Streets Stole His Heart 2 Sneak Peek


Alton “Lock” Lockhart

“He’s waiting for you inside,” the driver said after we pulled up at a house out in the middle of nowhere. It was now dark as hell, and the only lights were coming from the headlights of the SUV that Trip and I had just gotten out of.

After pointing to the front door, his body found a spot against the driver’s side door, where he folded his arms. Of the three men who arrived with us, he was the only one who actually got out.

Neither me nor Trip were the type to run from things, so I started toward the house with him beside me. If we were going to die, then fuck it. We’d go out like men and not bitches.

“Yo, who the fuck you think is behind this shit?” Trip said lowly as we climbed the stairs that led to the massive brick house.

“I have no got damn clue, but if this shit doesn’t feel right, just start firing at anything moving.”

“Already there.” Trip slid his hand under his shirt.

Before we reached the last step, the large wooden door opened. My hand, which was already on my gun, tightened around it.

“No need for that, gentleman. If I wanted you dead, it would have already been accomplished.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know you or trust that theory, so I’ll follow my instincts.”

The guy in front of us was dressed in a suit. His ice blue eyes glowed under the lights that hung above his head in the foyer where he stood. Based on his physical attributes and the way that he was dressed, he looked like he needed to be in a board room versus caught up in what I assumed was drug related shit that apparently had us there.

He chuckled and held his hand up. “Welcome, please come in.”

Our supposed host stepped aside, and I led with Trip behind me. “Follow me, gentlemen,” he said as he turned to lead the way down a hall. “And if you even consider trying to shoot me in the back, one of my men will drop you before you can even release your trigger.”

Trip and I looked around at the men who stood in various places with assault weapons at their sides.

“Who the hell is this muthafucker?” Trip whispered, moving closer to me as we followed him.

“Fuck if I know, but he apparently thinks that he’s important.”

“I’m very important. Which you’ll soon understand,” he said and stopped at a door, which he opened and waited for us to enter.

Again, I led the way with Trip behind me. Dude followed and then shut the door. Unlike in the rest of the house, we were alone. Just the three of us. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but it meant that he felt confident that he was safe.

“Have a seat, please. Can I offer you a drink?”

“Nah, we’ll stand, and we’ll pass. Who the fuck are you, and why are we here?” I asked after I glanced at Trip, and then we both looked at dude.

Fine, we’ll get right to business.” He smirked and walked over to his desk where he took a seat behind it.

“I would be offended that you don’t know who I am, but it simply means that Tron actually followed some of rules I set in place. Had he followed all of them, then you wouldn’t be here.”

“This shit is about Tee?” Trip said speaking up for the first time.

“Yes. You’re here because of him.”

“Aight, so who the fuck are you, then?”

“Nolan Adelberg.”

“That name still don’t mean shit to us.” I glanced at Trip before I looked at this Nolan dude again.

“Well, it should. Everything that you have, or rather don’t have at the moment, is because of me.”

“Muthafucker, would you stop talking in riddles and just tell us who you are and why we’re here?” I barked. My patience left the second we had to get in the back of that damn truck that brought us here.

With a snide smile, he looked from me to Trip, and then began to explain.

“I set your warehouse on fire, or rather my men did. I try not to get my hands dirty whenever possible, but I needed to get your attention, and apparently, it worked because you’re here.”

“We’re not here because you burned down our warehouse. We’re here because you threatened people we care about, and why would you do some dumb shit like that? If Tee owes you or something, then why the hell are we here and not him? He doesn’t run shit anymore, we do.”

“So many questions, where do I begin?” he stated calmly.

“This muthafucker is really trying my patience right now,” Trip said angrily.

With little expression, he looked us both over. “Well, you’re both at a disadvantage, so I don’t really care about your patience. You’re right about one thing, you’re here because Tron, or Tee as you call him, owes me money, which means that by default you owe me money. As you just stated, he doesn’t run shit now, you do. That means his debt is your debt.”

“Nah, shit doesn’t work like that. If you have a deal with him, then you settle that with him. It doesn’t have shit to do with us.”

Now I was really pissed.

“I beg to differ. The last shipment that you received, the product that you’ve been profiting from was delivered on credit. Credit that has yet to be paid—”

“We don’t get our product from you. We get our product from Tommy Boy,” Trip cut in.

“Who works for me.” Nolan delivered a devious smile. “I told you, I avoid getting my hands dirty. I have a reputation to uphold, and my business associates wouldn’t appreciate knowing that I’m involved in certain things. They frown upon that type of business. No one knows about me or what I have my hands in. In fact, the only reason I’m even allowing you to know that you work for me is that I now own you.”

“You don’t own shit other than those drugs you just set on fire, and you’re not the brightest muthafucker in the world. If you want a debt paid, then burning up the product that will make the money to do that is not the best way to make that happen.”

This man was fucking crazy.

“You’re right, but I care more about the principle of things than the money. I have plenty of money. I burned your warehouse for two reasons; one, because I needed you to understand that Tron is a fucking snake, and he basically sold you to the highest bidder. And two, because you and Trip here are very good at what you do. I can make a lot of money off you, especially now that you not only owe me for product that you have on the street, but the product that I set on fire tonight. I’d say it’s going to take a while for you to pay that debt, so in the meantime, you’ll work for me.”

“Oh, hell no, fuck all that,” Trip yelled.

“Okay, fuck all that. Mr. Lockhart, I assume you have the money to pay me for my product?”

Trip looked at me and then at Nolan. He knew we didn’t have that type of money, especially not knowing what type of fuck ass deal Tee made with him.

“Exactly,” Nolan stated.

“Now that we’re clear on where you stand, you can go, and I’ll be in touch. You will have a new shipment delivered. At a higher cost, of course. I have to recoup my money.”

That smug ass grin was on his face again, and I was seriously considering just ending this shit now by taking my chances and pulling the trigger.

“And before you think about doing anything dumb, consider the fact that it’s not just you that I’ve been watching. Those beautiful ladies of yours have my attention as well. I’m sure you don’t want them to pay for your mistakes.”

“Look, you can say what the fuck you want about me, but I suggest you not take it there. Key is the one thing that I’ll die for and not give it a second thought.”

He chuckled. “I’m sure you will, but if you’re not here to protect your precious ZaKeyah, then I guess that makes her easy prey.”

I glanced at Trip, and he had the same look that I did. We were fucking screwed.

“You can go now. I’ll be in touch. Have a good evening, gentlemen.”

Nolan pointed to the door, but neither of us moved. I was fuming and my pulse quickened.

When I finally got over the urge to just send a few through his head, I headed toward the door with Trip right beside me. We took the hall that led us back to the entrance and then left.

“What the fuck?” Trip said as soon as we were on the front porch.

“Did that shit really just happen?” I looked at Trip and his eyes were on me.

“Yo, that’s some fuck shit. But I tell you this much, we’re not working for that muthafucker. I’ll let all this shit go before that happens.

“How, Trip? How the fuck are you gonna let it go? We don’t have that kind of money, and if we walk, you think he’s gonna just be like ‘okay cool’? Hell no, it’s not just us, Trip, you heard that muthafucker. He knows about Key and Breden. You want to put them in the middle of this shit? Because I’m not. Right now, we just roll with it until we figure out a permanent way to end it. I’m not about to risk anything happening to Key because her fuck ass father played God with our lives.”

“Fuck!” Trip yelled before his hand moved down his face. He might not have been in love with Breden, but he was feeling her. I knew he wasn’t about to let her get caught up in this shit, the same way that I wasn’t going to let Keyah be affected by it.

“We just need a minute to figure this out. The same way we have a weakness, that muthafucker does too. We just find out what it is and break his ass down. He made the mistake of letting us know who he is because he doesn’t think that we can do anything to him. In his eyes, we’re just two street dudes. He fucked with the wrong ones. Let’s just figure this shit out, and if we have to murk his ass to walk, then we’ll do it.”

“Aight, bet. We just need to figure this shit out fast. We have worked too hard to be punching a clock for the next muthafucker. I’m not with that shit, and I know you’re not either. We’re either running it or it ain’t running.”

“Hell yeah. No exceptions to that. Let’s go so we can figure this shit out.”

Trip and I took the stairs and headed back to the SUV that was waiting on us. My list of casualties was slowly building, and Tee was at the top of that list. I had a feeling deep down inside that he wasn’t shit, but this right here just proved it.

The only problem I had was that Key was now trying to build something with him. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to work for me because he was living on borrowed time. That was a promise that I could make with confidence.

ZaKeyah “Key” Larimore

“Anything?” I asked Breden, who was lying on the opposite end of the sofa in her living room. She had her phone in her hand, which she kept checking, hoping to get a reply to one of the many texts she had sent Trip.

I had long since put mine down because the anticipation was killing me. For every second that I didn’t hear from Lock, my chest got tighter and the more tension filled my body.

“No. I’m not built for this.” She tossed her phone forward and it landed between the two of us.

“Neither am I, but I’m built for Lock, so I guess I have to deal with it.”

“They left out of here so fast, and whatever it was couldn’t have been good. I understand that’s going to happen, but I can’t take this shit.”

Breden exhaled and then moved her long legs over the side of the sofa to sit up.

“I need something to calm my nerves,” she mumbled and then started toward the back of the apartment.

She returned not long after with a blunt in her hand and trailing a cloud of smoke.

“Breden, where did you get that from?”

“Trip. He left it here.” She grinned and inhaled as she plopped down on the sofa next to me. After a few pulls, she extended it my way. I hesitated for a minute because it wasn’t really my thing, but oh well. I needed something to relax me.

“So, you smoke now?” I asked with raised brows.

She smiled. “Not really. I’ve tried it a few times with Trip, and this shit is strong,” she said, leaning over enough to take it from me after I was done and ready to hand it off.

“Yeah, it is.” I felt the corners of my lips turn up because I could already feel my head fogging over. “It feels good, though,” I confessed, enjoying the way my body began to relax.

“Real good.” Breden added and smiled at me.

“I want to have all of Lock’s babies,” I blurted out and then pouted. “But I can’t do that if something happens to him.”

For some reason, all of the things that I couldn’t have with him if he and Trip got caught up in something that they couldn’t get out of ran through my mind. Kids with Lock were at the top of that list, and I had no idea why.

Breden burst out laughing and nodded. “You can have all of his babies, and I’ll have all of Trip’s. Our kids will be cousins and grow up together. Nothing’s going to happen to them.” She got quiet for a minute. “Nothing’s going to happen to them, right, Key?”

“No, nothing is going to happen!”

“Then why won’t he text me back?”

She frowned and slid her hand behind her where she had tossed her phone. Once she had it, she looked at the screen and then held it up. “He didn’t text me back.”

“He will. They’re fine.”

Looking Breden right in her eyes, I needed her to believe it so that she could convince me too.

Nodding she continued pulling on the blunt. We passed it back and forth between us, not really saying much. When it was gone, we both snuggled up on the sofa and dozed off since the high had really settled in.

I was on one end while she was on the other, and there we stayed until we heard heavy pounding on the door hours later.

Bre and I both jumped up at the same time, but I was the first to make it to the door. She stopped a few feet behind me and waited while I unlocked the door and pulled it open.

I probably should have checked the monitor first, but I didn’t really need to because something inside me told me it was Lock before I even laid eyes on him.

He and Trip both walked in, Trip going right to Breden while Lock shut the door behind him. Once he was close enough, his arms were around me, and he held me against his body before he kissed the top of my head and let me go.

“Grab a few things so we can head to my place,” he said, looking right at me before he broke his stare and started down the hall toward my bedroom.

I passed by Trip and Breden, who were on their way to her room.

“Is everything okay?”


Lock sat on the edge of my bed, and dragged his hand down his face. I could tell from the tension in his body and the stress lines that graced his forehead that he was lying, but I felt like this wasn’t the time to address it.

His face held no expression and his emotions were void but I knew him well enough to understand that something wasn’t right. I could feel it just as much.

Instead of talking, I simply packed a few things so that we could leave. I had to pass by Breden’s room on the way out, so I knocked to let her know that we were leaving and she yelled back for me to call her tomorrow.

Lock and I left and headed to his place.

The ride there was quiet. If I spoke, he gave one word answers. It wasn’t that he was being rude, just distant. I could tell that he was in his head, even though he fought hard trying to pretend that he was good.

I had showered already, so while Lock did, I climbed in his bed and waited. It seemed like he was in there forever, and when he was back in his room with me, he never even once looked my way. After shutting off the lights and closing his door, he got in bed next to me and pulled at my body, bringing me closer to him.

I lay still, embracing the rhythm of the rise and fall of his chest until I felt his voice vibrate through it and fill the room.

“I fucked up, Key.”

The words felt deeper and heavier than they were.


“It doesn’t matter, but I have to figure out how to fix it.”

“What can I do?” I knew there likely wasn’t anything that I could do to help, but if there was even the smallest thing that could help him rest easier, then I wanted to offer that.

“Nothing.” His hand moved down my side and then back up again.

“But I want to help.”

“You are, just being here helps. Promise me that you’ll always be here.”

“I promise.”

Again, the room was quiet. The darkness that surrounded us felt hollow, so when Lock moved away from me enough to press his body to mine, parting my legs, I felt comfortable again.

He didn’t speak. Instead, he just began a trail of kisses to various parts of my body. My neck, my lips, my shoulder, and my breasts which he kissed through the short sheer gown that I was wearing.

“I love you,” I told him as he explored my body.

He answered with a kiss that had me feeling more connected than I ever had.

It didn’t take long for him to find his way inside me. His strokes were erratic, transitioning from slow and steady to aggressive and rough.

Lock gripped my thighs tight, making sure to spread my legs as far as they would go, allowing himself more access. I enjoyed the feel of him inside me, so I didn’t object. I knew what he was doing. He needed to release his emotions, his frustrations about what had happened tonight, and if that’s what he needed, then that’s what I was going to give.



I lay in bed the next morning watching Lock sleep. Lying next to me, his face was tight, and he looked deep in thought, even as he slept. It was still sexy to me. His caramel hued skin covered in art was exposed since the covers stopped at his waist. He had one arm folded above his head and the other positioned on the swell in the boxers that clung to his lower half.

I was in love with everything about this man, and I knew that would never change.

“Why you staring at me, Key? That shit is creepy as fuck,” he mumbled, throwing me off a little.

I was dazed by my thoughts of him and not aware that he was awake. Smiling big, I pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed. I glanced over my shoulder at him and his eyes were still closed.

“I wasn’t staring at you, and even if I was, you were asleep. How would you know?”

He smiled but kept his eyes closed. “I can feel that shit and it’s weird. What time is it?”

“Five thirty.”

“Fuck! Why are you up so early?” he grumbled, finally opening his eyes, but only for a brief moment.

“Because I have to be at work by seven. Are you taking me?”

I was sure that he hadn’t considered the fact that my car was still at Breden’s since he drove us there last night.

“Do I have to?” He turned over onto his stomach and buried his face in the arm that he had folded on top of the pillow.

I admired his physique. The muscles in his arms and back that flexed with the slightest movement.

“Well, unless you’re taking me to my car, then you’re taking me to work, so that would be a yes,” I stated before leaving him there and heading to the bathroom.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I returned to find him in the same spot.

“Lock, get up! I have to be there by seven.”

Moving to his side of the bed, I snatched the covers from his body and smiled. This man was so damn perfect.

“Just get dressed. I’ll be ready. All I have to do is throw some clothes on. Your ass is the one who’s slow. You’ll change ten times in ten minutes.

Laughing, I walked over to my clothes, which were laid across his dresser. “I can’t change ten times, smart ass. I only brought one dress, now get up.”

“Aight,” he mumbled, still not moving.


“I’m up, Key, damn.” He groaned and lifted his head briefly before his body actually followed. “You better be glad I have things to do today.”

Lock sluggishly moved to the bathroom, adjusting his erection, which looked as if it were about to work its way out of his boxer.

I admired the view, which he noticed. “Don’t even look this way, or your ass is really going to be late,” he tossed over his shoulder just before he entered the bathroom.

I laughed and slipped into my dress. By the time we were both done and ready to go, he had thirty minutes to get me there, so we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast. I mentally planned to use my morning break to grab coffee and a bagel from the cafeteria, or I would be starving by lunch.

As soon as we made it to my job, Lock parked, and I just stared at him for a minute. He seemed better than he had been last night, but I was still concerned.

“Three, right?” he asked while looking down at his phone. I glance at it too, noticing that it was a text from Trip.

“Yes, but I can get a ride if you’ll be busy.”

“If I’m busy, then I’ll move some things around to make sure I can come get you.”

“I must be a priority,” I teased.

He chuckled before leaning across the console and gripping the back of my neck. After a kiss, he let me go.

“Always. Now hurry up since your ass was rushing me to get you here, like you actually like this job in the first place.”

I frowned and then shook my head. “I do. I just hate my boss.”

“Aight, well hurry up, and I’ll text you later.”

Lifting my purse, I reached for the handle and then stopped to turn back to him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

I could see from the expression, he returned that he knew why I asked.

“I don’t know, just asking. I’m worried about you.”

“I’m good, Key, now get your big headed ass out of my car and go to work. I’ll see you later.”

“Call my head big one more time.” I rolled my eyes and pulled the handle to get out.

Lock just chuckled. “Text me what you want from Starbucks, and I’ll run and get it real quick.”

I looked at him grinning. It was the little things like this that let me know I was always a priority to him.

“Stop damn grinning and get to texting,” he said and pointed at my phone, which was in my hand.

He waited for me to make it to the entrance, and just before I walked in, I looked over my shoulder at him one last time and smiled. Lock wanted me to trust that he was okay. I didn’t know if I believed him, but there wasn’t really anything that I could do about it. I let it go and mentally prepared for my day. Hopefully I would survive my lazy asshole of a boss without catching a case.

Thomas “Trip” Lockhart

“So, what’s the move?” I looked across the table at Lock and his expression hardened as he stared back at me.

We were in a rough place after the bullshit that had happened last night. I knew I had to have the conversation with Lock about how we were going to proceed.

“We only really have one move to make right now. We sell the shit he’s delivering, find a new supplier, and figure out how to murk this muthafucker so that we dead this situation.”

Lock maintained an even tone as he spoke, but I knew him well enough to feel the aggression in his words.

“He felt like I felt, which was violent and ready to shed blood. It had been a while since that beast had been present but after everything we found out last night, we were both transitioning into savage mode. It had been awhile since we had to let the beast out, but it was time.

“What about Tee?” I lifted my fork and shoved it into the last sausage link that was on my plate, lifted it and shoved the entire thing into my mouth.

Before Lock could answer, the thirsty ass waitress who had been servicing us was at our table again for what seemed like the tenth time.

“Can I get you anything else, juice, coffee, napkins?”

She was so damn eager that it annoyed me. I could tell that she didn’t care which one of us engaged, as long as one of us did. That right there was even more fucking annoying. She didn’t have standards for shit.

“Aye, Trip, she’s offering head and pussy, you need that? Because I’m good over here.”

I burst out laughing because Lock just played her ass and with a straight face.

“Excuse you, but I’m not offering either of those. I’m just doing my job.” She balled up her face and glared at him. There was a hint of embarrassment behind her angry face because he called her out and she knew it.

“Word, because you’re kinda cute, and I was thinking maybe we could hook up. Are you single.” I asked just to mess with her. I mean she was cute, and she had a nice little shape, but I wasn’t trying to deal with her like that. I just wanted to see if she would bite.

Pulling her eyes from Lock with a heavy eye roll, she grinned at me. “I mean I have a situation but nothing too serious. I’d be willing to see what’s up,” she stated.

“Yeah, you’re right, she’s trying to get fucked,” I said, looking right at Lock, who chuckled and then lifted his glass to finish off his juice.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Both of y’all can kiss my ass. Arrogant fucks!”

I pushed my chair back and reached in my pocket to get some cash out. After pulling off two twenties, I tossed them on the table and looked at her.

“Yo, why are you mad because we called you on your shit? If that’s how you get down, then own it. No judgement. I’m just letting you know that I’m not interested,” Lock said after he pushed his chair back to stand.

“I don’t need to own shit. I don’t get down like that,” she snapped.

“You brought your happy ass to our table like twenty times. This is IHOP, shorty. Where they do that at? And you’re grinning in my face and telling me that you have a situation but nothing serious was you not getting down like that? Get the fuck outta here. Yo, cuz, let’s roll,” I said.

She snatched the money off the table and glared at both of us.

“Aye, keep it tight, ma, or don’t. Like I said, no judgment,” Lock’s dumb ass said to her just before we walked off.

When we made it to his ride, I shook my head. “Yo, you were wrong for that shit.”

“Nah, yo ass was wrong. You set her up and she went for it. I was just stating facts.”

“What the fuck ever. That shit was funny as hell, though.”

Lock nodded and backed out of the parking spot.

“What about Tee? How you wanna handle that?” I asked since he never got a chance to say because of old girl.

Lock’s hand moved across his head before he glanced at me. “You know I want to end him, but I have to think about Key. He’s a got damn snake, but she doesn’t know anything about that, and I can’t tell her. If I kill his ass, then I’ll have to explain that shit. I’m not trying to do that, but I’m not trying to let him live either.”

“If you need me to handle it so that it’s not on you, I will.”

I understood how complicated things were. Me and Key were cool, close, even like family. But if she was trying to build something with her pussy ass father and Lock took his life, then it might cause waves.

Not to say that she wouldn’t take it just as bad if I was the one who made it happen, but she loved Lock, so him killing her pops would be worse than if I did it.

I was willing to take that hit for him. Tee needed to die for this bullshit that he had us caught up in, and at some point, it was going to happen. Whether Lock pulled the trigger or I did, Tee had an expiration date on his life.

“Just let me sit on it for a minute. Right now, we need to go deal with our people and get things moving again.”

I left it alone. Lock understood the importance of handling Tee, and he wanted him dead just as much as I did. I knew it was just a matter of time. If he needed to let it process so that he could work out the details on how it was going to affect Key, then I would give him that.


An hour later…

As we stood in front of our guys, we had a bunch of eager faces staring back at us. They had questions and were anxiously awaiting answers. This, however, wasn’t really the time to give them what they were asking for. At this point, we needed to get them back on the streets and pushing as much product as we had.

“We had a situation last night. A temporary setback, but we got that shit handled and it’s time to get back on your grind.” I glanced at Lock before I continued. “We took a hit, but it’s nothing we can’t recover from.”

“We at war?” Shane asked, looking at me first and then Lock.

“No,” Lock stated with confidence.

“Then, what’s the deal? That shit was intentional. I was there,” Shane spoke up.

“It was, and like we said, its handled. All you need to worry about is pushing this weight. Let us worry about everything else,” I said, looking around the room until my eyes stopped on Silo.

He had a smirk on his face, which didn’t sit well with me.

“Something funny?” I questioned, pulling everyone’s attention to him.

“Nah, I’m just curious, though. Someone’s blazing your product, and all you tell us is that it’s handled. I don’t know about them, but I’d feel better knowing if I need to be looking over my shoulder. If history is repeating itself, then we should all be on our shit, and more aware of what’s going on around us.”

“What history is that?” Lock asked, now focused on Silo.

The last thing I needed was for Lock to shoot him in front of everyone. I firmly believed that the only reason Silo was still living was that Lock didn’t want to murk his ass and have anyone assume it was over Nikki. There was no secret about their history.

Silo was good at his job, one of the best. If he felt any type of way about Lock’s situation with Nikki, he never let it affect his money, which meant it never affected our money, so he was still employed.

“There was a war between Tee and Briggs, now someone’s blazing your shit. I’m just trying to make sure history isn’t repeating itself.”

Everyone in the room watched the exchange and waited. Lock wasn’t the type to allow people to question him, so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react.

“You do your fucking job and let us handle everything else. We don’t pay you to think, we pay you to sell this shit.” Lock’s voice was steady and calm, but his stare was icy.

“I’m good with that,” Silo stated, backing down.

“Anyone else curious about shit that don’t concern them?” I questioned, glancing at Lock, and then looking at our team.

“A few shook their heads, but no one said a word.”

“Aight, get to work, and we’ll be in touch,” I said, ending the meeting.

After everyone was gone, Lock and I shut things down and locked up before heading back to his car.

“Whoever set our product on fire had to get access to the place. You think Silo is in on that shit?” I asked, knowing what Lock was thinking.

“Possibly. Keep an eye on him,” he said before looking at his phone and then he lifted it to his ear to answer.

“What’s up Key? Nah, with Trip, why? Yeah, I can do that, but let me hit you back in a few. I said I got you.”

Lock was smiling and shit like a little kid. It was funny as hell, but I couldn’t really say anything about it because Breden had me the same way. In fact, after he dropped me off, I was dropping in on her little cute ass.

“Your cheesing ass,” I said after he hung up.

“Fuck you. Key wants me to come have lunch with her.” Lock chuckled.

“Take me to get my ride so you can go see about Key. I have a few things to handle myself,” I said with a slight nod, accompanied by a smug grin because I was thinking about Breden.

“A few things or one person?” Lock questioned as he floored it out of the parking lot.

“Mind your damn business. This is grown man shit over here,” I said, and then took my phone out to text Breden.

I didn’t care if she responded or not. I was on my way to see her, even if it was just for a minute. That was the type of thing that she had me on, but I was cool with it.



I dialed Breden,just as I pulled up in front of her building. There was a meter, which I ignored since I only planned to be there for a minute. Lock had me up early as hell. I was tired, ready to eat and smoke something. After that, the only thing on my schedule was to clock in for a mean ass nap.

I was supposed to have TJ tonight. I needed to get some rest so that I could give him the time he needed. When he was with me, TJ was my priority. I was a hands-on dad, and not the kind that just sat my kid in front of a TV and ignored the hell out of them until it was time for them to leave.

My smile grew wide as I noticed Breden strutting my way. She claimed she never modeled in her life but she moved and behaved like one. Everything about her was always put together. Every detail about her clothes, hair and makeup was laid, and she walked with confidence.

I had never in my life seen a fashion show other than the Victoria Secret shit that came on TV once a year, but if I had to guess what the models acted like, I’d be willing to bet that Breden was a prime example. It was sexy as hell.

Once she slipped into my passenger seat, she leaned across the car and kissed me soft and slow before she pulled away with a smile.

“This is a surprise,” she announced with a pleased grin.

“Were you busy?”

“A little bit, but I will always make time for you,” she confessed.

Nodding as I took in her appearance, my tongue moved across my bottom lip unintentionally. I tucked it between my teeth for a quick moment, and then released it to respond.

“Can I get the whole ‘you’ll always make time for me’ thing in writing?”

Breden laughed and then tugged at her skirt a little when she noticed my eyes move to her long, toned legs.

“You don’t need it in writing. I’ll give you my word, and that should be good enough,” she said as she watched my hand move to her thigh and then slide under her skirt. My motion moved it up her thighs until the thin, red, lace panties she wore were exposed.

“Your word is good enough.”

My eyes stayed on her thighs. She held her breath, waiting to see what I was going to do next, but I simply pulled her skirt back down. “Relax, Breden. I’m not gonna fuck up your day like that.”

I chuckled and then leaned back in my seat, turning just enough to look her way.

“Maybe it’s your day that would have been messed up.” She offered a devilish smile.

“You’re right because you have me on some other shit with that body of yours, Breden. I can’t concentrate for shit, but I like that. Don’t let pride have you pretending like mine don’t affect you the same way.”

She laughed and then adjusted her skirt a little more.

“Maybe. Are you having a good day?” she asked, her big brown eyes taking in my appearance.

My fingers moved through my tapered curls. “For the most part. I’ve just been handling business, and that shit is stressful sometimes. Seeing you just made it better.”

“Good.” She offered a childlike grin as she studied my face.

“I like this. Don’t give me things like this and then take them away.”

“Things like what?”

“You, randomly showing up because you missed me.”

I laughed and shook my head. She was right, I came because I missed her. “Who said anything about missing you, Bre.”

“You did when you showed up, but I like that, so don’t start something that you’re not willing to continue doing.”

“I won’t.”

“Good, because I can be a bit of a bitch when I don’t get my way.”

“I bet you can.” I released a muffled laugh.

Breden was spoiled. Not in an obnoxious way, but I could tell that she was used to having things go her way. I didn’t mind that because she was the type of woman who you wanted to spoil. It was almost like it was expected.

“Well I can, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

Again, she leaned my way, but this time she cupped my face with her tiny hands and kissed me before she transitioned to sucking on my lips.

I was hard as hell just from the kiss. The soft feel of her lips on mine had me wanting to pull her into my lap and fuck the shit out of her, but I knew that wasn’t about to happen.

“I have to go. I’m glad you came by,” she said after releasing our kiss. Her eyes went right to my lap and her hand followed.

I kept my eyes on hers while she massaged the swell in my jeans for a minute. That had me really reconsidering my idea to fuck her out here on the street in my car.

“When you leave here, you better not go see another bitch. If you wait, I’ll take care of it tonight,” she said seductively.

“I have TJ tonight, so it will have to be late. I promised him that I would spend some time with him.

“Just call me when you want me to come.” She gripped me harder, and I swear I almost came from the thought of being between her legs and the way she was handling me.

“Aight, bet, now move your damn hand before I make you handle this right now.” I grabbed her wrist.

She laughed as she pulled her hand away from me. “Not going to happen. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Call me later,” she said then pulled the handle to get out.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll damn sure be calling you later,” I said with a seriousness that made her laugh again.

I watched as she walked back to her building and then pushed through the revolving glass door. After her little performance, I needed a quick fix. I knew I was wrong as hell for what I was about to do, but Breden had fucked me up with that shit.

“Aye, you home?”

“Yes, you need me?”

“Yeah, I’ll swing through in a minute.”

“Don’t be on that bullshit, Trip,” she said with an attitude, which changed my mind just that fast.

I was just going for head because truthfully, I had no plans to have sex her. Breden and I hadn’t really defined anything, so it wasn’t cheating in my opinion, but to be honest, I didn’t want sex from anybody but Breden right now.

I shook my head, not believing what I was about to do, but as of now, I was taking my ass home. Breden had better be prepared for me later though, because I had some tension to release, and she was going to be in for a long night.

Breden “Bre” Clark

When I made it back to my office, I smiled at the sight of my father sitting behind my desk waiting for me. It wasn’t until I entered that I realized how unhappy he looked.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned, assuming that a client had annoyed him or possibly even my mother had gotten under his skin.

“Who were you with downstairs?” My father removed his body from my chair and allowed me to take his place.

“A friend, why?” I could feel the anger building as I assumed that my father was spying on me.

“Was that him? The guy that you embarrassed yourself for in front of Hanson.”

“Embarrassed myself? I don’t know what he told you or why he told you anything at all, but I most definitely didn’t embarrass myself.”

Releasing an exaggerated sigh, my father took a seat on the small leather armchair that sat a few feet away from my desk. I wanted it there for late nights when I needed to work but wanted to be comfortable.

“Breden, I need you to get this out of your system. You have to present yourself a certain way, sweetheart. Your mother and I have worked so hard to create this life for you. You’re smart and beautiful, and you deserve a man who can offer you the type of life that you’re used to—”

“Like Hanson?” I snapped. “How do you know that I don’t already have that? You don’t because you don’t know him.”

My father searched my face for a minute and his expression softened, likely because of the tension in mine.

“Breden?” His hand moved down his face as he stared at me for a moment longer. “I want you to be happy. Don’t think that I don’t, but I also know that some things just are what they are.”

“For you, maybe. Please don’t turn us into that family. The one who falls apart because the parents can’t accept their daughter’s life as hers and not what they have chosen for her.”

“Fine, I want to meet him. Bring him to dinner and let us meet…” My father paused. “What’s his name?”

“Thomas,” I said a little too anxious followed by a smile. I loved my father and never wanted to be placed in a position to choose my happiness over him.

I had no idea what would come of me and Trip, but if things continued like they were, then my family was going to have to accept him or let me go.

“Thomas,” my father repeated. “Bring him to dinner soon, Breden.”

“I will.”

My father stood and walked over to me. After placing a kiss on my cheek, he moved to leave my office, but I stopped him.

“Thank you.”

He turned and smiled before nodding and then left my office. Now, all I had to do was convince Trip to go through with it. I had no idea if he was the meet your parents type and me even asking him to do so, sent a message. You didn’t meet famiies of men or women that you were just having sex with.

Meeting parents meant future plans, and as much as I wanted that, I wasn’t really sure if Trip did. I wasn’t really in love with the idea of asking him, but I had already made that commitment. If I backed out, my parents would certainly have feelings about that.

I sent Trip a quick text to see if he was home yet before I settled into my afternoon and got to work. I was looking forward to seeing him later, even if I was nervous about asking him to go with me to a dinner at my parents’ place.

Moments later, I smiled at his response.

Trip: Stop clocking my moves baby girl, but yeah, I am

Now I was satisfied and ready to focus. This day couldn’t be over fast enough because I was missing him already.



“Breden, can I have this last one? My daddy said that I had to ask you first.” TJ stood in front of me grinning hard as he held up the last of the red velvet cupcakes that I had brought with me.

I hadn’t expected to be at Trip’s so early, but after the two had an early dinner and bowling, Trip called and asked if I wanted to come over early. I had no objections and showed up with red velvet cupcakes from my favorite place. That had been hours ago, and now TJ was begging for the last one since Trip had instructed him to take a bath and get ready for bed.

“You can have it.” I smiled at his adorable face, a replica of his father’s, only younger.

“Thank you,” he sang before he shoved the cupcake toward his face and took a bite as he took off down the hall.

I was in the living room wedged in the corner with my legs tucked under me. Trip had disappeared to his room to shower and change since TJ was old enough to get himself ready for bed.

I took the time to scroll through my social media accounts. There wasn’t much going on, but I did have a few DM’s on Instagram. I clicked on one as Trip came strolling down the hallway looking absolutely edible. He wore shorts and a sleeveless dri fit shirt that hugged the muscles of chest and abs. His muscular legs carried him effortlessly as his dick bounced against the fabric of his shorts.

“You look guilty, Bre. You better not be texting another dude while you’re in my place.” Trip snatched my phone from my hands when he was close enough.

I watched as he frowned at what he was looking at, which I assumed was the DM that I had opened just before I got lost in his sexiness.

“Yo, who is this?” he asked as he typed something on my phone.

“I don’t know. I was about to delete the messages. I don’t do social media meet and greets,” I admitted.

I had men trying to come onto me all the time through my various accounts, but that wasn’t really my thing.

“Good, because when he reads that shit, he probably won’t be messaging you again.” Trip was behind the sofa, so he leaned against it and continued going through my phone.

“What did you say?” I tilted my head back to look up at him, but his back was to me.

“I told him you’d get back to him if you had any energy left after you came up off this.” He grabbed himself and smiled.

“Trip?” I burst out laughing. I didn’t really care because I didn’t know the guy, but I couldn’t believe he actually did that.

“Aye, who did you send this to because it damn sure wasn’t me, and you just took this two days ago?”

Trip shoved my phone in my face, and I had to tilt my head back enough to see the picture. It was me in a new bra that I had just purchased. I hadn’t sent it to anyone, but after I tried on my new purchase, I took a selfie because it had my breasts sitting up nice and pretty. I wasn’t working with a lot, so anytime that happened, I liked to capture the moment.

“Nobody. I just took it.”

“Yeah, aight. You’re trying to make me jack your little ass up. I’m about to send this to my phone and then delete it. Don’t let me find any more pictures like that in your phone unless it’s something that you’re sending to me, and even then, delete it right after you hit send.”

“Are you serious?”

“Hell yeah, I am. I don’t play that shit, man.”

“Dad, can you fix my TV? The cable won’t come on.” TJ yelled from his room.

“Yeah, here I come.”

Trip slipped my phone into his pocket, kissed me on the neck, and then took off down the hall. He returned about ten minutes later and fell into the sofa next to me. Once he was situated, he lifted me onto his lap.

“You staying?” he asked before his lips connected to my neck.

“Do you want me to?” I questioned, letting my head fall to one side to give him more access to the other.

“You and that shit.” He smirked. “Yeah, I want you to stay.”

“Fine, then I’ll stay, but I didn’t bring clothes. I’ll have to leave early so I can go home and get ready for work.”

“Aight, I got you,” he mumbled against my neck before working his hand under my shirt and pinching my nipple.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah you can get the dick.” He chuckled and then went back to kissing my neck.

“Trip, stop, this is important.”

I pulled away from him and he sighed a little.

“Aight, what’s up? And make it quick because this the second time today you had me bricked up and then made me press pause.

“Would you be serious.”

“Shit, I am. So, hurry up.”

“My father asked me to bring you to dinner at my parents’ house, and I said I would.”

I held my head back and turned my body enough to look at him, but I couldn’t read him. I could tell he was thinking, but he didn’t give away anything until he smiled.

“So, you’re trying to lock me down, I see. Inviting me to meet the parents and shit.” He grinned hard and I frowned at him.

“No, actually I’m not. My father asked and I said yes. So, will you go?”

Trip chuckled. “Yeah, I can do that, but don’t expect me to be anything other than who I am. I mean, I’ll be respectful and shit, but I’m me, Bre, and I don’t change that for anybody.”

That right there let me know that this might not go well. Trip wasn’t terrible or anything, but he was clearly street, and I knew that was exactly what my father was looking for. A reason to say that Trip wasn’t the best man for me.

“I don’t expect you to change, but my family is—”

“I know what you come from, Breden, but that doesn’t matter to me, and I hope what I come from doesn’t matter to you. If your parents aren’t feeling it then that’s on them as long as you’re cool with who I am.”

“I am.”

“Aight then, we’re good. I’ll do this dinner thing for you, and I won’t embarrass you.” He smirked and then kissed me. “But I’m still gonna be me, Bre. That’s all I know how to be.”

“Good, that’s all I want.” I placed my hands on his face and kissed him.

“I hope you mean that.”

“I do.”

“Now that you trying to marry me, can I get some of this?” His fingers dipped between my legs and caressed the thin material of my jeggings that covered my center.

“I’m not trying to marry you. It’s just dinner with my parents.” I sucked my teeth at what he was insinuating, and he rubbed harder, more aggressively, but just the way I liked. He stopped suddenly.

“Let’s go to my room so I can put this dick in your life. I don’t need TJ catching you riding this monster. After that, we can revisit that marriage proposal that you just low key tossed at me.”

Trip stood, lifting me with him. Once we were on our feet, his hand covered mine as he led the way around the sofa and down the hall to his bedroom.

“Night, TJ,” he yelled as we passed his son’s room.

There was no response, so I assumed that he was already asleep.

When we reached his room, we were both out of our clothes in record time. Trip walked me back to his bed and hovered over me enough to spread my thighs apart. He grinned as he admired the sight before him.

“You want me, Breden?” His deep sexy voice startled me a little when it cut through the silence in the room.

Nodding, I flinched a little when I felt the head of his rock hard dick, toying with my opening. He coated it in my sweetness before pushing in slowly.

“Shit,” I mumbled as I felt him working into my tunnel inch by inch.

“Let me hear you say it, Bre.” Trip groaned as he pushed his pelvis against mine, trying to go as far as he could.

“I want you.”

Trip pulled out and pushed in deeper before his mouth covered mine. “Say that shit like you mean it, Breden. That was weak as fuck.”

He started delivering deep steady strokes that had my body weak. Fuck! How the hell was I supposed to talk when he was doing me like that?


“I… fucking… WANT you!” I yelled at him.

He chuckled before he kissed me again. “Good girl, now that’s what the fuck I’m talking about. Now throw that shit back and show me just how much you mean it.”

Trip buried his face in my neck and started putting in so much work that it was a struggle to keep up. There wasn’t any way that I was letting this man go. No way, no how, and that right there was on my life.