enough to make me want forever. Ree did that shit and she didn’t even try. I’m telling you, things happen when they’re supposed to and how they’re supped to. I don’t even really believe in shit like that but I believe that Ree is my one. Ain’t no doubt about that.”

I placed my hand on my chest and faked a loving look at my brother. “Why Yettirck, that’s some deep sentimental shit you spitting over there. I’m touched in the deepest way.”

Yetti and Hayes both looked at me for a second but didn’t say anything until they both burst out laughing.

“Yo, you dumb as fuck for that. This nigga is high.” Hayes said and then laughed again.

“You right but that shit was sweet though Yetti. Reminded me to clown your ass tomorrow when I come down off this high. This is some good shit and it got me faded.”

I snatched the blunt from him and took another pull just as the girls exited the building. They were smiling and laughing with each other not paying attention to us. I glance at my brothers before I laid eyes on Asha again. We all had the same look on our faces as we stared at our figures. What was understood needed no explanation and my brothers and I finally understood Love.